University College Dundee c 1882-1954


University College Dundee c 1882-1954

To be confirmed, c 20 linear meters


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Baxter John Boyd 1796-1882 (person)

Baxter Mary Ann 1801-1884 (person)

University College, Dundee (corporateBody)

University College Dundee was established on the last day of 1881. The Principal and the first four professors were appointed in 1882 and the College officially opened on 5 October 1883. The creation of the College was due to a growing insistence amongst Dundee's elite that the city both needed and was worthy of university level education. The College was financed by a Deed of Endowment with the bulk of the money, 120,000, coming from Mary Ann Baxter, a member of the prominent texti...

Peterson, William, 1856-1921 (person)