Lawrence Papers 1742-1806


Lawrence Papers, 1742-1806

Lawrence Papers 1742-1806

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Hastings, Warren, 1732-1818 (person)

Hastings was the first governor general of British India. He began in 1750 as a clerk at the East India Company. In 1761, he was appointed to the Calcutta Council, and in 1769, was made a member of the Madras Council. In 1771, he became governor of Bengal, and in 1774, governor general of India. In 1784, he resigned and returned to England, where he was charged with high crimes and misdemenears. He was impeached in 1787 but, after a long trial, was acquitted in 1795. He was made a privy councilo...

Dr French Lawrence, d 1809 (person)

Dr French Lawrence (d 1809) was a leading barrister in the naval and ecclesiastical courts, a friend of Burke's, and one of the counsel who conducted the impeachment of Warren Hastings, Governor-General of India, 1774-1784 (details of Warren Hastings are given in the Dictionary of National Biography ). From the guide to the Lawrence Papers, 1742-1806, (Bodleian Library, University of Oxford) ...

Lawrence French d 1809 (person)