William Olliffe collection 1923


William Olliffe collection 1923

Correspondence (3 leaves)



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Scott Polar Research Institute

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Shackleton, Ernest Henry, 1874-1922

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Ernest Shackleton, leader of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and part of two other Antarctic expeditions, acquired Polaris after her owner's financial trouble. Renamed Endurance after the Shackleton family motto Fortitudine vincimus (By Endurance we Conquer), she sailed intending to accomplish the first land crossing of the Antarctic continent. She departed for her final voyage on December 15, 1914 but progress was slow, averaging about 30 miles per day through pack ice. A month later, w...

William G Olliffe

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The British businessman, William G. Olliffe, sold Quest, the expedition ship of the Shackleton-Rowett expedition, 1921-1922 (leader Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton), for 1740 to the Norwegian ship-owner, Peter Schjelderup, after the expedition returned to Britain. From the guide to the William Olliffe collection, 1923, (Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge) ...

Quest (Ship)

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Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition 1921-1922

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Olliffe William G

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Wild John Robert Francis 1873-1939

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