Friedrich Egermann Notebooks


Friedrich Egermann Notebooks


This small collection contains two incomplete notebooks attributed to the Bohemian glass maker Friedrich Egermann. Neither notebook appears to be complete, and the bindings are no longer intact. The first, dating circa 1818 to 1854, contains remarks ("Anmerkungen") perhaps copied from various print sources, glass or glass-related recipes, account records, and notes. The earliest pages, bearing the dates 1818 and 1820, appear to be repurposed ledger sheets from another source. The second notebook is most likely a record of addresses and correspondence. Dated between 1851 and 1857, the address, salutations, and correspondence fragments may provide insight into the buyers of Egermann's glass wares. In addition to the notebooks, researchers will find information about their previous owners and an undated note regarding a capital investment. Both notebooks are handwritten in German script.

0.2 Linear Feet (1 half Hollinger box)

ger, Latn

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Egermann, Friedrich, 1777-1864 (person)

Friedrich Egermann (1777-1864) was a Bohemian glassmaker and chemist born in Šluknov, a town in what is now the Czech Republic. Egermann apprenticed in Meissen, Germany before establishing a glass factory in Nový Bor. There he created opaque glass in rich colors, the most famous of which was a ruby red. Another of his inventions, Lithyalin glass was a polished, marbled glass that imitated the appearance of semiprecious stones. Egermann's work was later copied throughout Bohemia and the rest of E...