T. G. Hawkes & Co. Records


T. G. Hawkes & Co. Records


Records of a highly successful glass cutting firm in Corning, New York and the three generations of the Hawkes family that owned and operated the firm. The collection includes business records, personal and family papers, artifacts, and artwork.

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Hawkes (Family : Corning, N.Y.)

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The Hawkes family refers to the Corning, New York family that founded and ran a highly successful glass gutting company from 1880 to 1962. The family patriarch was T. G. (Thomas Gibbons) Hawkes (1845-1913), who married Charlotte Bissell (1853-1913) in 1876. Three children were born to T. G. and Charlotte Hawkes: Samuel, Charlotte Jane, and Alice Luella. Samuel Hawkes married Sarah Lewis (b. 1882) in 1901 and took over the company after T. G. Hawkes's death in 1913. Samuel and Sarah Lewis Hawk...

Hawkes, Penrose (John Pim Penrose), 1900-1972

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John Pim Penrose Hawkes, known as Penrose Hawkes, was born March 22, 1900 to John Pim Penrose Hawkes and Sara Hawkes in County Cork, Ireland. He emigrated to Corning, New York in 1916 upon the request of his cousin, Samuel Hawkes, who needed assistance in running T. G. Hawkes & Co, a cut glass firm that he had recently inherited from his father. Penrose Hawkes married Marion Fishback in Manhattan, New York on October 21, 1937. For many years, he managed the New York City retail store, which ...

Hawkes, Samuel, 1877-1959

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Samuel Hawkes was born on April 18, 1877, in Corning. He is the son of T. G. Hawkes (1845-1913) and Charlotte Bissell Hawkes (1853-1913). He was educated in the public schools of Corning and at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. He was married in 1901 to Sarah Lucas, from Fall River, Massachusetts, but later on, her family lived in Big Flats, New York. Samuel and Sarah had two daughters, Sarah and Kathryn. The T.G. Hawkes & Co. glass cutting firm had been started by his father, and ...

Hawkes, T. G. (Thomas Gibbons), 1846-1913

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T. G. (Thomas Gibbons) Hawkes was born to Quayle Weisted Hawkes (1810?-1913) and Jane Gibbons on September 25, 1846 in Cork, Ireland. He was one of nine sons and four daughters. His family was Protestant Anglo-Irish, but as the second oldest son, he was not entitled to inherit any family wealth. He attended Queens College in Cork and studied civil engineering. It seems that Hawkes did not work with glass until he left Ireland. Hawkes immigrated to Brooklyn in the early 1860s and began working...

T.G. Hawkes & Co

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In 1880, Thomas G. Hawkes opened Hawkes Rich Cut Glass Works on Market Street in Corning, New York. Hawkes, a native of Ireland, had worked previously as a manager for Hoare & Dailey, another glass cutting firm in Corning. Hawkes Rich Cut Glass Works was first located above L. Field's marble works. In October 1882, Hawkes moved his business to a building constructed by Stephen Hayt at the corner of Market and Walnut Streets. Early city directories indicate the address as 74 and 75 W. Market Stre...