Democratic National Convention 2016 Collection


Democratic National Convention 2016 Collection


The DNC 2016 Collection largely consists of Convention materials held and handled by Sanders and Clinton delegates on the Convention Floor. Materials include protest signage, official DNC rally signs, campaign buttons, and official Delegate items. Also included are four Los Angeles Times newspapers that cover the Convention. The significance of this collection is found in the two major unprecedented aspects of the convention. First, the spontaneously printed/crafted protest signage organized by both moderate and radical Sanders Progressive delegates. The protest materials used at the 2016 DNC are likely some of the best preserved, and highlight the issues that mattered deeply to Sanders delegates (Banning Fracking, Voting down the TPP, etc.), and plainly show both the passion and the anger that stemmed from the Progressives within and outside the Democratic Party. Second, the official DNC signage handed out to delegates and attendees to rally for Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her various supporters (President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden). All of these materials capture a piece of one of the most unprecedented Presidential elections in United States’ history.

3 Document Boxes, 3 Oversize Folders

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