Ebsworth, Joseph, dramatist and musician

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Epithet: dramatist and musician

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referencedIn LORD CHAMBELAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXXVIII (ff.744). May-Oct.1837. (1) 'Caius Marius, the Plebeian Consul', by T. Doubleday. Printed (1836). ff. 2-56 b. (2) 'Jack Brag', by G. A. À Beckett. ff. 57-91. (3) 'Walter Tyrrell', by E. Fitzball. ff. 92-138 b. (4... British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. CLVII (ff. 1072). Sept.-Nov. 1849, except art. 1 (Sept. 1848). (1) 'Leoline', [by T. H. Reynoldson?]. Autograph (?). ff. 2-35. (2) 'Don Giovanni', by T. H. Reynoldson, Act 1 (Act 2 forms 43023, art. 18). Autograph (?). ..., 1848-1849 British Library
creatorOf ‘The advocate and his daughter’, drama in two acts by Joseph Ebsworth. Licence sent 23 February 1852 for performance at the Royal Olympic 26 February 1852. Manager: W. Turner. Also performed at the Adelphi in Edinburgh in 1856. For the original ... British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. VIII (ff. 604). May-Sept. 1825 (see also 42873, 42879, art. 7). On f. 1b is part of the autograph draft of a review (?) by W. B. Donne (cf. 42880, f. 1b). (1) 'Grandpapa'. ff. 3-62. (2) 'Redgauntlet', by W. H. Murray, l... British Library
referencedIn LORDS CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXXXIV (ff. 813). July-Oct.1838. (1) 'The M.P. for the Rotten Borough!', by M. Lemon. ff. 2-16 b. (2) 'New Notions', by W. B. Bernard. ff. 17-34 b. (3) 'Tarnation Strange or More Jonathans', by 'W. T. Moncrieff'. ff. 3... British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. XCI (ff. 974). March-June 1840 (see also 42958, art. 31). (1) 'The Bald Head', by T. Browne. ff. 2b-40. (2) 'A Royal Commission' ('A Royal Commission from Paris'). ff. 4 1-80. (3) 'How to pay the Rent', by W. G. T. Powe... British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXXXV (ff. 794). Oct.-Dec. 1838 (see also 42950, art. 16). (1) 'The Bayaderes' ('Buy-em-dears alias Bay-a-deres'), by Miss E. Rouse. ff. 2-33. (2) 'The Printer's Devil', by J. R. Planché. ff. 34-51. (3) 'The Sign Manuel... British Library
referencedIn PLAYS in English, in various hands, viz: — 1. 'Der Freischütz, or the Spectre Huntsman of Bohemia': the libretto of Weber's opera, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh [29 Dec. 1824, see J. C. Dibdin, [italics]Annals of the Edinburgh Stage,[/..., 18th century-19th century British Library
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