Gambier, James

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Epithet: Admiral Baron Gambier

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000699.0x0001e1

Epithet: Admiral of the Fleet Baron Gambier

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000297.0x00020c

Epithet: Consul-General at Lisbon

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referencedIn -Vol. XX (ff. 2,7). 28 May 1800-26 Oct. 1811.includes:f. 1 Admiral of the Fleet Sir Thomas Byam Martin: Correspondence with Lord Bridport: 1798-1800. f. 1 Admiral Alexander Hood, 1st Baron and (1800) 1st Viscount Bridport: Correspondence with Sir T.... British Library
creatorOf PAGET PAPERS (FOURTH SERIES). VOL. II (ff. 121). Correspondence; 1794-1956.1. ff. 1-88v. General correspondence of Sir Arthur whilst at Palermo; 1800-1801. Partly draft and copy. Partly French and Italian.2. ff. 89-121. Typewritten copies of S..., 1794-1956 British Library
referencedIn Vol. v. (ff. 523). Aug. 1778-Dec. 1779.British America, and United States: Proceedings of the Commissioners sent out to treat with: 1778.British America, and United States: Papers, etc., relating to the war and public affairs: 1776-1781.includes:f. 1... British Library
referencedIn "THE original Despatches communicating the principal victories obtained by the British Navy over the fleets of France and her allies in the course of the Revolutionary wars, 1794-1806. Collected by command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty,..., 1794-1806 British Library
referencedIn Vol. V. (III. ff. 304). July, 1794-June, 1795.includes:ff. 1-179 passim Richard Howe, Viscount and 1st Earl Howe: Correspondence with, and instructions to, Lord Bridport: 1775-1797. ff. 1-179 passim Admiral Alexander Hood, Viscount Bridport: Corresp... British Library
referencedIn BARRETT COLLECTION. Vol. XLII (ff. 292). Miscellaneous letters and literary papers of members of the Barrett and Francis families. Viz.:-(1) Letters from, and (ff. 38-59b) to, Marianne Francis, daughter of Charlotte Broome; 1808-1831, n.d. At ff. 35..., 1796-1911 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LI (ff. 323). 21 Dec. 1803-Apr. 1804.Cyphers: Various British and foreign diplomatists: 1800-1804.includes:f. 1 John Rous, Baron Rous; 1st Earl of Stradbroke 1821: Letter to C. P. Yorke: 1803. ff. 1-266 passim Army; England: Papers rel. to the... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXVII. (XXVI. ff. 349). 1 Jan.-28 Feb. 1805.includes:f. 3 Charles Livingston, Merchant at Malta: Letter to Capt. Richardson: 1805. f. 3 George Noble: Letter to Capt. Richardson: 1805. f. 3 Josiah Rees, Merchant at Malta: Letter to Capt. Richar... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS, many addressed to General Sir Frederick Stovin, K.C.M.G., and his wife; late 18th cent. -early 19th cent. The autographs include those of Longfellow, Wellington, Admiral Sir Charles Napier, Lord Cardigan, Sir Herbert Taylor, L... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII. (VI. ff. 226). July-Dec. 1797.includes:ff. 3, 50, 57, 59, 69, 76, 100 Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth: Naval intelligence: 1796. f. 5 Captain Alexander Hood, RN: Letters to Lord Bridport: 1772-1797. ff. 7, 9, 32, 34, 38, 56, 67, 71-7... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXVIII. (XXVII. ff. 310). 1 Mar.-15 June, 1805.includes:ff. 1, 3, 11, 13 William Albany Otway, Transport Commissioner: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1799-1805. ff. 7, 105, 154 Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Stopford, GCMG: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1805. ff.... British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXVII (ff. 423). 16 Mar.-9 May, 1819.includes:f. 1 John Delaval Carpenter, 4th Earl of Tyrconnel: Letter to the 2nd Earl of. Liverpool: 1819. f. 5 William Van Mildert, Bishop of Llandaff 1819 and (1826) of Durham: Correspondence with the 2nd ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXIX. (XXVIII. ff. 337). 17 June-31 Aug. 1805.includes:f. 1 Samuel Gambier: Letters, as Navy Commissioner, to Lord Nelson: 1803-1805. f. 1 Henry Duncan: Letters, as Navy Commissioner, etc., to Lord Nelson: 1803-1805. f. 1 Sir Francis John Hart... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII. (VII. ff. 418). 1 Jan.-15 Mar. 1799.General Sir John Francis Edward Acton, 6th Baronet Neapolitan Prime Minister: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1793-1805.includes:f. 1 Admiral Sir Edward Berry: Correspondence with Lord Nelson: 1797-1805. ff. 4,... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXII. 1781-1799.includes:f. 1 Bamber Gascoigne: Despatch, as Lord of the Admiralty, to Lord Nelson: 1781. f. 1 John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich: Despatch, as First Lord of the Admiralty, to Lord Nelson: 1781. f. 1 Hon Charles Francis Grevil..., 1781-1799 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LIII (ff. 358). Apr. 1806-Aug. 1808.includes:f. 2 Lieutenant-General Sir James Murray, 7th Baronet of Clermont afterwards Murray-Pulteney: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1804-1808. f. 2 William Pollock, Chief Clerk, Home Office... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI. (IV. ff. 265). July-Dec. 1795.Sir Evan Nepean, 1st Baronet: Correspondence with Lord Bridport: 1795-1801.includes:f. 2 Admiral Sir Thomas Pasley: Correspondence with Lord Bridport: 1795, 1797. ff. 8, 42, 52, 99, 193 Alan Gardner, Admiral, ... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. XXXV. 1804-1805.William Marsden: Correspondence, as Secretary to the Admiralty, with Lord Nelson: 1797-1805.includes:ff. 1, 24, 30 Robert Hobart, 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire: Correspondence with Lord Nelson: 1803. f. 4 Captain John Gore, RN: Le..., 1804-1805 British Library
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creatorOf PAGET PAPERS (FOURTH SERIES). VOL. II (ff. 121). Correspondence; 1794-1956.1. ff. 1-88v. General correspondence of Sir Arthur whilst at Palermo; 1800-1801. Partly draft and copy. Partly French and Italian.2. ff. 89-121. Typewritten copies of S..., 1794-1956 British Library
referencedIn Vol. X. (VIII. ff. 277). 1799.includes:ff. 5, 117, 195 Joseph Hunt: Letters, as Victualling Commissioner, to Lord Bridport: 1796-1801. ff. 10, 72, 239 Edmund Lockyer: Letters to Lord Bridport: 1798. ff. 13, 21, 53, 55 Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour, Lor..., 1799 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLVII. (ff. 238). Apr. 1808-Jan. 1810.William Windham, Secretary of State, etc: General political correspondence: 1782-1810.includes:ff. 1, 3,14, 24, 90 Captain Robert? Murray: Letters to W. Windham,: 1808.f. 5 b Cornellus Reily: Letter to ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. III. (II. ff. 442). 1795-31 Oct. 1796.Leghorn, Italy: Letters, etc., relating to the siege of: 1795-1796.Island of Corsica: Letters relating to Lord Nelson's operations at, etc.: 1793-1804.Republic of Genoa: Letters to Lord Nelson relating to: ..., 1795-1796 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXV (ff. 198). Oct. 1800-May 1801.includes:f. 1 Frederic Degen, of Naples: Letter, etc., to Sir A. Paget: 1800.f. 4 Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Louis, 1st Baronet: Letters to Sir A. Paget: 1800.f. 7 Henry M. Season, merchant, of Palermo: Lett... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCVIII (ff. 419). 10 Aug.-19 Oct. 1820.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:ff. 1, 233, 289, 370, 416 Sir George Harrison, Treasury Assistant Secretary: Correspondence with the 2nd Ear... British Library
referencedIn KNIGHTLEY MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III (ff. 223). Royal letters and papers, etc.; 1718 -1904, n.d. Viz.:-(1) Further papers of William IV (supplementary to Add. MS. 46356), chiefly comprising family correspondence, but including letters addressed to him w..., 1718-1904 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXVII (ff. 229). 1802-July, 1803.includes:ff. 2-4, 12 Ferdinand III; Grand Duke of Tuscany: Correspondence, as Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, with Sir A. Paget: 1801.: Fr.f. 6 R. Baboui, merchant(?), of Vienna: Letter to Sir A. Paget: 1802...., 1802-1803 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIII. 1800-1801.Sir Evan Nepean, 1st Baronet: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1797-1804.includes:f. 1 Robert Blair, Commissioner of Sick and Wounded Seamen: Letter to Lord Keith: 1800. f. 1 James Johnston: Letter to Lord Keith: 1800. ff. 2, 19 Georg..., 1800-1801 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XI. (IX. ff. 372). 1800-1806.In the last volume are included:-(1) Correspondence and papers relating to Greenwich Hospital, 1766-1799, during which period Lord Bridport was Treasurer. f. 201;-(2) Twelve commissions to Lord Bidport, appointing hi..., 1800-1806 British Library
referencedIn P. Environs of Nice, by Capt. James Gambier, R.N., 1784.Nice, France: Map of the environs: 1784.Admiral of the Fleet James Gambier, Baron Gambier: N Map of the environs of Nice: 1784., 1784 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXIV. (XXIII. ff. 304). 1 Aug.-30 Sept. 1804.includes:f. 1 Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, Viscount Nelson: Letter to the Lord Mayor of London: 1804.: Copy. ff. 3, 24, 28, 36, 39, 69, 78-82 William Marsden: Correspondence, as Secretary to the Admi... British Library
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Talavera, Spain
Dettingen, Germany
Herculaneum, Italy
Trieste, Italy
Port Mahon, Minorca
Valetta, Malta
Staten Island, North America
Forfarshire, Scotland
Madalena Islands, Sardinia
Regensburg, Germany
Turkey, Asia Minor
Nassau, New York
Genoa, Italy
New York, N. America
Egypt, Africa
Vesuvius, Italy
Corsica, France
Corsica, France
Nevis, West Indies
Nice, France
Ramsgate, Kent
Palermo, Sicily
Brest, France
Mantua, Italy
Germany, Europe
Tobago, the Carribean
United States of America
Gibraltar, Spain
Leghorn, Italy
Majorca, Spain
Manchester, Lancashire
Naples and Sicily, Kingdom of, Italy
Malta, Europe
Boulogne, France
Kaffraria, South Africa
Southampton, Hampshire
Cadiz, Spain
Aboukir, Egypt
Valetta, Malta
Fife, Scotland
London, England
Kensington Palace, Middlesex
Genoa, Italy
Netherlands Southern Provinces, the Netherlands
Ireland, Europe
Malta, Europe
Long Island, New York
Sweden, Europe
Valetta, Malta
Scotland, United Kingdom
Cardiff, Glamorganshire
Austria, Europe
Tripoli, Lybia
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Westchester, America
Malta, Europe
Lunéville, France
Hilgay, Norfolk
Palma, Majorca
Ireland, Europe
Ireland, Europe
Aboukir, Egypt
Gibraltar, Spain
Montenotte, Sardinia
Cadiz, Spain
Santa Cruz, Teneriffe
Ireland, Europe
Capraia, Corsica
Peregil Island, Morocco
United States of America
London, England
Algiers, Africa
Tipperary, county of, Ireland
Madalena Islands, Sardinia
Antigua, the Carribean


Active 1794

Active 1956



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