Nelson, William, active 1813-1818, 1st Earl Nelson

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Title: 1st Earl Nelson

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001390.0x00003c

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referencedIn Vol. XXV (ff. 260). 8 Jan. 1817-1819.includes:ff. 2, 102, 118, 165, 166, 260 Lavall Nugent, Count Nugent; Austrian Field-Marshal 1849: Letters to Sir W. A'Court: 1817-1821.f. 3 Ferdinand IV of Naples and Sicily; afterwards Ferdinand I of the Two ... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. CXIII (ff. 235). Aug. 1826-Apr. 1828.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:f. 1 Elizabeth A-Aylmer, granddaughter of Admiral Sir J Norris: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool:... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. CLXXIV (ff. 206). Sept. 1812-June, 1813.includes:ff. 1, 3 George Mercer: Report, etc., on seizure of dutiable articles belonging to: 1812.: Copies. f. 5 Excise: Treasury minute cone. salaries of the Commissioners of: 1812.: Extract. ff. 7, 11,... British Library
referencedIn Vol.. VII (ff. 272). 20 Jan. 1807-23 Dec. 1809.includes:ff. 1-268 passim Charles Grey, Viscount Howick; 2nd Earl Grey, Prime Minister: Letters to T. Grenville: 1806-1820. f. 4 William Marsden, Secretary of the Admiralty 1804-1807; orientalist: Letter... British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXX (ff. 355). 17 Aug.-23 Oct. 1814.includes:f. 1 Sir Walter Stirling, 1st Baronet; of Faskine: Letter to the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1814. f. 3 Francis Basset, Baron De Dunstanville 1796: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1812-181... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. CXC. (ff. 297). 1813-1818.includes:f. 1 Edward Worth Newenham, son of Sir E Newenham, MP: Letters to the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1812-1818. f. 3 Protestant Society for the Protection of Religious Liberty: Correspondence with S. Perceval and the ..., 1813-1818 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CLXXV (ff. 316). July, 1813-Apr. 1814.includes:f. 1 George III of England: Correspondence and papers of the King's Trustees: 1812, 1813. f. 1 Count Ernst Friedrich Herbert von Muenster-Meinhoevel,; Hanoverian Minister in England: Reports as Com... British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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Canada, North America
Dover, Kent
United States of America
Genoa, Italy
Ireland, Europe
Santa Cruz, West Indies
Margate, Kent
Stafford, Staffordshire
Richmond, Surrey
Glasgow, Scotland
London, England
Plymouth, Devon
Jamaica, Central America
Greenock, Renfrewshire
Scotland, United Kingdom
Antwerp, Belgium
Italy, Europe
Châtillon-sur-Seine, France
Tipperary, county of, Ireland
British Guiana, South America
Rhode Island, North America
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Liverpool, Lancashire
Lancashire, England
Deal, Kent
Chatham, Kent
Netherlands, Europe
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Middlesex, England
Tobago, the Carribean
British Guiana, South America
Leith, Edinburgh
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
Liverpool, Lancashire
Richmond, Surrey
Cindad Rodrigo, Spain
Walmer Castle, Dover
Woolwich, Kent
Walmer, Kent
Falmouth, Cornwall
Chester, Cheshire
Iceland, Europe
United States of America
Sandwich, Kent
Scotland, United Kingdom
Falmouth, Cornwall
Windsor Forest, Berkshire
Netherlands, Europe
St Thomas Isle, West Indies
Ireland, Europe
Bahama Islands, the Carribean
United States of America
London, England
Scotland, United Kingdom
Demerara, British Guiana
Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Halifax, West Riding of Yorkshire
Hastings, Sussex
Claremont, Surrey
United States of America
Manchester, Lancashire
Minorca, Spain


Active 1813

Active 1818

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