Regan, Leslie, Sec Royal Philharmonic Society

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Epithet: Sec Royal Philharmonic Society

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000562.0x0002a2

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creatorOf 1918-65.ff. ii + 656 + 45* + 45**. 236 x 190mm.includes:f. 14, 15v, 19v Arthur Hinton, composer: Signed as present at general meetings of the Royal Philharmonic Society: 1913, 1918-19.ff. 14, 15, 23, 26v, 35v, 53v, 58v Howard Ellis Carr, composer..., 1918-1965 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1958-59 (ff. 256).includes:f. 1 Leslie Regan, Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: Frederick Woodhouse, singer: T. Frost, Education Officer, Borough of Barking: Letter to Leslie Regan from T. Frost rel...., 1958-1959 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence concerning the Ritson-Smith fund; 1957 (ff. 84).includes:f. 1 Myers Foggin, musician and conductor: George Baker, singer; Hon. Secretary of the Philharmonic Society: Miss Margaret Ritson Smith, daughter of David Ritson Smith: David R..., 1957 British Library
creatorOf Miscellaneous accounts; 1876-1955.ff. 120. Various sizes.As follows:—1. ff. 1-6. Rough accounts of ticket sales; 1, 22 May 1876.2. ff. 7-25. Receipt and expenditure account; 1907-08. With journal; entries, Oct. 1908.3. ff. 26-100. Audited balance she..., 1876-1960 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence concerning the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; 1946-59. Includes drafts of the agreement between the Society and the Anglo-American Music Association.ff. 81. Various sizes.includes:f. 1 Sir Thomas Beecham, 2nd Baronet; conductor: Arthur ..., 1946-1959 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1954-57 (ff. 167).includes:f. 1 Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, composer: Royal Philharmonic Society: Chappell and Co; music publishers: Card relative to the press tickets allocation for the Stravinsky conce..., 1954-1957 British Library
creatorOf Original letters: supplementary volume.ff. 265.1. ff. 1-15. Correspondence of William Watts (secretary of the Philharmonic Society 1815-47); 1816-26, n.d. Included are letters from J. H. Griesbach, Henry Smart and Thomas Lindsay Willman. With a lette..., 1816-1976 British Library
creatorOf Laws and Articles of Association; 1859-1959, 1968.ff. 193. Largest size 405 x 260mm.As follows:—1. ff. 1-120. Printed copies of Laws of the Society, 1859-1912, and of Articles of Association, 1922-68; 1859-1968. With some annotations and additions fo..., 1859-1968 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence concerning membership, etc.; 1951-59 (ff. 188).includes:f. 1 Sir William Turner Walton, OM; composer: Alan J. Kirby, OBE; conductor; Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: Letter to Sir William Turner Walton from Alan J. Kirby: 1951:..., 1951-1959 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence concerning the Kathleen Ferrier fund; 1957-60 (ff. ii + 12).includes:ff. 1-12 Kathleen Mary Ferrier, contralto: Sir Harold Malcolm Watts Sargent, conductor: Hamish Hamilton, publisher: George Baker, singer; Hon. Secretary of the Phil..., 1957-1960 British Library
creatorOf ‘Original letters’: Queen’s Hall – Riseley (ff. 250); 1820-1913, n.d.includes:ff. 1-7, 12 Robert Newman, manager of the New Queen's Hall Orchestra: Francesco Berger, pianist and composer; Secretary, Philharmonic Society: Letters to Francesco Berger..., 1820-1913 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1960 (ff. 147).includes:f. 1 Charles Edmund Rubbra, composer: Sylvia C. East, Hon. Secretary, The Henry Wood National Memorial Trust: Letter to Sylvia C. East from Charles Edmund Rubbra: 1960.f. 2 Sylvi..., 1960 British Library
creatorOf 1934-59. Includes minutes of two meetings of the Programme Sub-committee, 1955.ff. ii + 623. 356 x 241mm.includes:ff. 1, 15, 36 Sir Stanley Robert Marchant, composer and organist: Signed as present at meetings of the Committee of the Royal Philharm..., 1955 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence concerning the library and archives; 1914-15, 1923-62.ff. 258. Various sizes.includes:f. 2 Ludwig van Beethoven, composer: Stanley Hawley, Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: Arthur T. Cummings, hon. solicitor, Philharmonic Societ..., 1914-1962 British Library
creatorOf Royal correspondence; 1868, 1910-60.ff. 111.includes:f. 1 Gathorne Hardy, 1st Earl of Cranbrook; afterwards Gathorne-Hardy: Victoria of England: Stanley Lucas, Secretary, Philharmonic Society: Letter to Stanley Lucas from Lord Gathorne-Hardy, on beha..., 1868-1960 British Library
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