Campbell, Neil, 1776-1827

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1797 commissioned ensign in the 6th West India regiment; 1798 exchanged into the 67th regiment; 1799 lieutenant in the 57th regiment; 1800 joined 95th (Rifle brigade); 1802-1803 Royal Military College, Marlow; 1803- assistant quartermaster-general for the southern district; 1805 major; 1806-1808 major in the 54th regiment in Jamaica; 1808 lieutenant-colonel; 1808-1810 deputy adjutant-general in the West Indies; 1810-1813 served in Peninsular War; 1813-1814 served with Russian army in Napoleonic Wars; 1814 colonel; 1814 British commissioner accompanying Napoleon to Elba; 1815 CB, knighthood; 1815 served in Southern Netherlands, including Battle of Waterloo; 1815-1818 commander of the Hanseatic Legion; 1825 major-general; 1826-1827 governor of Sierra Leone

Epithet: army officer

Title: Knight

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000352.0x0002f3

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Birth 1776-05-01

Death 1827-08-14





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