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Accession date: 96

Places: Rome

Epithet: Saint

Title: Pope

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000387.0x00030a

Epithet: Person Corwen

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001476.0x00037f

Epithet: Saint; of Add MS 12150

Title: Pope

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000987.0x000390

Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn A COLLECTION Of Welsh Poems by various Bards, intitled Hirwyn Twm o'r Nant ; transcribed about the middle of the xviith century, viz. :-Bedo Awrdrem ;-Bedo Brwynllys ;-Bleddyn Fardd;-Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd ;-Syr. Clement, Person Corwen ;-Cynddelw Bryd... British Library
referencedIn Volumen membranaceum, in 4to., ff. 95, sec. xiii.; duos codices complectens, quorum posterior olim per tinebat ad quendam Thomam Lothryngham de Wymundham. 1. Liber pœnitentialis ex variis decretis scriptisque excerptus, inter quæ pluries memorantur P... British Library
referencedIn Membranaceus, in 4to., ff. 195, ex variis codicibus compositus, sec. xiv., olim fratrum Carthusiensium prope Moguntiam. l. Passionale, seu Compendium de vitis et moribus Martyrum aliaque legenda in festis totius anni; in eo-Prologus. fol. 1. Incip. "... British Library
referencedIn LIVES OF SAINTS, Exempla, etc., in Latin. Contents:-1. Legendary of abbreviated lives of saints beginning with St. Silvester (31 Dec.), f. 1, and ending with St. John Apostle (27 Dec.), f. 48. Many of the lives are marked in the margin "ix l" [lecti..., 13th century British Library
referencedIn THE DOCTRINE Of St. Peter;-The life of St. Anthony, by St. Athanasius;-Account of the Monks in Egypt;-Life of Serapion;-Letter of Herod to Pilate, and of Pilate to Herod;-The Recognitions of St. Clement. On vellum, of the vith or viith century. Quar..., 6th century-7th century British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of Anaphoras by St. James, St. John, St. Clement, St. Ignatius, and others; imperfect. On paper, written in the year ofthe Greeks 1493. (A.D. 1182.) Small Quarto. [14,690.]Clement; Pope; Saint: Anaphoras of.: Syriac.Saint John,; Apostle ..., 1182 British Library
referencedIn Isidori Hispalensis Archiepiscopi Epistola ad Massonem Episcopum, de lapsu sacerdotum et reparatione, f. 2; "De vj. cogitationibus sanctorum," f. 6 b; S. Clementis Recognitionum libri x., interprete Rufino, f. 7; Ejusdem Epistola Decretalis (imperf.)..., 10th century British Library
referencedIn HOMILIES for the year and for particular occasions, from St. Augustine and others. Latin. Included also are:-1. " Epistola beati Clementis episcopi directa sancto Iacobo episcopo Ihrosolime " : a passage, " cauere et anteuenire--uite premia peruenir..., 11th century British Library
referencedIn THE VOYAGE of St. Brendan, etc.:-1. " Augustinus de Caritate," i.e. St. Agustines Tractatus decem in Epistolam Joannis ad Parthos (Migne, Patrol. Lat. xxxv. col. 1977). Beg. " Meminit caritas vestra." f. 2. 2. Note (purporting to be by St. Clement) o..., 10th century British Library
referencedIn THE RECOGNITIONS Of St. Clement;-Titus of Bostra, against the Manichæans ;-Eusebius on the Divine Manifestation, and the Martyrs of Palestine. On vellum, written at Edessa, in the year of the Greeks 723 (A.D. 412). Imperfect at the end. Folio. [12,15..., 0412 British Library
referencedIn Codex membranaceus, in 4to., ff. 138, sec. xiv., quondam Carthusiensium prope Moguntiam. 1. Notationes in varios S. Scripturæ locos, ad initium et finem mutilatæ. fol. 1. Incip. per verba, "carnern Domino sacrificat." Deficit per verba, "da animam et... British Library
referencedIn ANAPHORAS Of St. James, St. Clement, Eustathius, Severus ; and other portions of Liturgies; imperfect. On vellum, written in the year of the Greeks 1444. (A. D. 1133.) Duodecimo. [14,498.]Severus, Patriarch of Antioch: Anaphora of.: Syriac.Clement; P..., 1133 British Library
referencedIn William Henry Hoffman Collection on Napoleon I, Napoleon I, William Henry Hoffman Collection on, (bulk 1789-1821), 1585-1913 John Hay Library, Special Collections
referencedIn Long Beach Fireman's Historical Museum Photographs Collection, 1840-1971, 1906-1971 California State University, Dominguez Hills Archives and Special Collections
referencedIn Membranaceus, in 4to, ff. 151, sec. xii. 1. Plurimorum patrum et doctorum, scilicet, Hieronymi, Augustini, Ambrosii, Remigii, Gregorii, Bedæ, Isidori, Fulberti, Nicolai Papæ, et Theodosii, sententiæ theologicæ de diversis argumentis. fol. 1. 2. Pluri... British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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associatedWith Hoffman, William Henry, 1867-1916 person
associatedWith Long Beach Fireman's Historical Museum corporateBody
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Amriswyl, Thurgau, Switzerland
Nîmes, France
Egypt, Africa


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