Browne, Edward

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Epithet: MD, son of, Sir Thos. Browne, MD

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Epithet: of Add MS 36060

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Epithet: of Add MS 36047

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Epithet: Student of Christ Church, Oxford

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Epithet: housekeeper to John, 1st Duke of Marlborough

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Epithet: Rector of Walesby

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Epithet: of Ipswich, New England

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Archival Resources
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creatorOf Sloane 1847Paper, Quarto, ff. 256, XVII Century.Collection of original letters written by Sir Thomas Browne to his son Dr. Edward Browne and others. They have all been printed in S. Wilkins' edition of Sir Thomas Browne's Works, except the following:... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1841Paper, Quarto, ff. 72, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.Letter containing observations upon several plants mentioned in Scripture. ff. 1-72.Printed in Wilkins' edition of Sir Thomas Browne's Works, London, 1835. Vol. I... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1897Paper, in 8vo., ff. 108, XVI and XVII Cents. 1. Treatise on the Venereal disease with the method of its cure; imperfect at the beginning. ff. 1-56.Title of 2nd Chapter, 'The divers degrees signes and simptomata of lues Venerea.' Beginning ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1849Paper, in folio, ff. 85, XVII Century; bound with 1941.A collection of loose papers, etc., in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne, and Dr. Edward Browne; among them the following may be noticed: —1. Some observations on the ear. f. 1.2. R... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1905Paper, Quarto, ff. 52, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Dr. Edward Browne.1. Journal of travels in Germany from August the 23rd 1669 to December the 14th following. ff. 1-39.2. Plan of 'the upper towne of Gran.' f. 40b.3. Figure of 'a m... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1898Paper, in small Octavo, ff. 81, XVII Century.1. Series Regum West Saxonum, ex veteri rotulo manuscripto. f. 2.2. Nonnulla quaedam theologica. f. 4b.3. Pauca quaedam ex Vegetio, Modesto, de Romanorum exercitibus. f. 6.4. Quaedam de Constant... British Library
referencedIn (VI. ff. 191). 25 Oct. 1740-25 June, 1741.includes:f. 2 John Spicer: Suit v. Edwards: 1740. f. 2 Bank of England: Notes of suits: 1728-1751. f. 2 Mary Bertie, 2nd wife of Montagu, 2nd Earl of Abingdon: Suits v. Edwards, etc.: 1740. f.2 Thomas Osbo... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1848Paper, Quarto, ff. 278, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.Common-place book, containing notes and memoranda for anatomical lectures; fragments of anatomical treatises; observations in natural history, etc., bound togeth... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1861Paper, in Quarto, ff. 99, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.1. List of seeds sown in my [Sir Thomas Browne's?] garden, 1667.' ff. 2-4.2. Copy of a letter from Mr. Escaliot to Dr. Browne. Dat. Surat, 26 Jan. 1663/4. ff. ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1834Paper, folio, ff. 107, XVIII Century.Relatione della Republica di Venetia fatta dal Marchese di Bedmare [Alfonso della Cueva], ambasciadore del Re Cattolico [Filippo II] presso detta Republica [circa 1607]. ff. 1-107.Venice: Relatione dell... British Library
referencedIn (XVI. ff. 190). 7 Dec. 1747-20 July, 1748.includes:f. 1 William Wilkinson, Vicar of Bromfield county Cumberland: Suit v. Pattinson: 1747. f. 1 Sir Richard Musgrave, Baronet; afterwards Hylton; of Hayton: Suit v. Pattinson: 1747. f. 1 Christopher Pa... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1865Paper, in Quarto, ff. 162, XVII Century.1. Institutiones logicae, in libros duos distinctae. ff. 2-36.2. A short account of Europe and its states, viz. Italy, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Venice, Tuscany, Luca, Genoa, Lombardy, France, etc. (... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1874Paper, in Quarto, ff. 110, XVII Century; bound with No. 1879; the greater part in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.1. 'A booke of the use of the crosse-staffe,' by Tho. Golding, 1660. ff. 1-17.Begin: — 'The crosse-staffe is an instrume... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1900Chartaceus, Octavo, ff. 86, Sec. XVII; codex manu Doctoris Edwardi Brown scriptus.1. 'Statura humana ossibus immediate determinatur,' tractatus. ff. 8-102. 'Onerirocritica est medico utilis; tractatus. ff. 10b-13.3. Tractatus de venisectio... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1831 APaper, in folio, ff. 45, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Thomas Brown, junior. Bound with 1910.1. Journal of a voyage in the Mediterranean, in the fleet commanded by Sir Jeremy Smith, between the 21st of December, 1665, and the 11th ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1870Codex membranaceus, in 4to. minori, ff. 124, Sec. XIV.1. S. Bonaventurae, alio nomine Johannis Fidanzae, sive cujuscunque sit, Compendium metricum scholasticum utriusque Testamenti, versibus dimetris iambicis, cum glossa interlineari perpe... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1903Chartaceus, Octavo, ff. 16, Sec. XVII.Oratio C. Tearne (?) in laudem G. Harvey coram praeside et sociis Med. Lond. Coll. habita. ff. 1-16.William Harvey, MD: Oratio Harveiana, a C. Tearne: [1656-1680].: Two copies.Owners of Manuscripts: Br... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1888Membranaceus, in Quarto, ff. 86, Sec. XIV.1. 'Speculum salutiferum boni et mali;' sententias exhibens theologicas et morales, e patribus antiquioribus excerptas. Inter alia agitur: — a. De mandatis Dei. ff. 2b-10.b. De fide catholica. ff. ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1884Chartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 140, sec. XVII; Codex manu Christofori Tearne scriptus (?).1. Lectiones quinque de ignis qualitatibus. ff. 1-22.2. Tractatus de anatomia cerebri. ff. 22b-44.3. Notitiae anatomicae miscellaneae. ff. 47-117.Christo... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1907Chartaceus, Octavo, ff. 137, Sec. XVII.'Έικων Βασιλικη; vel effigies Regiae Majestatis: Caroli Angliae nuper Regis serenissimi meditationes precesque complectens, quas in suis illis aerumnis et solitudine conscripsit: cum appendice in qua ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1797Chartaceus, 4to., ff. 74, Sec. XVII.1. Classificatio aquae generum. (Graecè). f. 2.2. Copia litterarum principalis collegii [ — ] de E. Brown admittendo ad respondendum pro gradu Baccalaureatus in medicina.' f. 2b.3. Versus heroici ordinem... British Library
referencedIn POEMS by William Gager, Westminster student at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1574, and subsequently D.C.L., Chancellor of Ely, etc. Lat.; with a few in Eng. Included are the following: 1. Latin versions of "H[omeri Batrachomuomachia,"f. 1; The story of S... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1827Paper, folio, ff. 86, sec. XVII; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.1. Dissertation upon the Oracles of Apollo. ff. 2-9.Printed in S. Wilkins' edition of Sir Thomas Browne's Works, London, 1836.Vol. IV. p. 223.2. Dissertation upon the... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1843Paper, Quarto, ff. 53, XVII Century, in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.Common-place book; containing a few quotations from the classics, extracts from medical writers, and questions touching anatomy, natural history and physic. ff. 1... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1882Paper, Quarto, ff. 27, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.Common Place Book; containing notes upon the generation and growth of plants; upon grafting; upon antient Roman coins; and upon a few miscellaneous subjects of Na... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1917Paper, in Octavo, ff. 89, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Christopher Tearne; bound with No. 1918.Four anatomical lectures delivered in 1656. ff. 1-89.Christopher Tearne, MD: Anatomical lectures: 1656.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir... British Library
referencedIn BLENHEIM PAPERS. Vol. CCXLVI (ff. 160+i). Receipt-book for domestic expenses, kept by Marlborough and his wife Sarah, 7 Apr. 1677-21 March 1690; at the end, reversing the volume (ff. 151b-153b), are accounts by Marlborough, as captain in the Admiralt... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1887Chartaceus, Small Quarto, ff. 173, Sec. XVII: Codex manu Christofori Tearne scriptus.1. E Praxi Plateriana collecta. ff. 3-66.2. E Quercetani Operibus Medicis. ff. 67-78.3. 'Ex Hartmanno in Crollium collecta.' ff. 79-83.4. 'E Mynsichti Arm... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1854Chartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 119, sec. XVI.Johannis Dastini speculum philosophiae, in libros duos distinctum.Incip. 'Trinitatem adorantes omnia super tria ponimus, qui hoc ternario numero unum Deum colimus.' ff. 1-119.Ad finem excerpta quaed... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1891Paper, in 12mo., ff. 109, XVII Century.'Algebra and analytical arithmetique represented in two books, with the extraction of all adfected equations, by Tho. Golding, of Norwich, 1660.' ff. 1-109.Thomas Golding, of Norwich: Algebra and anal... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1886Paper, Small Quarto, ff. 88, XVII Century.Note-book and Journal kept by Dr. Edward Browne, in his travels in France and Italy, in the years 1664, 1665 — containing among other miscellaneous matter, descriptions of paintings, medical receip... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1866Paper, in Quarto, ff. 73, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.1. An account of a thunderstorm at Norwich, June 28, 1665. ff. 2-30.Printed in his Works, ed. Wilkin, Vol. IV. p. 353.2. Common-place book of Sir T. Browne. ff... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1864Paper, in Quarto, ff. 315, XVII Century.Three treatises on the sacraments and the second advent of our Lord, the last being in verse, by Ambrose Wille of Tournay, with a letter prefixed, being addressed to the Ministers of the Church, in F... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1825Membranaceus, folio, ff. 91, sec. XV.1. Thomas Hoccleve's Introduction to his Poem, De regimine Principis. ff. 2-33.Begin: — 'Musynge upon the restelees busynesseWiche that this troubly world hath ay in honde.'End: — 'I toke corage and whi... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1845Chartaceus, quarto, ff. 300, sec. XVII; codex manu doctoris Thomae Browne scriptus.1. Excerpta ex operibus subscriptis: viz.a. 'Franciscus Bayle de Apoplexia. Tolosae, 1678. 12o.' ff. 1-11.b. 'Praxeos Mayerianae Syntagma alterum quatuor tr... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1885Chartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 44, Sec. XVII: Codex manu domini Thomae Browne scriptus.1. The Repertorium, or account of the tombs and monuments of the Cathedral Church of Norwich. ff. 1-4, 33-41.Printed in Wilkin's edition of Sir Thomas Brown... British Library
referencedIn Paper, in Quarto, ff. 360, XVII Century.Lectures on the muscles delivered by Dr. Edward Browne during the years 1687-1698. At the beginning is, 'Syllabus Musculorum corporis humani eo ordine dispositorum quo a Doctore B[rowne] in praelectionibus et p... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1844Chartaceus, Quarto, ff. 43, Sec. XVII.1. 'Differentia verborum literis usuve similium, una cum diversis ejusdem vocabuli significationibus. ff. 2-30.2. 'Divers tables serving to severall uses,' viz.a. Astronomical tables. f. 31.b. 'A table... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1889Paper, Small Quarto, ff. 52, XVII Century; bound with No. 1947.Collection of English Epigrams. ff. 1-45, 52.University of Oxford: Collection of Epigrams by a student: 17th cent.Epigrams: Collection of English epigrams, by an Oxford Student... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1906Paper, small octavo, ff. 213, XVII century; in the handwriting of Dr. Edward Browne.1. Journal kept by him, from 18 December 1663, to Friday the 15th August following. He was at Norwich until the end of March, when he quitted England for P... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1916Paper, in 4to., ff. 280, XVII Century; chiefly in the hand of Chr. Tearne.1. A course of anatomical lectures delivered apparently by C. Tearne. ff. 1-146.2. An imperfect copy of the preceding lectures. ff. 147-219.3. A short treatise on th... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1919Paper, in Octavo, ff. 80, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Christopher Tearne; bound with No. 1920.A course of anatomical lectures. ff. 1-80.Christopher Tearne, MD: Anatomical lectures: 1656.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Thomas).Ow... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1909Membranaceus, in Quarto, ff. 490, Sec. XIII.Breviarium Romanum. ff. 1-490.Liturgies LATIN: Breviarium Romanum: 14th-15th cent.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Thomas).Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Edward), M.D. British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1911Paper, in folio, ff. 75, XVII Century; bound with Nos. 1912, 1913, 1942.A collection of original letters from Dr. Edward Browne, written when on his travels to his father Dr. [afterwards Sir] Thomas Browne, M. D., of Norwich.1. Letter from... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1918Paper, in Octavo, ff. 69, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Christopher Tearne; bound with preceding No.1. A course of anatomical lectures. ff. 1-57.2. A dissertation upon the following question, 'An respiratio inserviat nutritioni.' ff.... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1860Chartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 91, Sec. XVII; cum cod. 1839, et aliis tribus compactus.Sententiae Ethicae, ex Aristotele aliisque Auctoribus excerptae, manu Tho. Browne Eq. Aur. exaratae. ff. 1-90.Writers of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Thomas).Si... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1868Paper, in Quarto, ff. 104, XVII Century.Copies of letters written by Dr. Edward Browne to his father, brother and sister, during his travels, 1664, 1665. ff. 1-104.They are all printed in Sir Thomas Browne's Works, ed Wilkin, Vol. I. pp. 6... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1914Paper, in Quarto, ff. 463, XVII Century.Anatomical lectures in the handwriting of Dr. Edward Browne, delivered apparently in 1675-1678. ff. 1-463.Edward Browne, MD, son of, Sir Thos. Browne, MD: Anatomical lectures: 1675-1678.Owners of Man... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1852Paper, in Quarto, ff. 59, XVI Century.1. A few receipts in Confectionary and Cookery. ff. 1-9.2. A Collection of medical receipts, containing washes for the face, ointments for scaldings, receipts against the plague, etc. ff. 10-57.Receipt... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1922Paper, in folio, ff. 56, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Dr. Edward Browne.1. Notes taken by Dr. Edward Browne in his travels in Hungary, in the month of March 1669. ff. 1-29.Imbodied in the printed work intitled 'A Brief Account of so... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1890Chartaceus, in 8vo, ff. 171, Sec. XVII; manu Christophori Tearne anno 1644 descriptus.Collectanea ex variis authoribus medicis; scilicet: — 1. Ex Bartholini anatomia. ff. 3-10.2. Ex Johannis Stockeri praxi. ff. 11-16.3. Ex Danielis Lennert... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1894Paper, in Octavo, ff. 56, XVII Century.1. 'Breife formes of remedyes which physitians commonlye use, first written in Latine by Peter Gorrhy and translated into English by James Stonehalle,' with an epistle dedicatory to Capt. William Penn... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1863Paper, in Quarto, ff. 70, XVII Century.Some chymical processes. ff. 2-44.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Thomas).Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Edward), M.D.includes:ff. 1-44 Chemistry: Chemical receipts, processes and experiments: 15... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1867Paper, in Quarto, ff. 45, XVII Century.1. A collection of epigrams. ff. 1-4, 20-42.2. Epigrammata quaedam ex Johanne Audoeno [Owen] excerpta. ff. 5-19.3. Verses on 'one who was comitted for having an handsome wife.' ff. 43-45.Epigrams: Epi... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1876Chartaceus, in 8vo., ff. 92, sec. XVII.1. Arca arcanorum abstrusae hermeticae scientiae ingressum, progressum, coronidem, verbis apertissimis explicans, ex selectissimis et celeberrimis authoribus collecta et antehac a nemine hac methodo d... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1899Paper, in 8vo., ff. 32, XVII Century.Account of Dr. Thomas Browne's journey into Kent with Dr. Plott, August 1693. ff. 3-22, 32-23Printed in Wilkin's edition of Sir Thomas Browne's Works, Vol. IV. p. 457.Voyages and Travels: Account of the... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1913Paper, in folio, ff. 71, XVII Century; Dr. Edward Browne's Papers.1. The several questions sent to Dr. Edward Browne by the Royal Society in matters pertaining chiefly to Natural Philosophy, which from observations made during his travels ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1856Paper, in 4to., ff. 73, XVII Century; bound with Nos. 326 & 3906.1. 'A discourse of Mr. Oliver St. John's affirming that thes kind of benevolence demanded is against law, reason and religion,' addressed to 'the Right Worsh. Mr. Mayor of Ma... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1875Paper, in Quarto, ff. 103, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne: bound with No. 2766.Another Common-place book, containing remarks and observations upon the laws of motion and gravitation, coagulation, congelation, bubbles... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1881Paper, Quarto, ff. 62, XVII Century.'The Golden Rotacion, Conversion, Circulation, Purification, Concatenation of the Elements; Translated out of the Frenche; Written by an Anonymus; and freely communicated to the benefitt of all true love... British Library
referencedIn Charles Goodall, MD, Physician to the Charterhouse: Collections relating to the College of Physicians: 18th cent.London; SOCIETIES, MEDICAL. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS: Collections relating to, by Dr. C. Goodall and others,: 17th, 18th centt.Owners ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1838Chartaceus, in folio, ff. 18, sec. XVII; cum codice 968 compactus.Procli Lycii Diadochi Elementa Theologica, ex versione Francisci Patricii. Latine. ff. 1-18. Impress. Exstant in 4to. ed. Ferrariae, 1583.Proclus, Diadochus: Elementa Theolo... British Library
referencedIn James Petiver, FRS, Apothecary to the Charter-House: Miscellaneous correspondence (N.B. Petiver died in April 1718, but letters were written to him up to 12 Febr. 1719.): 1697-1718/9, and n.d.Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Original correspondence, chronol... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1857Chartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 29, sec. XVI.Benedicti Philosophi tractatus alchymicus, qui intitulatur Theriaca Divina, in capp. 13 divisus, cum praefatione praemissa. ff. 1-29.Incip. Praefatio, 'Omnis gratia et sapientia a Deo Domino est et a... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1837Paper, in folio, ff. 37, XVII Century; bound with the preceding No.An account of Africa and its principal states and countries. ff. 1-37.Begin: — 'Africa is so large a peninsula that it makes one of the 3 parts and that the most southern o... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1836Paper, in folio, ff. 103, XVII Century; bound with No. 1837.1. An account of Europe and its principal states and countries. ff. 1-25.Begin: — 'Europe is one of the three parts of our continent.'2. An account of Asia and its principal state... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1910Paper, in folio, ff. 68, XVII Century.1. Account of the present state and condition of Persia. ff. 1-32.2. 'Notes taken out of the generall historie of the Turkes before the risinge of the Othoman familie, with all the notable expeditions ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1826Paper, in folio, ff. 91, XVIII Century.1. Relatione del clarissimo Vincentio d'Alessandri, ambasciadore al Re di Persia per la serenissima Republica di Venetia, [l'anno 1575]. ff. 1-9. (an abridgement.)2. Relatione del clarissimo signor Ja... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1883Chartaceus, Quarto, ff. 138, XVII Century; codex manu Doctoris Ponder scriptus.(?)1. 'Phrases et sententiae ex Troade collectae.' ff. 4-11.2. Essay upon the office of a King. ff. 12-17.Begin: — 'The cares of a King are weightier than his c... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1830Paper, folio, ff. 46, XVII Century: principally in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.1. Letter from Dr. Merrett to Dr. Browne, upon botanical subjects. Dated 8 May, 1669. f. 1. Printed in S. Wilkin's edition of Sir Thomas Browne's Works... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1896Paper, in Octavo, ff. 61, XVII Century.1. Different forms of writs, belonging to some Register of the XIV Century. On Vellum. ff. 1-4.2. A collection of poems written by the suffering prisoners in the days of Queen Mary, with a table of co... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1920Paper, in Octavo, ff. 29, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Christopher Tearne; bound with the preceding No.A course of anatomical lectures. ff. 1-29.Christopher Tearne, MD: Anatomical lectures: 1656.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Th... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1923Paper, in Quarto, ff. 43, XVII Century.1. 'Roman families of whose Medals Mr. Sutherland has none.' f. 1b.2. 'Mr. Sutherland wants the silver coyns of all these following.' ff. 2b-4.3. 'Mr. Sutherland wants the brasse coyns of all these fo... British Library
referencedIn Paper, in Quarto, ff. 404, XVII Century.Lectures on the muscles delivered by Dr. Edward Browne during the years 1687-1698.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Thomas).Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Edward), M.D.Edward Browne, MD, son of, Sir Thos. Brow... British Library
referencedIn Owners of Manuscripts: Wallington (Nehemiah): 1650.Owners of Manuscripts: Houghton (Jonathan): 1658.Nehemiah Wallington, Puritan, of London: "Coppies of profitable and comfortable letters" on religious subjects: 1650-1658.includes:ff. 7-22 b John F... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1877Chartaceus, in 8vo., ff. 60, Sec. XVII, formerly belonging to J. L Boone.Formulae remediorum variae, a Doctore Ponder, ut ait Ayscough. ff. 1-60.Ponder, MD: Formulæ remediorum: 17th cent.Owners of Manuscripts: Boone (H-).Owners of Manuscri... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1879Paper, in Quarto, ff. 96, XVII Century.'Observations upon severall subjects,' by Sir Thomas Browne: —1. Many hints and extracts for his son Dr. Edward Browne. ff. 1-57.Most of these appear to be printed by Wilkins, Vol. IV. p. 381.Cf. codd... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II (ff. 375). B.includes:ff. 1-99 John Peter Bernard, d 1750 FRS; biographer: Letters to T. Birch: 1733-1742, n.d.ff. 100-1 16 John Bevis, MD; astronomer: Letters to T. Birch: 1752 1761.ff. 117-125 John Bird, mathematical instrument maker:... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1873Paper, in Quarto, ff. 85, XVI Century.The poem of Sir Thomas Norton, intitled, The Ordinall of Alchymy. ff. 2-84Printed in the Theatrum Chymicum, by Ashmole.At the end are eight lines intitled 'Gualteri Haddonis carmen in laudem Thomae Nor... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1880Paper, in Quarto, ff. 440, XVII Century.1. Capitoli di Antonfrancesco Grazzini detto il Lasea; viz: — a. In lode della caccia. ff. 2-9.Printed in the edition of his Works published at Florence, 1742, Vol. I. p. 37.b. 'In dispregio della Ca... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1902Chartaceus, Quarto, ff. 31, Sec. XVII; Codex manu Arthuri Dei scriptus(?).1. Tabula astrologicae. ff. 3-8.2. Schemes of the nativities of Margaret Dee, Jane Dee and John Dee. ff. 9b-11.3. Ex firgura ac statu planetarum ad morbi initium tra... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1921Paper, in Quarto, ff. 70, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Christopher Tearne.Lectures or treatises upon various parts of the human body. ff. 1-70.Christopher Tearne, MD: Anatomical lectures: 1656.Owners of Manuscripts: Browne (Sir Thom... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1851Paper, in Quarto, ff. 120, XVII Century.'A short diarie of the conferences and proceedings in the Treatie at London 1604, betweene the high and mightie Kings and Princes, James by the grace of God of Great Brittaine, Fraunce and Ireland, P... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1912Paper, in folio, ff. 66, XVII Century.1. Letter from Dr. Henry Power to Dr. [afterwards Sir Thomas] Browne, M. D. Dat. Hallifax, 13 June, 1646. f. 1.2. Letter from the same to the same: dat. Ch. Coll. Cambridge 15 Sept. 1647. f. 3.Printed ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1853Vellum, in Quarto, ff. 32, XVI Century.A paraphrase in verse of the seven penitential Psalms by Thomas Brompton.At the beginning is written, 'Frater Thomas Brompton Sacrae Theologiae Doctor fratrum minorum pauperculus confessor de … Anglic... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1855Paper, in Quarto, ff. 84, XVII Century; bound with numbers 1839, 1858 A, 1860, 1871 A.1. Observations made by Dr. Edward Browne in his Travels, from Vienna, through Austria, Bohemia, etc., 1669, copied in the handwriting of his father Sir ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1869Paper, in 4to, ff. 118, XVII Century.A Common-place book of Sir Thomas Browne of which the contents are published in Wilkin's edition of his Works, Vol. IV, p. 381, being hints and extracts from various authors for his son Edward. ff. 1-11... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1895Paper, in Octavo, ff. 100; XVII Century.A collection of medical prescriptions, partly Latin, partly English, partly French. ff. 1-100.At f. 97b. is a list of the Fellows &c., of the Coll. of Physicians, 1667.Edward Browne, MD, son of, Sir ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1904Chartaceus, Quarto, ff. 8, Sec. XVII.'Statuta nova praesidentis collegii seu communitatis facultatis medicinae London. per praesidentem collegium seu communitatem praedictam per consensum praesidentis Collegii seu communitatis praedictae a... British Library
referencedIn Houghton Library printed book provenance file, A-D Houghton Library
referencedIn Sloane 1908Paper in Octavo, ff. 100, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Dr. Edward Browne.1. Journals of his travels in Germany between the 8th of August 1668 and the 20th of July 1667. ff. 4-86.Introduced into the Account of several Travels through... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1892Paper, in 8vo., ff. 82, XVII Century; the greater part in the handwriting of Dr. Edward Browne.1. 'A catalogue of … plants … Oxford.' ff. 1-3.2. Pharmacopoea quaedam. ff. 4-6.3. A Day-book containing medical prescriptions for different pat... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1859Vellum, in Quarto, ff. 32, XV Century.A treatise on the love of God and man, apparently a translation from one of the early Latin Fathers, with a table of contents and prologue prefixed. ff. 1-32.(Imperfect at the end.)The following is pre... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1878Paper, in 4to., ff. 61, XVII Century.Dr. Browne's letter to his son, being observations on several diseases and their cure. ff. 1-57.Sir Thomas Browne, MD, of Norwich: Letters to his son, Dr. E. Browne: 1671, n.d.Owners of Manuscripts: Bro... British Library
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creatorOf Sloane 1828Paper, folio, ff. 170, XVII Century.1. Anonymous comedy, in five Acts. The principal dramatis personae anre Lovewell, Trueboy, Wildman, Clarinda and Sucis. ff. 1-45.2. 'The Tragedy of Zoroastres; written by the Right Honorable the late Ear... British Library
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referencedIn Sloane 1833Paper, in folio, ff. 236, XVII Century; formerly belonging to Humphrey Stourton, in Buckingham Street, in York Garden, Apothecary.Medical observations respecting the different parts of the human body, anatomical dissections of various anim... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1862Paper, in 4to., ff. 94, XVII Century; in the handwriting of Sir Thomas Browne.A Common-place book of Sir Thomas Browne's; in it the following are worthy of notice, namely: — 1. A letter to a friend upon occasion of the death of his intimat... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1839Paper, in 4to., ff. 91, XVII Century; in Sir Thos. Browne's handwriting; bound with Nos. 1855, 1858 A, 1860, 1871 A.1. Observations by Sir Tho. Browne on Oracles. ff. 1-18. Printed in his works, Vol. IV. p. 223.2. Observations by the same ... British Library
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creatorOf Sloane 1831 BCodex membranaceus, in 8vo., ff. 48, Sec. XV. Nigelli de Wireker, Monachi Cantuariensis, sive ut alii volunt, Johannis Salisburiensis, Burnellus sive Speculum Stultorum. ff. 1-48.Desunt versus circ. 1040 priores, necnon versus a 2322 ad ... British Library
creatorOf Sloane 1893Paper, in 8vo., ff. 34, XVII Century.A treatise intitled, 'The investigation of Causes,' divided into fourteen chapters. ff. 1-31.Begin: — 'The knowledge of trueth revealed unto the first frends of God and by succession from them contynewe... British Library
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referencedIn (III. ff. 192). 13 June, 1738-6 Feb. 1739.includes:f. 2 Tomlynson Busby: Suit v. Hartley: 1738. f. 2 b Thomas Johnson: Suit v. Coxeter: 1737-1739. f. 3 b Long Melford, Suffolk: Suit v. the Warden, etc., of Hospital at: 1737-1739. f. 3 b James John... British Library
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Alessone, Thessaly
Deal, Kent
Schemnitz, Hungary
Baden, Austria
Poland, Kingdom of, Europe
Persia, Asia Minor
Sandwich, Kent
Freiburg, Silesia
Venice, Italy
Africa, Africa
Iceland, Europe
Netherlands, Europe
Eastrington, Yorkshire
Tangier, Morocco
Cadiz, Spain
Kremnitz, Hungary
Ostend, Flanders
Iceland, Europe
Kremnitz, Hungary
Killpeck, Herefordshire
Norfolk, England
Turkey, Asia Minor
Mediterranean Sea, Europe
London, England
Nieuwpoort, Flanders
Stroud, Gloucestershire
Kremnitz, Hungary
Venice, Italy
Blackheath, Kent
Sanct Veit am Pflaum, Carinthia
Herrengrund, Hungary
Kronach, Bavaria
Calais, France
Hungary, Kingdom of, Europe
Guildford, Surrey
Long Melford, Suffolk
Shrewsbury, Shropshire
West Indies, America
Essex, England
London, England
London, England
Nijmegen, Gelderland
Baden, Austria
Norwich, Norfolk
Persia, Asia Minor
Russia, Empire of, Asia
Persia, Asia Minor
Caschau, Hungary
Nieuwpoort, Flanders
India, Asia
Larissa, Thessaly
Carthagena, South America
Schemnitz, Hungary
Herrengrund, Hungary
Freiburg, Silesia
Hungary, Kingdom of, Europe
North Tuddenham, Norfolk
Warwick, Warwickshire
Dover, Kent
Tartary, Asia
Dover, Kent
Calais, France
Persia, Asia Minor
Calais, France
Ledsham, Yorkshire
Ferrara, State of, Italy
Greece, Europe
Kuttenberg, Bohemia
Tartary, Asia
Ostend, Flanders
Dublin, Ireland
Persia, Asia Minor
Ré, France
Peru, South America
Tartary, Asia
Bocking, Essex
Kuttenberg, Bohemia
Schemnitz, Hungary
Caschau, Hungary
Ostend, Flanders
Hungary, Kingdom of, Europe
York, Yorkshire
Buckland-Monachorum, Devon
Troy, Asia Minor
Asia, Asia
Staffordshire, England
Norfolk, England
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Hoxne, Suffolk
Herrengrund, Hungary
Norwich, Norfolk
Troy, Asia Minor
Klagenfurt, Carinthia
Sandwich, Kent
Kingston-on-Hull, Yorkshire
Caschau, Hungary
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Kronach, Bavaria
Germany, Europe
Iceland, Europe
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Sandwich, Kent
The Peak, Derbyshire
Bleyburg, Upper Carinthia
Freiburg, Silesia
Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Kuttenberg, Bohemia
Alicante, Spain
Europe, Europe
Nieuwpoort, Flanders
Kronach, Bavaria
Austria, Europe
Europe, Europe
Turkey, Asia Minor
Persia, Asia Minor
Yorkshire, England
Taunton, Somerset
Gran, Hungary
Kirkby Ravensworth, North Riding of Yorkshire
Baden, Austria
Coventry, Warwickshire
Hungary, Kingdom of, Europe
Dover, Kent
Poland, Kingdom of, Europe
Dummer, Southampton




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