Hare, Michael, 1909-1968.

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Studied architecture at Yale University, Columbia University, and Paris, beginning in 1931; in 1954 appointed to design U.S. embassy in Honduras; while in Honduras began the study of philosophy, psychology, and psychical phenomena; wrote several books on these subjects, 1966 and 1968.

Michael Meredith Hare was born on January 17, 1909 in New York city. He was educated at Groton and entered Yale with the class of 1931. In his senior year Hare transferred to the department of architecture. He spent two years in Paris studying architecture, but was dropped by Yale a month after his return and finally took his degree in architecture at Columbia. Hare subsequently practised as an architect, frequently producing controversial designs. In 1931 he married Jane P. Jopling; they had three children. During the Second World War Hare served in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 1954 he was appointed by the President's Commission to design the U.S. Embassy buildings in Honduras.

At about this time Hare was beginning to feel dissatisfied with the restrictions placed upon his architectural ideas by modern economic conditions. He also became more interested in the philosophical and theological implications of the creative process. He was influenced by a book by Percival W. Martin, Experiment in Depth, and began to write a diary of his dreams and mystical experiences, which he kept until shortly before his death. In 1956, while in Honduras, Hare had a series of mystical experiences. As a result of these ideas and experiences, Hare turned to a study of religion, psychology, philosophy and psychical phenomena. He wanted to develop a theory to demonstrate the unity of the universe, which would involve reconciling the laws of physics and para-psychological phenomena. He therefore added mathematics, astronomy, physics and other scientific subjects to his field of study. Hare corresponded with persons involved in all these subjects, asking for their criticism of his theories, or trying to convince them of his ideas. In 1966 Hare published his first book on the problem: Microcosm and Macrocosm: An Approach to the Synthesis Of The Real . In 1968 a second book, The Multiple Universe: On the Nature of Spiritual Reality, was published. Hare was apparently intending to publish a third book, but he died in September 1968, before its completion.

The Michael Meredith Hare Papers are divided into two series: "Correspondence" and "Writings, Diary, Notes and Research Materials." "Correspondence" contains letters received by Hare and his own drafts and copies of replies. Most of the correspondence discusses various aspects of Hare's search for a quantum theory of the solar system, his efforts to reconcile extra-sensory phenomena with nuclear physics, and his interest in symbolism and mysticism. Many of Hare's letters include lengthy expositions of his theories; he frequently sent duplicate copies of these to other persons. Correspondents of note include: Henry Margenau, Percival W. Martin, J.B. Rhine, W. Grey Walter, and Paul Weiss. Hare also wrote to C.S. Jung, and although there are no letters from Jung in the collection, there is in Series II a copy of an article by Hare, "The Compulsion to Symbolize" (1956), which is apparently annotated by Jung.

Series II contains addresses, articles and books by Hare; the dream diary, which covers the period from February, 1956 to August, 1968; and notes and research materials related to Hare's search for a universal law. Notes and research materials, which Hare indicated were directly related to his two books, have been filed after the book manuscript; other notes and research materials are filed separately. There are a large number of notes in the series, most of which involve mathematical calculations. There is some other research material, mainly in the form of printed copies of articles on various scientific topics. There is also one manuscript written by Hare's brother, Montgomery Hare.

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Birth 1909

Death 1968

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