Emperors of Rome (active 1001-1826)

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referencedIn C. JULII CÆSARIS Commentariorum de Bello Gallico libri septem, f I -[C. Auli] Hirtii de eodem Bello liber octavus, f. 79;-C. J. Ceesaris de Bello Civili Pompeiano libri tres, f. 90 b.;[A. Hirtii Pansæ] de Bello Alexandrino liber, f. 150 b.;-[Ejusdem]..., 1462 British Library
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referencedIn HISTORICAL COMPENDIUM OF THE LIVES OF THE ROMAN EMPERORS AND POPES; 1585. Italian. The MS., which is dated (f. 135) 28 Oct. 1585, contains a chronological, historical summary of the lives of the Roman emperors, popes and other prominent men from Juli... British Library
referencedIn William Courten, alias Charleton; of the Middle Temple: Papers relating to medals, engravings, etc.: 17th cent.includes:f. 15 George Holmes, Keeper of the Records in the Tower: List of his Dutch medals: 1692.f. 41 Sherwood: Letter to, from W. Cha... British Library
referencedIn L. ANNÆI SENECÆ libri duo de Clementia;-Ejusdem Ludus de morte Claudii Cæesaris;-Ejusdem Proverbia, ordine alphabetico;-Versus de duodecim Cæsaribus, et de imperatoribus aliis;-Epitaphium Senecæ;-Versus Julii Cæesaris;-Versus Adriani imperatoris;-Se..., 11th century British Library
referencedIn S. HIERONYMI Martyrologium; cum epistola Chromatii et Heliodori, Episcoporum, ad eum, et replicatione Hieronymi preefixis;-Actorum Concilii Aquisgranensis, sub Ludovico Pio, Imperatore, anno 816 habiti, liber primus; scilicet, De institutione Canonic..., 11th century-14th century British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1-54 Ranulph Higden, Chronicler: Polychronicon, lib. i.: 15th cent.ff. 54 b-57 b Vespasian and Titus; Emperor of Rome: Res gestæ sub: 15th cent.ff. 57 b-59 b Anecdotes: Exempla quorundam morum: 15th cent.ff. 60-70 b Our Saviour J... British Library
referencedIn HISTORIÆ AUGUSTÆ Scriptores. At the end are added the formulae to be used in addressing persons of various ranks. On vellum, xvth cent. Quarto. [12,015.]Rome; Emperors: Augustæ Historiæ scriptores., 15th century British Library
referencedIn WILKS PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 122). 1. ff. 1-72v. Correspondence, etc., including family correspondence, chiefly relating to Wilks's career in India; 1782-1826. 2. ff. 73-122v. Report by Wilks on the manufacture of gunpowder in India; 1802. Copy. With re..., 1782-1826 British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME containing several treatises in Hebrew, namely, Rabbi Moses Maimonides,--------------or, Guide of the Perplexed ; translated from the original Arabic by R. Samuel Ben Tibbon -------------------or, Book of' the Fathers, (usually known by th... British Library
referencedIn 'HISTORIA AUGUSTA': an Italian humanist manuscript, probably from Rome, of the 'Historia Augusta', lives of Roman emperors traditionally assigned to six different authors of the late third to early fourth centuries A.D.; mid 15th cent. Latin. Origin:... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of historical, religious and moral tracts, partly relating to Jansenism and the history of heresy in the Eastern Churches, with lists of Roman Emperors and other rulers, and a collection of inscriptions on Roman imperial coins; circa 1628-... British Library
referencedIn COMMONPLACE-BOOK of Sir Edward Hoby, containing entries relating to America, Parliament, the Isle of Sheppey, the siege of Calais (1346-1347), Mary, Queen of Scots, Sir E. Hoby himself, and various other subjects. At the beginning (ff. i-iii), taken ..., approximately 1582-approximately 1596 British Library
referencedIn Owners of Manuscripts: Cooper (Richard), M.A., of St. Mary's Hall, Oxford.Owners of Manuscripts: Guide, Family of.includes:ff. 1-97 Natural Philosophy: "Physiology, or a Treatise of Naturall Phylosophy": 17th cent.f. 98 b Aulus Gellius: "Noctes A... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2251Paper, in folio, ff. 125; XVII Century.1. 'Proposalls to be made to Dr. Cox' — in behalf of the College of Physicians; relative to an exchange of land near the college for the purpose of building.' f. 1.2. Brief summaries of the characters... British Library
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