Grey, Henry George, 3rd Earl Grey, Viscount Howick

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Epithet: Viscount Howick

Title: 3rd Earl Grey

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001085.0x00031b

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referencedIn BRIGHT PAPERS. Vol. VII (ff. 383). General correspondence of John Bright, 1845-1887; followed (ff. 378-383) by letters to his son John Albert (1904) and daughter-in-law (1925).includes:ff. 1-5 Harriet Martineau, writer and reformer: Letters to J. B..., 1845-1925 British Library
creatorOf Vol. cxxxiv (ff. 215). 27 May 1834-March 1835.includes:ff. 1-4v John William Ponsonby, Viscount Duncannon; 4th Earl of Bessborough: Sir James Robert George Graham, 2nd Baronet; of Netherby; statesman: Correspondence of John William Ponsonby and Si... British Library
creatorOf Vol. cxxxv (ff. 199). April 1835-1838.includes:ff. 1-4v, 16 Sir William Symonds, RN; naval architect: Sir James Robert George Graham, 2nd Baronet; of Netherby; statesman: Correspondence of Sir William Symonds and Sir James Robert George Graham: 1835:... British Library
creatorOf MORGAN-GRENVILLE PAPERS. SERIES I. Vol. VI (ff.). Papers of the 3rd Duke of Buckingham as Lord President ofthe Council; 1866-1867. 1. Letters to the Duke from Sir Arthur Helps, Clerk of the Privy Council; BRO Ref. D55/13; 1866-1867. 2. Letters to the..., 1866-1867 British Library
creatorOf Haines/ Stonor Papers: contents of an autograph album, with some loose material, consisting of letters, letter covers and signatures of British statesmen, peers, politicians and bishops, etc.; circa 1816?-1900, n.d.; , approximately 1816-1900 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. 1860.includes:f. 1 John Eadie, DD: Biographical notice of: 1860. f. 2 Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, President of the Royal Academy (1850-1865): Letter to R. Griffin and Co.: 1860. ff. 4, 6 Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes, K C B: Autobiographica..., 1860 British Library
referencedIn FIFTEEN LETTERS OF JOHN STUART MILL to Thomas Hare, political reformer, relating to the latter's system for the representation of minorities in Parliament; 3 March 1859-26 Jan. 1863. Hare's system, commended by Mill in an article in Fraser's Magazine... British Library
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. XVII (ff. 139). Correspondence of Lord Carnarvon with: 1. ff. 1-47. W. E. and Mrs Gladstone; 1868-1888. See also Add. 60783. 2. ff. 48-84. 3rd Earl Grey; 1863-1871. See also Add. 60783. 3. ff. 85-139. 2nd Earl Granville; 1863-1..., 1863-1888 British Library
referencedIn SUPPLEMENTARY AUCKLAND PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 147). General correspondence; 1697-1899.wife of William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, Mary: Letter to Lady Buckinghamshire: bef. 1834.includes:f. 1 Exchequer: Exchequer bill: 1697.: Printed. f. 1 Sir Robe..., 1697-1899 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCLXXX (ft. 410). Sept. 1846-July 1847.includes:ff. 1, 75, 123 Henry George Grey, Viscount Howick; 3rd Earl Grey: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1846-1884.f. 2 Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon; Prime Minister: Correspondence ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXXVI (ff. 274). 12 June-Dec. 1866.includes:ff. 1, 88, 119 James Moncreiff, 1st Baron Moncreiff 1874: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1839-1885.ff. 2, 131, 255 Cyrus West Field, projector of the Atlantic cable: Correspondence with W.... British Library
referencedIn PANIZZI PAPERS. Letters, collected as autographs, mostly addressed to Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B., Principal Librarian of the British Museum; 1828-1878, n.d. English, French and Italian. Other general correspondence of Panizzi is Add. MSS. 36714-3672..., 1828-1878 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCXVII (ff. 337). 17 Jan. 1855-Dec. 1860, n.d.includes:ff. 1-3b Charles Stuart, 12th Baron Blantyre: Letter, etc., to Lord Aberdeen: 1855.f. 5 John Campbell, 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane: Correspondence with Lord Aberdeen: 1842-1855.ff. 7, 17... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXXVII (ff. 334). Jan.-May 1867.includes:f. I Monsignor Francesco Nardi, Auditor of the Rota, Rome: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1866-[1874].: Engl. and Ital.ff. 3, 7, 11 Baron Bettino Ricasoli,; Italian statesman: Correspondence with W. E... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCCI (ff. 322). Apr.-June 1884.includes:ff. 1, 16, 260 Leonard Henry Courtney, 1st Baron Courtney of Penwith: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1880-1894.f. 4 Sir Edward Walter Hamilton, GCB; Secretary to W E Gladstone: Correspondence wi... British Library
referencedIn WILDE PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 48). Miscellaneous autograph letters of distinguished persons, addressed chiefly to Wilde or to other members of his family, including his brother-in-law, Col. Sir Augustus Frederick D'Este, son of the Duke of Sussex, by wh..., 1751-1851 British Library
creatorOf HERRIES PAPERS. Vol. LX (ff. 218). Aug.-Dec. 1852. Many letters and papers refer to Indian affairs.India: Correspondence of J. C. Herries on Indian affairs: 1829-1852, n.d.includes:ff. 37-41 New South Wales: Henry George Grey, Viscount Howick; 3rd ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIV (ff. 223). 1886-1891.includes:f. 1 Sir Robert George Crookshank Hamilton, KCB; governor of Tasmania: Letters to Sir E. W. Hamilton: 1883, 1886. f. 1 Consuelo Montagu, widow of George, 8th Duke of Manchester: Letters to Sir E. W. Hamilton: ..., 1886-1891 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXXXV (ff. 320). Apr.-May 1869.includes:f. 1 William Robert La Touche, of Delgany, county Wicklow: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1869-1877.ff. 5, 9, 79 Thomas Binney, LLD: Congregational minister: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1868-1... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXIX (ff. 375). Apr.-Aug. 1877.includes:f. 1 John Medows Rodwell, Rector of St Ethelburga's, Bishopsgate; oriental scholar: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1874-1891.ff. 5, 20 James Ashbury, MP: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1877.f. 6... British Library
referencedIn Vol. L, 1884-1903, n.d.includes:ff. 1, 2 Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby; Lord Stanley: Correspondence with Lord Morley: 1884. ff. 4, 39, 58 Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Letters to Lord Morley: 1883-1886..., 1884-1903 British Library
creatorOf Vol. cxlii (ff. 199). 1852-8 Aug. 1853.Charles William Vane, Baron Stewart; formerly Stewart; 3rd Marquess of Londonderry: Sir James Robert George Graham, 2nd Baronet; of Netherby; statesman: Correspondence of Charles William Vane and Sir James Robe... British Library
referencedIn Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898. Papers. Series A. Correspondence. Vol. XXII. Correspondence with Edward Badeley, ecclesiastical lawyer, 1840-1857; Sir Frederic Rogers, 8th Bart., 1st Baron Blachford, 1840-1889; John S. Blackie, Professor of Greek at Edinburgh, 1862-1894. British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXV (ff. 320). Jan.-June 1863.includes:ff. 1, 224 Carlo Poerio: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1859-1863.: Ital.ff. 3, 30, 37, 63, 79, 86, 153, 197, 203, 280 Bernard Quaritch, bookseller: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1858-189... British Library
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. XXVII (ff. 245). Papers relating to the Ionian Islands; including letters from Gladstone, Sir E. B. Lytton, and others; 1858-1859. 1. ff. 1-111. Notes relating to the Ionian Islands; [1858-1859]. 2. ff. 112-245. Correspondence ..., 1858-1859 British Library
creatorOf STANMORE PAPERS. Vol. LXXII (ff. 186). 1. ff. 1-65. Collection and drafts by Lord Stanmore for an unpublished biography of his father, George, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, Prime Minister; circa 1870-1891. 2. ff. 66-137b. Letters to Lord Stanmore concerning ..., 1865-1910 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXI (ff. 237). 1836-1848.includes:f. 6 Thomas Wyse, diplomatist; KCB 1857: Letter to R. Cobden: 1837.: Imperf.ff. 12, 14, 16, 48 Sir Rowland Hill, KCB; postal reformer: Letters to R. Cobden: 1838-1855.: extract and copies.f. 24 George Gro..., 1836-1848 British Library
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. LXXXII (ff. 194 + 39* + 39** + 39***). 1. ff. 1-38. Scepticism Committee; 1879. 2. ff. 39-66. Letters concerning the Christ Church Mission; 1882. 3. ff. 67-68. Debate notes relating to the Parliamentary Declaration Bill; 1882. ..., 1879-1889 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCVI (ff. 394). Jan.-June 1859.includes:ff. 1, 96, 113, 119 Captain Joseph Ellison Portlock, RE; Secretary, Dublin Zoological Society: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1858-1859.ff. 4, 34, 123, 125, 132, 193 Sir Pietro Armeni Braila, GC... British Library
creatorOf HODGSON PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 247). 1. ff. 1-11b. Letters and papers to and relating to Thomas Slack; 1766-1780. 2. ff. 12-247. General correspondence, etc., of Solomon Hodgson, his wife Sarah, their sons Thomas and James, and others; 1787-1887. The co..., 1766-1887 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XXXIX (ff. 144). 1835-1842, n.d.includes:ff. 1, 39 General Sir George De Lacy Evans, GCB: Letters to Sir J. W. Gordon: 1835, 1837. f. 3 John Fitzgibbon, 2nd Earl of Clare: Letters to Sir J. W. Gordon: 1828, 1835. ff. 5, 16, 28, 115, 123, 127-132..., 1835-1842 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LVIII (ff. 238). 1852-July 1857.includes:ff. 9-12b Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton: Correspondence with Florence Nightingale: 1853-1878.f. 13 Passports: Passport to Florence Nightingale: 1853.: Fr.f. 15 Mrs M. Clarke, Matron of... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XLII (ff. 240). 1884, 1885.Ceylon: Papers of Sir Arthur Hamilton-Gordon as Governor: 1884-1889.includes:ff. 1-10, 39-41, 55, 76, 85 John Frederick Dickson, CMG; Government Agent, Ceylon: Letters., etc., to Sir Arthur Hamilton-Gordon: 1884-1885..., 1884-1885 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XXVI (ff. 240). July-Sept. 1855.includes:f. 1 Vice-Admiral Sir Horatio Thomas Austin, KCB: Letters, etc., to Lord Halifax: 1855: Signed.f. 4 Captain Fox Maule Ramsay, 56th Foot: Letter to T. G. Baring: 1855.f. 6 Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe, 3... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCLXXIX (ff. 386). Apr.-Aug. 1846.includes:f. 1 Arthur Henry Dyke Acland, barrister: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1835-1852.f. 4 Henry Hallam, historian: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1833-1853.ff. 6, 85, 121, 225 John Colborne, 1st... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCXCII (ff. 299). Jan.-Feb. 1854. Dec. 1864.includes:f. 1 Sir Henry Taylor, KCMG; Colonial Office; author: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1836-1885. f. 3 Thomas Briscoe, Vice-Principal of Jesus College, Oxford: Correspondence with W. E. Gl..., 1854-1864 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCVIII (ff. 376). Jan.-June 1860.includes:ff. 1, 254 Thomas Milner-Gibson, MP: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1859-1872.ff. 3, 7 William Francis Cowper, Baron Mount-Temple; afterwards Cowper-Temple: Correspondence with W. E. Gladston... British Library
creatorOf B. FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE49553. HALIFAX PAPERS. Vol. XXIII (ff. 200). Family correspondence of Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax; circa 1850-1879. Large folio. 1. ff. 1-6. Two letters of his wife, Mary, daughter of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey, K.G., to hi..., 1845-1879 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XXXVII (ff. 302). 1866-1870.includes:f. 1 Elections Parliamentary: Letters rel. to proposed candidature Sir Arthur Hamilton-Gordon for Aberdeen: 1866-1872.f. 1 City of Aberdeen: Letters rel. to proposed parliamentary candidature of Sir Arthu..., 1866-1870 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXXXI (ff. 219). 1849-1862. -includes:f. 1 Jules Barthélemy-Saint-Hilaire, French philosopher: Letter to J. F. Clark,: 1849.: Fr. f. 2 Reverend Charles Kingsley, author: Letters to Lord Ripon: 1852, 1856. f. 11 John Frederick Denison Maurice, a..., 1849-1862 British Library
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