Francesco Erizzo, Doge of Venice

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Title: Doge of Venice

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000215.0x0000b4

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn COPIES of letters (Latin and French) from Charles I to foreign potentates, etc. in the autograph of George Rudolph Weckherlin, Secretary for Foreign Tongues. The letters, dating from 1627-1635, are addressed to the following : City of Hamburg. ff. 1,... British Library
referencedIn DEED of Franciscus Erizzo, Doge of Venice, concerning a letter of proxy, 1643. With leaden bulla. Presented, with Add. MS. 41567 H, by Sir C. T. Hagberg Wright. British Library
creatorOf NANI LETTER-BOOKS. VOL. III. Nani's dispatches to Doges Erizzo and da Molin; 7 March 1645 -27 Feb. 1646. Copies. Title (f. 1) 'Lettere scritte al Serenissimo Principe di Venetia etcetera dall'Illustrissimo et Eccellentissimo Signor Battista Nani nel... British Library
creatorOf LETTERS OF CREDENCE of Francesco Erizzo, Doge of Venice, addressed to Charles I, King of England, for the Venetian ambassador Vincenzo Contarini, anticipating the return as English Ambassador of Basil, Viscount Fielding; 10 Aug. 1640. See C. S. P. Ve... British Library
referencedIn Francesco Erizzo; Doge of Venice: Letter to the Podestà of Treviso: 1636.: Lat. and Ital.Oderzo, Venetia: Appointment of Ricardo Pietro de Barbini as Dean of: 1636.Justiniano Justiniaino, Podestà of Treviso: Letter to, from the Doge of Venice: 1636.:... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of tracts, relazioni, and discourses relating to Rome, Spain, Germany, Sweden, the League of Tuscany, Venice, Modena and Parma during the war of Castro, Ferrara, France, the Netherlands, and the Congress of Cologne; circa 153... British Library
creatorOf LETTER from Francesco Erizzo, Doge of Venice, to Charles I, King of England, promising protection for English merchants trading in the islands of Venice, and in particular for John Hobson; 7 June 1641. See C. S. P. Venetian, 1640-1642, p. 159. From T... British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of copies of State Papers, with some Originals, in Spanish, Italian, and Latin, of the xvith and xviith centuries, relating to the affairs of different states of Italy, in the following order : Various memoranda, 1529-1583, f. 2 ;-" Pape..., 16th century-17th century British Library
creatorOf NANI LETTER-BOOKS. VOL. I. Nani's dispatches to Doge Erizzo; 4 April 1644 -28 Feb. 1645. Copies. Title (f. 1) 'Lettere scritte al Serenissimo Principe di Venetia etcetera dell'Illustrissimo et Eccellentissimo Signor Battista Nani nella sua Ambasciat... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of historical papers relating to Portugal, Rome, France, Tuscany, Candia, Venice, Perugia, and Poland; circa 1619-1649. Italian and Latin. Copies. The MS. includes: -(a) manifesto (art. 1) of King John IV of Portugal, 1647; ... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL OFFICIAL Letters and Orders (seventy-one in number) of the following Doges of Venice, viz., Pietro Landi, 1540; Hieronymo Priuli, 1561; Pasquale Cicogna, 1594; Marino Grimano, 1603 ; Leonardo Donato, 1610; Marco Antonio Memmo, 1614; Giovanni..., 1540-1656 British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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Place Name Admin Code Country
Castro, Italy
Romagna, Italy
Augsburg, Germany
Naples and Sicily, Kingdom of, Italy
Oderzo, Venetia
Zurich, Switzerland
Ragusa, Dalmatia
Lübeck, Germany
Verrua, Italy
Geneva, Switzerland
Genoa, Italy
Ulm, Swabia
Strasburg, France
Switzerland, Europe
Ferrara, Italy
Vicenza, Italy
Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
Basle, Switzerland
Siena, Italy
Venice, Italy
Candia Island, Crete
Lucca, Republic of, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Venice, Italy
Danzig, Germany
Candia, Crete
Berne, Switzerland
Grisons, the Netherlands
Perugia, Italy
Hamburg, Germany
Italy, Europe


Active 1501

Active 1656

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