Blackwood, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-, 1826-1902, 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, diplomat

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1849–52 and 1854–58 Lord-in-waiting to Queen Victoria; 1864 lord lieutenant, 1864 County Down; 1864-1866 under-secretary of state for India; 1866 under-secretary, War Office; 1872-1878 governor-general of Canada; 1879-1881 British ambassador to St Petersburg; 1881 British ambassador to Constantinople; 1882 Special Commissioner to Egypt; 1884-1888 Viceroy of India; 1889-1891 British ambassador to Rome; 1891-1896 British ambassador to France. Honours: 1861 KCB; 1863 KP; 1876 GCMG; 1883 GCB; 1884 GCSI; 1865 elected FRS; 1879 honorary DCL, Oxford University; 1891 honorary LLD, Cambridge University; 1891 lord warden of the Cinque Ports; honoury freeman, 1891 City of London and 1898 Edinburgh; elected lord rector, 1890 St Andrews University and 1899 Edinburgh University.

Epithet: diplomat

Title: 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava

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Sind, India
Tibet, Asia
Assam, India
Madras, India
Gilgit, Kashmir
Maihar State, India
Jaisalmer State, India
Cyprus, Asia Minor
Ramba Wihara, Ceylon
Manipur State, India
Persia, Asia Minor
Pudukkottai State, India
Bombay, India
Bombay, India
Calcutta, India
Arcot State, India
Tori-Fatehpur State, India
Egypt, Africa
Jaso State, India
Tripura State, India
Sangli State, India
Etawah, United Provinces
Keonjhar State, India
Mandalay, Myanmar
Bikaner State, India
Dundrum, Down
Iran, Asia
Aden, Asia
Maiwand, Afghanistan
Fiji, Melanesia
Patna, India
Cooch Behar State, India
Hindol State, India
Jamkhandi State, India
Narsinghpur State, India
Benares State, India
Caboul, Afghanistan
Dhar State, India
Lunawada State, India
Cambay State, India
North-Western Provinces, India
Thailand, Asia
Bilaspur State, India
South Africa, Africa
Shan States, Burma
Maler Kotla State, India
Crumlin, Antrim
Cochin State, India
Jhabua State, India
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Egypt, Africa
Sebastopol, the Crimea
Burma, Asia
Alwar State, India
India, Asia
Jath State, India
India, Asia
Kurnool, Madras
Tehri-Garhwal State, India
Cutch State, India
Latheron, Caithness-shire
Acre, Syria
North-West Frontier, India
Sind, India
Sudan, Africa
Aden, Yemen
Danta State, India
Panna State, India
Jobat State, India
Tigiria State, India
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Ecuador, South America
Sawantwadi State, India
Chin Hills, Burma
Birdwood, South Australia
Lugasi State, India
Pegu, Burma
Egypt, Africa
Dhurwai State, India
Gangpur State, India
Nayagarh State, India
Johore, Malaysia
Malpur State, India
Gibraltar, Europe
Ladysmith, South Africa
Burdwan, Bengal
Coorg, South India
Morocco, North Africa
Bhutan, Asia
Allahabad, United Provinces
Dhenkanal State, India
Pishin, Baluchistan
Turkey, Asia minor
China, Asia
Porbandar State, India
Argentina, South America
Uruguay, South America
Bahawalpur State, India
Pal Lahara State, India
Sant State, Western India
Panama, Central America
Jetpur State, India
Ratlam State, India
India, Asia
Loharu State, India
Bijawar State, India
Jaipur State, India
Nicholson's Nek, South Africa
Nabha State, India
Australia, Australia
Surat, Bombay
Jodhpur State, India
Janjira State, India
Bihat State, India
Baluchistan, Pakistan
Totnes, Devon
Jigni State, India
Ceylon, Asia
Purnea, Bihar
Sarangarh State, Central India
Tibet, Asia
Abyssinia, Africa
Afghanistan, Asia
Indore State, India
Ireland, Europe
Jind State, India
India, Asia
Wadhwan State, India
Calicut, Madras
Dewas State, India
Delhi, India
Punjab, India
Nagod State, India
Sonepur State, India
Colombia, South America
Egypt, Africa
Pamir, India
Kedah, Malaysia
Roumania, Europe
India, Asia
Sitamau State, India
North-West Frontier, India
Gaurihar State, India
Kathiawar, Western India
Dholpur State, India
Ghodasar State, India
Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean
Mangal State, India
Saraikela State, Chota Nagpur, Bihar
St Briavels, Gloucestershire
Tibet, Asia
Bombay, India
Syria, Asia Minor
Mayurbhanj, Orissa
Iran, Asia
Bansda State, India
Palitana State, India
Salem, Madras
Egypt, Africa
Burma, Asia
Punjab, India
Kulu, Punjab
Mahlog State, India
Burma, Asia
Muhammadgarh State, India
Liberia, Africa
Bijna State, India
Bashahr State, India
Bhor State, India
Dungarpur State, India
Pataudi State, India
Kabul, Afghanistan
Chhota Udepur State, India
Wao State, India
Russia, Europe, Asia
Russia, Europe, Asia
Aden, Yemen
Mexico, Central America
Sawantwadi State, India
Lille, France
Kankrej, Western India
Russia, Europe, Asia
Alirajpur State, India
Kurundwad State, India
Pondicherry, India
Gondal State, India
Rewa State, India
Egypt, Africa
Tientsin, China
Christchurch, New Zealand
Chhatarpur State, India
Bhopal State, India
Sikkim, Asia
Ascot Heath, Berkshire
Masulipatam, Madras
Morvi State, India
India, Asia
Majuba Hill, South Africa
Baroda State, India
Dhami State, India
China, Asia
Amherst District, Burma
India, Asia
Hyderabad State, India
Tanjore, Madras
Travancore State, India
Cachar, Assam
Berbera, Somalia
Junagadh State, India
Khandpara State, India
Dhrangadhra State, India
Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur State
Edinburgh, Scotland
Beri State, India
Bharatpur State, India
Kishengarh State, India
Serbia, Europe
Southwark, Surrey
Chamba State, India
Satara, Bombay
Burma, Asia
Quebec, Province of, Canada
Barwani State, India
Santalpur State, India
Khairagarh State, India
Paldeo, Bundelkhand, Central India
Sikkim, Asia
Sandur State, India
Travancore State, India
Orchha State, India
Bundi State, India
Multan, Punjab
Rajgarh State, India
Banswara State, India
Bhavnagar State, India
Pathari State, India
Kharsawan State, India
Sirmur State, India
Sino-Burmese Boundary, Asia
Partabgarh State, India
Bombay, India
Dujana State, India
Khairpur State, India
Nepal, Asia
Patiala State, India
Savanur State, India
Wankaner State, India
Himmat Bahadur, Kolhapur State
Nawanagar State, India
Rairakhol State, India
Sudan, Africa
India, Asia
Rajkot State, India
Raigarh State, India
India, Asia
Burma, Asia
Ireland, Europe
Deodar State, India
Kapurthala State, India
New Zealand, Australia
India, Asia
Darkoti State, India
Baoni State, India
India, Asia
United States of America
Afghanistan, Asia
Kangra District, Punjab
Afghanistan, Asia
Hebron, Palestine
Vijayadurg (or Gheria), Bombay
Dharampur State, India
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Narsingarh State, India
Teheran, Iran
Jubbal State, India
Mysore State, India
Lancashire, England
Nalagarh State, India
Radhanpur State, India
Afghanistan, Asia
Newfoundland, Canada
United States of America
India, Asia
Bhaisaunda State, India
Madagascar, Africa
Kalsia State, India
Tonk State, India
Balrampur, United Provinces
Ireland, Europe
Kanker State, India
Chichester, Sussex
Bhajji State, India
Khilchipur State, India
Balasinor State, India
Ceylon, Asia
Nilgiri State, India
Sirohi State, Rajputana
Oudh, India
Hyderabad State, India
Jaora State, India
Italy, Europe
Kabul, Afghanistan
Palanpur State, India
Jhalawar State, India
Afghanistan, Asia
London, England
Perth, Scotland
Surgana State, India
Dean, Forest of, Gloucestershire
Cawnpore, India
Oudh, India
Ireland, Europe
Las Bela State, Kalat
Darbhanga, Bihar
Gwalior State, India
Charkhari State, India
Pahra, Bundelkhand, Central India
Damascus, Syria
South Africa, Africa
Sachin State, Bombay
Zanzibar, Africa
Herzegovina, Europe
Mysore State, India
Mudhol State, India
Afghanistan, Asia
Nadia District, Bengal
Faridkot State, India
Phaltan State, India
Kalat State, Pakistan
Khyber Pass, Afghanistan
India, Asia
Kotah State, India
Chhuikhadan State, India
India, Asia
Suket State, India


Birth 1826

Death 1902

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Ark ID: w61s6r5p

SNAC ID: 55282041