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Sir Charles Cornwallis (1555-1629) was a courtier and diplomat who served as treasurer to the household of Prince Henry from 1610 until the prince's death. His biography of Prince Henry was first published in 1641 as The Life and Death of Our Late Most Incomparable and Heroique Prince, Henry Prince of Wales.

From the description of Prince Henrie his life, death, and funeralles : who was borne at Steurling Castle the 19th of Februarie 1594 and deceased at St. James on Fridaie, the 6th of November 1612, circa 1615. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702194176

Epithet: diplomatist

Title: Knight

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000386.0x0001da

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referencedIn COPIES of political tracts, reports of trials, precedents, versw, etc., chiefly of the first half of the xviith century. The principal are:-1. Song, "How happie is hee borne or taught," by S' H[enry] W[otton], f. 11 b. 2. "The names and ages of the ..., 17th century British Library
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creatorOf Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629. A discourse of the lyfe of the most illustrious Prince Henrye, late Prince of Wales : wrytten anno 1626 / by S[ir] Charles Cornwallyes, Knight : manuscript, 1626. Houghton Library
referencedIn SCUDAMORE PAPERS. VOL. IV. Miscellaneous Tracts, etc.; 1611-1629. As follows:-(1) 'Certayne Remembrances to prince Charles written by Sr Charles Cornwallis duringe his committment in the tower'; i.e. 1614-1615. Beg. 'for his most excellent highnes...., 1611-1629 British Library
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referencedIn ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, chiefly of the Nobility, addressed (with few exceptions) to Sir Julius Cæsar, between the years 1579 and 1619. Vol. II.Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon: Letter to Sir J. Caesar: 1611.Sir Julius Caesar, judge: Original Lett..., 1579-1619 British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of historical and other letters, Privy Council orders, etc., including correspondence of Sir Humphrey Ferrers, of Tamworth, Knt., with his brother Thomas, Esquire of the Body, etc., to James I., and other members of Sir Humphrey's family; ... British Library
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referencedIn HENRY FREDERIC, Princes of Wales: Account of his death: 1612.Sir Charles Cornwallis: Extract from his " Life and Death of Henry, Prince of Wales": 1626. British Library
creatorOf Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629. The life and death of our late most incomparable and heroique Prince, Henry Prince of Wales [manuscript], ca. 1626. Folger Shakespeare Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. V. (ff. 385.) 28 Mar. 1608-23 Mar. 1608[9]. This volume is principally taken up with the Peace Negotiations at the Hague. Ney was sent to Spain at the end of March to procure ampler instructions on the disputed points, viz., the... British Library
referencedIn A COPIE of a letter sent unto a certaine friend, briefly touching the life, sicknes, death, etc., of Henry, Prince of Wales. [By Sir Charles Cornwallis.] Transcribed in the year 1613. Quarto. [11,532.], 1613 British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. VOL. III. (ff. 385). 21 Feb. 1605-22 Mar. 1606, N.S. Edmondes started for Brussels on 19 April, 1605, and his first letter here is dated 3 May, containing an account of the Marquis Ambrosio Spinola, the newly-appointed Spanish Genera... British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. VI. (ff. 387). 28 March, 1609 -24 March, 1610[1]. A truce for twelve years having been signed at Antwerp on 9 April, 1609, the letters of Edmondes from Brussels, of Carew from Paris, of Cornwallis from Madrid, and of Winwood fr... British Library
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creatorOf Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629,. Autograph letter signed from Sir Charles Cornwallis to Sir John Hobart [manuscript], 1625 October 11. Folger Shakespeare Library
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creatorOf Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629. Prince Henrie his life, death, and funeralles : who was borne at Steurling Castle the 19th of Februarie 1594 and deceased at St. James on Fridaie, the 6th of November 1612, circa 1615. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
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referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS Of State papers and political tracts; circ. 1565-1629. The contents are :-1. A conference between William Axton, minister of Morton-Corbet, co. Salop, and [Thomas Bentham] Bishop of Lichfield, Thomas Bickley, Chancellor of Lichfield, and... British Library
creatorOf Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629. Precepts by Sir Charles Cornwallis directing Charles Grosse, Esq., his grandchild, how to govern himself in his youth [manuscript], 1614 November 7. Folger Shakespeare Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS TRACTS AND LETTERS, ETC., relating to English affairs, domestic and diplomatic, with some legal papers, etc.;circa 1571-1626, n.d. Copies, circa 1626-1633. The Ralegh material (no. 2 below) comprises eleven letters, etc., 1603-1612, n.d..., 1571-1633 British Library
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referencedIn ORIGINAL warrants, orders, and other official documents relating to the county of Norfolk, chiefly concerning the raising of troops and other military matters; 1581-1663. Signatures occur of the following officers of state, and Sheriffs, Justices, Co..., 1581-1663 British Library
creatorOf PAPERS RELATING TO FOREIGN AFFAIRS, etc.; 16th-17th centt. Some Latin, French and Italian. Partly copies. 1. ff. 4-43b. Tabular analysis of the state of Europe, showing military forces, religious and political affiliations, etc., with detailed accoun..., 16th century-17th century British Library
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Death 1629



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