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The Sons of the Pioneers was one of the leading vocal and instrumental groups in Western music. They were especially known for their harmonies, songwriting, and musicianship. In addition to their creative success, the Pioneers were among the longest lasting groups in the history of country music, celebrating 65 years of continuous performances in 1998. Over the years, the members of the group included Pat Brady, Ken Carson, Ken Curtis, Tommy Doss, Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, Shug Fisher, Luther Nallie, Bob Nolan, Lloyd Perryman, Rusty Richards, Roy Rogers, Tim Spencer, and Dale Warren.

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In the fall of 1933, Roy Rogers (1911-1998), Tim Spencer (1908-1976), and Bob Nolan (1908-1980) formed the Pioneer Trio in Los Angeles, Calif., a Western singing group specializing in cowboy songs. Shortly after, the Trio decided to add instrumentation and recruited Hugh Farr (1903-1980) to play the fiddle. By 1935, they had also recruited Hugh's brother, Karl Farr (1909-1961), to play the guitar. At this time, a radio announcer at KFWB in Los Angeles introduced the group as the Sons of the Pioneers, rather than the Pioneer Trio. Initially upset by the announcer's mistake, the Pioneers eventually accepted the new name and their long career began.

In 1936, the group needed a temporary replacement for Tim Spencer and recruited Lloyd Perryman (1917-1977), a vocalist stayed with the Pioneers longer than any other member. Later, in 1937, Roy Rogers left the group to pursue his film career and Lloyd Perryman was chosen to complete the trio. Many consider the trio of Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, and Lloyd Perryman, with the Farr Brothers and Pat Brady on bass, to be the original Sons of the Pioneers.

From 1938 to 1942, the original Sons of the Pioneers remained together; however, after World War II began, Lloyd Perryman and Pat Brady were drafted and were replaced by Ken Carson and George Shug Fisher. During the war, the trio was Nolan, Spencer, and Carson, with the Farr Brothers and Shug Fisher on bass. When Perryman and Brady returned in 1946, Carson continued with the group for another year, eventually leaving in 1947.

1949 brought major changes for the Sons of the Pioneers. Because of increasing voice problems, Tim Spencer left the group and was replaced by Ken Curtis. Pat Brady also decided to leave to join Roy Rogers as his sidekick and, once again, Brady was replaced by Shug Fisher. Another major change came when Bob Nolan decided to retire, causing the Pioneers to lose their lead singer. Lloyd Perryman stepped in, and Tommy Doss was recruited to complete the trio. The trio was now Perryman, Curtis, and Doss, with the Farr Brothers and Shug Fisher.

The new trio lasted from 1949 to 1953 and maintained a daily radio and TV program, the Lucky U Ranch, which aired from 1951 to 1953. The Lucky U Ranch had the Pioneers living and working on a ranch located near the desert's edge and involved skits that included Betty Taylor as the local schoolmarm, Frankie Messina as the ranch boss, and special guests. At the same time, the Pioneers performed in some of John Ford's films, including Wagon Master (1950) and Rio Grande (1951). In 1953, the Sons of the Pioneers decided to quit the Lucky U Ranch and begin touring again.

From 1953 forward, the Sons of the Pioneers went through many changes in personnel. In 1953, Ken Curtis and Shug Fisher left the group to continue with the radio and TV program, changing the name from the Lucky U Ranch to the Lucky U . They were replaced by Dale Warren and Pat Brady. Although Tommy Doss retired from the group in 1963 and was replaced by Rusty Richards, he continued to record in the studio with the Pioneers until 1967. Luther Nallie joined the group in 1968. Thirty years later, in 1998, the group celebrated 65 years of continuous performances.

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