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The organizational meeting of the National Flute Association took place in Elkhart, Ind., November 18, 1972. The first annual convention took place in Anaheim, Calif. in August 1973. Activities of the association include the publication of monographs and their newsletter The Flutist quarterly, sponsorship of competitions, the collection of flute repertory (housed in the University of Arizona Music Library), the commissioning of music, the recording of flute-flutist-related oral histories, and since 1994, the maintenance of a website.

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Organizational History

  • 1970 Mar. 29: • Precursor assembly of American flutists who participated in Mid-East Instrumental Music Conference in Pittsburgh
  • 1972 Aug.: • Mark Thomas’s vision began at the Southwestern Music Festival in Anaheim, followed by a letter sent to various flutists around the country to mark August 10 & 11, 1973, for the first annual Flute Congress and the forming of The National Association of Flute Clubs
  • 1972 Nov. 18: • Organizational meeting in Elkhart attended by three people, Mark Thomas, Walfrid Kujala, and Philip Swanson • Slate of officers proposed: Mark Thomas as president, James Pellerite as vice-president, Walfrid Kujala as secretary, and Philip Swanson as treasurer, and board of directors consisting of Robert Cole, Bernard Goldberg, Harry Moskovitz, Alexander Murray, Roger Stevens, Albert Tipton, and later David Van Fleet
  • 1973 Aug. 10 - 11 : • First annual convention held in Anaheim with 169 attendees under official title of The National Flute Association, Inc. (NFA) • Established tradition of performing James Christensen’s arrangement of Bach’s “Air” from Suite No. 3 at end of convention • Policy established that future conventions be rotated in all regions of United States • Objectives of organization established which have not deviated over the years with the current mission statement • Publishers donated to the association published music sent or displayed at convention • NFA Music Library collection eventually established at University of Arizona Music Library • Early membership included subscription to Woodwind World which included editorials on NFA
  • 1973 Sept. 10: • Charter which sets forth purposes of NFA issued by Secretary of State of Indiana and Internal Revenue Service for The National Flute Association, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation
  • 1974 Feb.: • First NFA news column published in Woodwind World
  • 1974 Aug. 16 - 17 : • Marcel Moyse awarded Distinguished Service Award at second annual convention; his son, Louis Moyse, accepted award for his father • First music catalog published from NFA Music Library collection at the University of Arizona
  • 1975 Aug. 15 - 17 : • Annual convention extended to three days • Mark Thomas elected by Officers and Board of Directors as Honorary Life President • First contest held for College Masterclass, precursor for Masterclass Performers Competition • Board voted to supplement Woodwind World column with own newsletter
  • 1976: • 1976 convention committees established: Program; Nominating; Competitions; Membership; Committee on Committees; Acoustics Research; Baroque and Renaissance Flutes; Iconography and Organology; Library; Pedagogy; Recordings; and, Graded Flute Repertoire List
  • 1976 Aug. 20 - 22 : • Formation of exhibitors organization which became Flute Industry Council • Four competitions debuted for first time: Young Artists; Newly-Published Music Performers (all music donated to NFA Music Library); Masterclass; and, High School Flute Choir • Baroque and Renaissance Flute Committee formed, later renamed Baroque Flute • Emil Medicus awarded Honorary Life Membership
  • 1976 Sept.: • NFA discontinues column in Woodwind World and publishes its own Newsletter in which official NFA logo first used
  • 1977 Aug.: • First official meeting of Flute Industry Council held at convention • Flute Clubs and Publicity committees formed
  • 1977: • Myrna Brown appointed by Board of Directors to coordinate all convention activities
  • 1978: • Membership roster of 1600 members • Historic flutes from Dayton C. Miller Collection at Library of Congress performed in concert at Library during annual convention • Jean-Pierre Rampal appeared at his first NFA convention
  • 1979: • Dr. Michael Seyfrit appointed part-time curator of the Dayton C. Miller Collection at Library of Congress with funds made possible from contributions by NFA members, funds provided by Library of Congress, and a few private donors
  • 1981: • Board approved three-year term for continuity in leadership: first year as Vice-President; second as President; and, third, as chair of the Board • Convention extended to four days • Centenary of Theobold Boehm celebrated at convention • Suzuki Method first introduced to NFA convention attendees • First Orchestral Repertoire Competition, later known as Orchestral Audition Masterclass, held • Commercial advertisements accepted for publication in NFA’s Newsletter
  • 1982: • At tenth NFA convention, James Galway appeared as featured recitalist and led three days of free masterclasses before convention • NFA Collection Music Library acquired both Emil Medicus and Conrad Gurkind libraries of historic flute editions
  • 1983: • Board of Directors voted to provide musical instrument insurance to members and created an Insurance Coordinator • Clarion Associates, a New York-based insurance company, appointed to handle instrument insurance business
  • 1984: • Dysfunction Committee, renamed the Performance Health Care Committee in 1990, formed to address performance health care issues • Chamber Music Competition began • Position of NFA Liaison to the Dayton C. Miller Collection at Library of Congress established as advocate to curator and connection to NFA
  • 1985: • Final convention performance of Bach’s Air performed by every flutist in attendance, instead of only concert performers • First Young Artists Competition commission, Cinq Preludes, by Stephen M. Grye • Grants and Development Committee, later renamed Endowment and Development Committee in 1991, established as source of several endowment-building strategies • New Music Committee, now known as New Music Advisory Committee, began to encourage commissioning of new music for flute
  • 1986: • First High School Soloist Competition announced for the 1987 convention • Exhibitor’s Showcase concerts added at convention • For the first time, portions of convention were videotaped
  • 1987: • Myrna Brown organized an international exchange with China, and later, in 1989, with Russia • Professional Flute Choir proposed which involved competition for adults • Special Publications Committee formally established to provide educational material and resources to world’s flutists
  • 1988: • Board approved Baroque Flute Masterclass Competition and established David Hart Memorial Endowment to fund the competition • Board established Piccolo Masterclass Competition • Two new works for piccolo by Marilyn Bliss and Thea Musgrave commissioned and premiered at 1989 convention • Third new masterclass competition for jazz flute established • Three new competitions presented over next three conventions as triennial events • Age limit for Young Artists Competition increased from 26 to 30 years • Board began commissioning program for High School Soloist Competition
  • 1989: • Susan Van Buren Phelps selected next editor of newly named newsletter, The Flutist Quarterly, with Fall 1990 issue • Robert Dick’s Lookout for solo flute first commissioned work for High School Soloist Competition • Irene Pruzan named NFA’s first Director of Marketing
  • 1990: • Myrna Brown passed away suddenly • Endowment in Myrna Brown’s name established by Board to help young Third World flutists attend NFA conventions
  • 1990: • Board of Directors established Committee for Amateur Flutists’ Concerns (CAFC), later changed to Amateur Resources Committee (ARC) in 1995 • Historical Flutes Committee formed to propose guidelines and to establish newly-proposed Baroque Flute Competition • Oral History Committee concept began during meeting of Special Publications Committee • By 1997, Oral History Committee interviewed all major players who helped build NFA • Oral History Committee expanded original mission and began interviewing significant flutists, flutemakers, and composers of flute music
  • 1991: • Performance Health Care Committee conducted health survey and provided lung function testing • Chamber Music Competition became biennial event • Special Competition held as part of Young Artists Competition where flutists and composers asked to submit cadenzas for Mozart’s Concerto in G Major, K. 313 to commemorate 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death • Jean-Pierre Rampal presented with first Lifetime Achievement Award • Phyllis Pemberton became new Executive Coordinator after untimely death of Myrna Brown • Nearly 3,000 attended convention in Washington, D.C. which included following firsts: NFA Resource Room; sessions for amateurs; panel discussion by international flute association leaders; and, composer/conductor in residence • Minority Concerns Committee, later renamed Cultural Outreach Committee, established to encourage more participation in NFA’s programs by people of color and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds • Minority Scholarship Program initiated with Aiyana Parkinson as first recipient • Long-Range Planning Committee, with Philip Swanson as chair, presented report to Board on concerns
  • 1992: • Re-publication of Leonardo De Lorenzo’s My Complete Story of the Flute with three addenda, biographical notes, and index first project of Special Publications Committee • Sandy Schwoebel selected as next editor of The Flutist Quarterly • Frances Blaisdell, first woman flutist to appear in U.S. as soloist with major symphony orchestra, given Honorary Lifetime Membership • Pedagogy Committee formed • Regionalization Committee, later renamed Regional Outreach Committee, established and mission redefined to provide support to existing regional efforts and act as clearinghouse for information and ideas • Public Relations added to position of Director of Marketing
  • 1993: • First Young Artist Piccolo Competition held; competition held again in 1995 and 1996, and thereafter biennially • Myrna Brown Society invites “first time” convention attendees to dinner • Janos Balint from Hungary became First International Guest under auspices of Myrna Brown Society • Research Coordinator created by Board of Directors whose primary responsibility was to oversee NFA Resource Room Collection of scholarly works on flute and published works by NFA members • For NFA 20th Anniversary, anthology of American flute music published as second project of Special Publications Committee • Doriot Anthony Dwyer, one of first women to be named a principal wind player in a major American orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, awarded Lifetime Achievement Award • Lois Schaefer, piccoloist of Boston Symphony Orchestra, also awarded Lifetime Achievement Award • New beginnings at convention included Town Hall Meeting with president, Myrna Brown Society, and Lifetime Achievement Award Banquet
  • 1994: • Jazz Committee established with goal to provide more opportunities at annual conventions and to oversee triennial Jazz Flute Masterclass Competition • Orchestral Audition Masterclass renamed Orchestral Audition Competition and Masterclass • Two special competitions held at the Kansas City convention–Sonata Class and Junior Masterclass • NFA 20th Anniversary Anthology of American Flute Music received several awards, including Music Publisher’s Association 1994 Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence • Bernard Goldberg, principal flute of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for 46 years and first elected president of NFA, awarded Lifetime Achievement Award • Frances Blaisell also awarded Lifetime Achievement Award • Pedagogy Committee began annual convention event that features aspect of pedagogical teaching • NFA delegation participated in international exchange with Czech Republic and Germany • Madeline Neumann filled new position of Convention Manager • Special events at convention included Nancy Toff‘s presentation for the fiftieth anniversary of Georges Barrère’s death and Ludwig Boehm’s lecture on his great-great-grandfather’s 200th birthday • Information and Technology Committee formally created and charged with development of electronic bulletin board service for association • NFA Online created through cooperation of System Computing Services at University of Nevada, Las Vegas with Richard Soule appointed first administrator • Executive Coordinator position changed to Executive Director
  • 1995 Aug.: • First Baroque Flute Competition held along with David Hart Memorial Prize; initially biennial event, later changed to triennial competition • Three prominent flutists received Lifetime Achievement Award: Albert Tipton, Julius “Julie” Baker, and John Krell • Pedagogy Committee published annotated intermediate solo repertoire list in The Flutist Quarterly, later available via NFA Online
  • 1996: • Inaugural NFA Historic Recording Series of William Kincaid introduced by Special Publications Committee • NFA entered into agreement with Library of Congress to establish The National Flute Association, Inc. Archives in Music Division at Library • Robert Willoughby and Samuel Baron received Lifetime Achievement awards • First all world premieres program scheduled for Gala Concerto night at convention • Information and Technology Committee undertook task of converting NFA Online to full website • Richard Hahn appointed chair of Long-Range Planning Committee to focus on identifying ten priorities for NFA board • Job of Director of Marketing and Public Relations split into two separate positions
  • 1997: • Happy 25th Anniversary, NFA • Silver Anniversary Task Force completed work in time for annual convention and publication of 25th Anniversary Winter 1997/1998 issue of The Flutist Quarterly • Special Publications Committee launched another project, second edition of John Krell’s Kincaidiana • Walfrid Kujala and Donald Peck, both members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, awarded Lifetime Achievement Award • Judy Goldwater added to NFA staff as Membership Manager • Madeline Neumann became Convention Manager
  • 1998: • New series of open masterclasses initiated at annual convention • National anthem performed by convention artists and attendees, Board members, members of Arizona Flute Society and Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, and members of Great American Flute Orchestra at Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game • Two policies established by Board for future conventions: (1) no more than four events will occur simultaneously at any point during convention, chosen from four separate categories; and (2) flutists may now appear on convention programs only every third year, in a maximum of two venues • Active NFA members will receive free of charge new NFA publication, The Flutist’s Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology • Members can now use Visa or Mastercard when purchasing NFA items or renewing membership • Sandy Schwoebel resigned as editor of The Flutist Quarterly • Lifetime Achievement awards presented to Albert Cooper and Charles DeLaney
  • 1999: • During transition of editorship of The Flutist Quarterly, firm of G&H SOHO assumed overseeing all aspects of editorial production • Editorial content responsibility of newly appointed editor • Richard Wyton acted as Editor Pro Tem until appointment of Mary Jean Simpson as new editor • Two new regular features added to The Flutist Quarterly: Perspective, a guest-commentary, and Technology, survey and advice on use of many facets of available technology • Lifetime Achievement awards presented to Jacob Berg and Robert Cole
  • 2000: • Jim Magee of N’Awlins Trade Show and Conventions Services, Inc. hired as NFA Exhibits Coordinator • Madeline Neumann’s position as Convention Manager upgraded to full time with benefits • Maria Stibelman retained to assist with Membership Services throughout year • “The Flutist’s Q & A” added as new column in The Flutist Quarterly with Carol Shansky as moderator • Corporate offices relocated to Santa Clarita, CA • Amateur Resources Committee developed informational survey of Amateur Flutist Members • Visual Documentation Committee newly formed to coordinate still and video photography at conventions • William Hebert and Jack Wellbaum received Lifetime Achievement awards at annual convention • Ross Prestia received NFA’s National Service Award for his many years of service as Exhibits Chair
  • 2001: • Executive Committee designated newly-created column “New Products” in The Flutist Quarterly • Michel Debost and Joseph Mariano received Lifetime Achievement awards at annual convention • Winners of new Doctoral Dissertation Competition, sponsored by NFA Resource Room, featured at convention
  • 2002: • Progress made on “Members Only” area of NFA’s website • Competition announcements and other business, formerly available as Supplement to The Flutist Quarterly, now available on NFA’s website • Lifetime Achievement awards presented to Louis Moyse and William Bennett • NFA membership grows to 6,000 members of which 2,000 are student members

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