Salomons, David, Sir, active 1815-1872, 1st Baronet, Lord Mayor of London

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Epithet: 1st Baronet , Lord Mayor of London

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referencedIn Vol. CCCXV (ff. 320). Jan.-June 1863.includes:ff. 1, 224 Carlo Poerio: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1859-1863.: Ital.ff. 3, 30, 37, 63, 79, 86, 153, 197, 203, 280 Bernard Quaritch, bookseller: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1858-189... British Library
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creatorOf SIR ROBERT SMIRKE (d.1867) AND HIS BROTHER SYDNEY SMIRKE (d.1877): letters to them, supplementing Add. 59847, 60745; 1815-1872, n.d. The letters are arranged in alphabetical order. Purchased of Winifred A. Myers, 15 Jan. 1980. Paper; ff. 185. 227 x 1..., 1815-1872 British Library
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referencedIn LETTERS AND AUTOGRAPHS (22), chiefly of minor Victorian artists; 1829-1867. Largely (perhaps entirely) collected by Augustus Keily, manager of the Exeter branch of the Devon and Cornwall Banking Co., circ. 1874-1886. Most are addressed to Henry Sanf..., 1829-1867 British Library
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referencedIn Vol. CCCXCI (ff. 467). 17 July-5 Aug. 1845.includes:f. 1 William John Campbell Allen, Secretary, Royal Belfast Academical Institution: Letters to Sir R. Peel: 1844, 1845.f. 2 City of Belfast: Correspondence and papers rel. to the Academical Insti... British Library
referencedIn Vol. IV. (ff. 387). Aug. 1863-1864.includes:f. 47 Catharine Vaughan: Letters to her brother, Dean Stanely: 1862 -1863. f. 57 George Granville Bradley, Dean of Westminster: Correspondence with Dean Stanley: 1856, 1863. f. 63 Mary Stanley: Letter to..., 1863-1864 British Library
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Ionian Islands, Greece
Linlithgow, Linlithgow
Fife, Scotland
West Indies, America
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Glasgow, Scotland
London, England
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Scilly Islands, England
Brazil, South America
Athens, Greece
Fort William, Invernesshire
Somerset, England
Birmingham, Warwickshire
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Arden, Forest of, Warwickshire
Malwa, Central India
Renfrewshire, Scotland
Peebles, Scotland
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Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland
Exeter, Devon
Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire
Naples and Sicily, Kingdom of, Italy
United States of America
West Indies, America
Cornwall, England
Forfarshire, Scotland
Bradley, Derbyshire
Penkhull, Staffordshire
Gloucester, Gloucesterhire
India, Asia
Greenwich, Kent
Helston, Cornwall
Suez Canal, Egypt
India, Asia
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Yorkshire, England
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Limerick, Ireland
Scotland, United Kingdom
Tamworth, Staffordshire
Arbroath, Angus
lrvine, Ayrshire
Germany, Europe
New Zealand, Australia
Maynooth, Kildare
Port Nicholson, New Zealand
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Liverpool, Lancashire
Cork, Ireland
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Kiltsgan, Wicklow
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Leith, Edinburgh
Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Galway, Ireland
Paisley, Renfrewshire
India, Asia


Active 1815

Active 1872

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