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Epithet: OM, Provost of Eton College

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Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936) was born on 1 August, the son of Rev. H. James, rector of Livermere, Suffolk. He was educated at Temple Grove School and then at Eton, coming up to King's in 1882 as an Eton Scholar. He studied Classics under Sir Charles Walston, and through this connection became assistant director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in 1886 (he was later Director, between 1893 and 1908). He was elected to a Fellowship at King's in 1887 and at different times took on the posts of Dean, Divinity Lecturer, Tutor and (from 1905) Provost. His interests lay in manuscripts and apocryphal writings, many of which he edited for publication. He catalogued the manuscripts held in the Fitzwilliam Museum and in several College Libraries, cathedral libraries and private collections. In addition to his reputation as a scholar, M. R. James was famed for his ghost stories, originally told to the King's choir-boys. In 1918 he returned to Eton, called by the Crown to be the new Provost. He died in June 1936.

For further biographical information see:

- James, M. R. 'Eton and Kings'(Williams & Norgate, 1926);

- Cox, M. 'M.R. James: An Informal Portrait' (Oxford University Press, 1983)

- 'Montague Rhodes James - Praepositus necnon amicus', reprints of his obituary notice from 'The Times', 13 June 1936; 'The Provost of Eton' from 'The Cambridge Review' by JHC; and 'In Memoriam, M. R. J.' from 'The Eton College Chronicle' by A. B. R., printed privately for the College at Cambrige University Press, 1936.

From the guide to the The Papers of Montague Rhodes James, 1862-1972, (King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge)

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