Glenbervie, Sylvester Douglas, Baron, 1743-1823

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Epithet: Baron Glenbervie

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000815.0x000141

British politician and author.

From the description of Autograph letter signed : [n.p.], to "Dear Sir", [no year] Mar. 30. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 269575106

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referencedIn Vol. XLV (ff. 347). 10 Feb.-Mar. 1813.includes:ff.1,171, 261 Charlotte Lennox, wife of Charles, 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1813-1841. ff. 3, 4 Richard Wharton, Joint-Secretary to the Treasury: Letters to Sir R. ... British Library
creatorOf Lord Glenbervie, 1794-1809 British Library
referencedIn (IX. ff. 388). July, 1810-1811.includes:ff. 1, 40, 179, 189, 217, 363 William Wyndham Grenville, Baron Grenville; Prime Minister: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1792-1812. ff. 2, 5 Sir John Gregory Shaw, 5th Baronet: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hard..., 1810-1811 British Library
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creatorOf Ceylon, 1796-1798 British Library
creatorOf Ceylon, 1805-1808 British Library
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creatorOf "LE Cante in Lengua Pavana de Belluora dei Bragagnitti da Villa Tora, da cantare à le Tose della bona uuoggia amorosa co in Dreana certi Sonaggitti à Calde de certi so Paruni." Paper; XVIIIth cent. With the book-plate and signature of Sylvester [Doug..., 18th century British Library
creatorOf Vol. XVI B (ff. 143). 1780-Mar. 1807.includes:ff. 1-9b John Mackintosh, merchant, of Inverness: Letters to: 1780-1783.f. 10 Dugald Stewart, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh University: Letter of: 1788.f. 11 Charles Mackintosh, of Edin... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XVII (ff. 220). May 1807-1816.includes:f. 1 Daniel [Stewart] [, ?], alias 'J Campbell', [Editor of the 'Morning Post' and 'Courier'?]: Letter to Sir J. Mackintosh: 1807.ff. 5, 32 Charles Grant, MP: Letters to Sir J. Mackintosh: 1804-1808: Pa... British Library
creatorOf Glenbervie, Sylvester Douglass, Baron, 1743-1823. Autograph letter signed : [n.p.], to "Dear Sir", [no year] Mar. 30. Pierpont Morgan Library.
referencedIn Vol. xlvii. (ff. 640). 1810-1813.William Wyndham Grenville, Baron Grenville; Prime Minister: Correspondence with Lord Auckland: 1787-1814.includes:ff. 1, 11, 41, 71, 211, 248, 250, 254, 335, 357, 364, 424, 451, 519, 588, 637 Nicholas Vansittart, Baro..., 1810-1813 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLVII (ff. 372). 1802-1807.includes:ff. 1-270 passim Frederick William Hervey, 5th Earl of Bristol; 1st Marquess of Bristol: Correspondence with the 1st Earl of Liverpool: 1801-1803. ff. 3, 5, 30, 67, 153, 171, 227, 238 Sylvester Douglas, Baron..., 1802-1807 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXXII (ff. i +211). 6 Feb. 1799-2 Feb. 1806. Folio and quarto.includes:f. 1 b Reverend Thomas Maurice, of the British Museum: Correspondence with the 1st Earl of Liverpool: 1796-1802. f. 1 b Reverend James Hodgson, Master of Whitgift's Hospital... British Library
referencedIn Vol. l. (ff. 498). Undated I-Z.includes:f. 1 François d' Ivernois, French Economist and Writer: Letters to Lord Auckland: 1798. f. 2 Francis James Jackson, Secretary to English Embassies at Berlin and Madrid: Letters to Lord Auckland: 1790-1792. f...., approximately 1861 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXV. (ff. 323). Jan. 1796-Feb. 1797.William Windham, Secretary of State, etc: General political correspondence: 1782-1810.includes:ff. 1, 5, 17, 20 William Augustus Miles: Correspondence with W. Windham: 1796, 1807. ff. 3, 38 William Playfair:... British Library
referencedIn Vol. xlv. (ff. 643). 1803-Aug. 1806.includes:ff. passim Robert Hobart, 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire: Correspondence with lst Lord Auckland: 1795-1814. ff. 3, 11, 92 Alexander Wedderburn, Baron Loughborough; 1st Earl of Rosslyn: Correspondence with Lo... British Library
creatorOf Glenbervie, Sylvester Douglas, Baron, 1743-1823. Seven autograph letters, including three to Mr. Milne on the planting of trees in the royal forests. Cleveland Public Library, Main Library
creatorOf NORTH (SHEFFIELD PARK) PAPERS. Vol. XVII (ff. 237). circa 1779-1810. 1. ff. 1-114. Correspondence of Anne, Dowager Countess of Guilford; 1792-1797, n.d. 2. ff. 115-118. Miscellaneous papers; 1805, 1810. 3. ff. 119-219. Papers, with a few letters, of ..., 1774-1810 British Library
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creatorOf MCCRIMMON COLLECTION. Vol. V (ff. 170+74*). Letters numbered 1594-1678, with additions 1782-1786; 1806-1877, n.d. Contemporary index. Probably vol. X from the original series, see Add. 70844 below. Disbound, with several pages missing. Contemporary f..., 1806-1877 British Library
creatorOf GLENBERVIE MEMORANDUM: memorandum by Sylvester Douglas, Baron Glenbervie, describing French society in 1770-1771; 1772. Copy, aft. 1794, with autograph annotations aft. 1819 (f. 1). French. Originally written for Col. Horace St Paul on his being appo... British Library
creatorOf SIR HENRY ELLIS: private and official letters to Sir Henry Ellis K.H., (b.1779, d.1869), Principal Librarian of the British Museum, mostly on antiquarian matters and frequently relating to his duties at the British Museum; 1812-1866, n.d. A few lette..., 1812-1866 British Library
referencedIn Letters from others sent to Thomas Cadell, 1766-1825. Houghton Library
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creatorOf SHEFFIELD PARK PAPERS. Vol. VIII (ff. 190). Correspondence of Lady Charlotte Lindsay with her sister, Lady Sheffield, and letters from her to other members of her family, including Lord and Lady Glenbervie and the Hon. Mr and Mrs Frederick Douglas; [..., 1807-1821 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence, G–W, unidentified correspondents, accounts, vouchers and receipts, 1791-1814 British Library
creatorOf NORTH (SHEFFIELD PARK) PAPERS. Vol. II B. Contents of the pocket-book; 1778-1781. The first item (ff. 1-3) was found in the pocket lacking a flap and the rest in the other pocket. Items 5-7 (ff. 21-28) relate to the War in America. 1. ff. 1-3. Letter..., 1778-1781 British Library
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creatorOf Glenbervie, Sylvester Douglas, Baron, 1743-1823. Papers, 1794-1795. Duke University Libraries, Duke University Library; Perkins Library
creatorOf Ceylon, 1804 British Library
creatorOf Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794. Notes : manuscript, [ca. 1793?] Houghton Library
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referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS autograph letters; 1702-1829, viz.: 1. [Thomas Thynne] Viscount Weymouth to Sir Robert Southwell and to Edward Southwell, Secretaries of State for Ireland; Longleat, 16 Aug. 1702, 29 Nov. 1704, ff. 1, 4. 2. Knightley Chetwood, D. D. [af..., 1702-1829 British Library
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creatorOf Correspondence of Lord Glenbervie and North, 1802-1805 British Library
creatorOf BASS PART-BOOK containing services by Dr John Blow, Pelham Humfrey, Dr Henry Aldrich, Henry Purcell, Dr William Child, Thomas Tallis, and anthems by William Byrd and Thomas Tallis; circa 1685. Unfinished. See ff. 36b-40. Preceded (f. 1) by an incompl..., approximately 1685 British Library
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creatorOf Ceylon, 1800-1804 British Library
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creatorOf Vol. III (ff. 154). 1789-1810.Sylvester Douglas, Baron Glenbervie: Letters from Lord Guilford to Lord Glenbervie: 1809-1813.includes:ff. 21, 83 Frederick Sylvester North Douglas, author: Letters from 5th Lord Guilford to Frederick Sylvester North D..., 1789-1810 British Library
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creatorOf Vol. IV (ff. 147). 1811-1815.Sylvester Douglas, Baron Glenbervie: Letters from Lord Guilford to Lord Glenbervie: 1809-1813.includes:ff. 66, 142 Frederick Sylvester North Douglas, author: Letters from 5th Lord Guilford to Frederick Sylvester North D..., 1811-1815 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXIX (ff. 221). 4 Sept. 1780-10 Nov. 1781.Hon Henry Seymour-Conway, Field-Marshal 1793: Correspondence with the 1st Earl of Liverpool: 1767-1795.M-Pierrepont, Secretary to the 1st Earl of Liverpool: Letter-books of the same written by: 1775-178... British Library
creatorOf Correspondence of Lord and Lady Glenbervie with North, 1799-1802 British Library
creatorOf NORTH (SHEFFIELD PARK) PAPERS. Vol. II A. Pocket-book, together with an envelope endorsed by John Robinson, Secretary of the Treasury; Dec. 1778. Together with its contents the envelope were 'in case of Death to be delivered to his Majesty . . . Jan ... British Library
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Birth 1743-05-24

Death 1823-05-02





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