Beach, Sylvia, active 1907-1960, bookseller and publisher

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Epithet: bookseller and publisher

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000613.0x000352

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creatorOf Vol. V (ff. 233). 1927-1929.includes:ff. 32-34 James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, author: Archibald MacLeish: Letters to James Joyce from Archibald MacLeish: 1927: Signed.f. 75 James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, author: Elliot Paul, publisher, of Haute..., 1927-1929 British Library
creatorOf Vol. IV (ff. 171). 1925-1926.includes:ff. 9-13 Lucia Joyce, daughter of James Joyce: Letters, etc., to H. S. Weaver from Lucia Joyce: 1922-1932.ff. 29, 98 Nora Joyce, widow of James Joyce: Letters and telegraphs to H. S. Weaver from and rel. to N..., 1925-1926 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXI B (ff. 20).James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, author: Photographs of James Joyce: 1888-1938.includes:ff. 3, 7 Nora Joyce, widow of James Joyce: Photographs of Nora Joyce: 1925-1935.f. 5 Sylvia Beach, bookseller and publisher: Photograph of ... British Library
creatorOf POETRY BOOKSHOP PAPERS. Vol. VI (ff. 218). Correspondence between Galloway Kyle, publisher, and Harold Monro, together with correspondence of Monro and Alida Monro with C. H. C. Prentice, Harold Raymond, Ian Parsons and others; 1928-1933. Mostly sign..., 1928-1933 British Library
creatorOf 'A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN' AND 'ULYSSES', BY JAMES JOYCE; circa 1912-1921. Autograph fragment, with drafts of, and notes for, passages later incorporated in these works. Ff. 1-5 were given to Miss H. S. Weaver by Sylvia Beach, May 1949..., 1907-1924 British Library
creatorOf Vol. II (ff. 219). 1920-1922.includes:f. 64 Sylvia Beach, bookseller and publisher: George Bernard Shaw, author: Letter to Sylvia Beach from George Bernard Shaw: 1921: Copy.f. 156 Sylvia Beach, bookseller and publisher: Maurice Darantiere, printe..., 1920-1922 British Library
creatorOf Vol. II. (ff.) Baird-Beddington.James Stern, writer: Isabel Bayley, literary trustee of the estate of Katherine Anne Porter: Letters to James Stern from Isabel Bayley: 1983.James Stern, writer: Dorothy Baker: Letters to James Stern from Dorothy Bak... British Library
creatorOf HARRIET SHAW WEAVER PAPERS. Vol. IX (ff. 273). General correspondence, including letters by, or relating to, members of the Joyce family; 1922-1960. Correspondents include Sylvia Beach, T. S. Eliot, Edmund Gosse, Ezra Pound, H. G. Wells and Virginia ..., 1922-1960 British Library
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Active 1907

Active 1960

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