Tillotson, John, Archbishop of Canterbury

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Epithet: Archbishop of Canterbury

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referencedIn THORESBY PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 309). Letters, etc., of Archbishops and Bishops arranged in alphabetical order of see; circ. 1551-1721. Latin and English. At the beginning are lists made by R. Thoresby of his collections of original letters and the sour..., approximately 1551-1721 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS papers, viz.:-1. "A ballance of an augmentacion of meanes to all mynisters [officers] in the Navy": tabular statements of wages, etc., with proposals for reductions in expenditure; temp. Chas. I. [circ. 1635 ? ]. f. 1. 2. Letter of mor... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION OF POLITICAL TRACTS AND LETTERS, ETC.; circa 1567-1639, n.d., with additions circa 1683-1699. Copies. Partly Latin. The collection consists largely of political tracts from the reign of James I, with some verses. The final se..., 1562-1639 British Library
referencedIn BLENHEIM PAPERS. Vol. CCCLXXIX (ff. 206). (1) Verses entitled 'His Majestys gracious speech to both houses of parlement', temp. William III. Copy, in the Duchess's hand. ff. 1-2b. (2) Verses entitled 'Remarks, by way of Imitation upon the late mock d..., 1700-1751 British Library
referencedIn I. Letter from Phillips Gretton to Sir Joseph Jekyll; 30 Apr. 1725. Gretton offers Jekyll a copy of his publication supporting Archbishop Tillotson. Purchased from J. L. M. Gulley, Jan. 2005.f. 52. 220 x 180mm.John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterb... British Library
referencedIn John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury: Appointment by, of a Judge of the Prerogative Court: 1689.William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury: Appointment made by the Dean and Chapter during the suspension of: 1689.Sir Richard Raines, LL.D: Appointm... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS, viz.:-(1) Letter from Georgius Major, theologian, to Hieronymus von Baumgärtner, Senator of Nuremberg, giving an account of current events in Saxony and asking for Civil Law books; Wittenberg, 3 Jan. 1529. Latin. ff..., 1529-1870 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XI (ff. 318). H-J.includes:ff. 1-10, 11 (copy) Sir Francis Head, 4th Baronet: Correspondence with T. Birch: 1755-1756.: Fr. and Engl.f. 13 Gilbert Heathcote, 3rd Baronet 1759: Letter to T. Birch: 1757.ff. 15,17 Ralph Heathcote, DD: Letters... British Library
referencedIn COPIES of papers and extracts by the Rev. Weeden Butler, for his memoirs of Bishop Hildesley; with the following original letters, viz.: Two letters of Samuel Richardson, the novelist, the former dated London, Jan. 10, 1757, ff. 59, 60; Letter of the..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. ii. (ff. 218). Caddington-Hatfleld.includes:ff. 1-6 Caddington, counties Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire: Drawings of Markyate Cell in: 19th cent. ff. 1-6 Market Street, Hertfordshire: Drawings of Margaret Cell and Chapel: 19th cent. f. 7 Calde..., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn BIRCH CORRESPONDENCECorrespondence, etc., of Thomas Birch. The contents may be divided as follows:-(1) Rough drafts of letters (without names of addressees), notes and extracts from books, etc., in Birch's autograph. ff. 1-103 passim, 144, 159, 209-..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn 1. "THE maxims of a true Christian of Mr. [Pierre] Allix;" with corrections. Translated from the French. f. 1. 2. Sermon on Psalm xc. 10. From the French. f. 15. 3. Preparation for the Communications. From the French. f. 27. 4. "Essays sur plusieurs ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. DLXXXIX (ff. 154). Dated correspondence and papers relating to the Post Office; 1688-1691. Partly French and Latin.Post Office: Correspondence and papers of Sir J. Wildman as Post-master General: 1688-1691.: Partly Lat. and Fr.: Partly drafts an..., 1688-1691 British Library
referencedIn Ireland: Letters and papers of Dr. E. Borlase, relating chiefly to the Rebellion of 1641.: 1608-1682.Edmund Borlase, MD, of Chester: Letters and papers, chiefly rel. to the Rebellion in Ireland: in 1641, late 17th cent.includes:f. 1 London PARISHES... British Library
referencedIn Vol. V., 1677-1695:-1. Sir T. Higgons to Secretary Henry Coventry, on his negotiations; Venice, 15, 22 Jan., 19 Febr., 5, 12 March, 167,; 9 April, 1677. Hologr. ff. 1, 3, 22, 24, 26, 28. 2. Proceedings in the House of Lords on the re-assembling of P..., 1677-1695 British Library
referencedIn Collection of letters and papers made by Thomas Birch, chiefly transcripts in his autograph but including a few original letters; 17th-I 8th centt. Included are: (a) copies of the correspondence of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, made from..., 17th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1-23 b Theology: De imposturis religiorum: 17th cent.: Imperf.ff. 24-30 Antonius Thylesius, Consentinus: De coloribus: 17th cent.ff. 31-83 William Courten, alias Charleton; of the Middle Temple: Extracts from Archbishop Tillotson's... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS BIOGRAPHICAL AND LITERARY MEMORANDA by Thomas Birch; 18th cent. Latin, French and English. Included are:-(a) notes and lists of learned women. ff. 21-24;-(b) abstract of observations by Philip Yorke on the State Paper Office; 1746. ff...., 18th century British Library
referencedIn BIRCH'S TILLOTSON COLLECTIONSCollection of papers, letters, etc., made by Thomas Birch, chiefly in preparation for his 'Life' of John Tillotson (d. 1694), Archbishop of Canterbury; 1680-1761. The 'Life' was prefixed to the 1752 edition of Tillotson's..., 1680-1761 British Library
creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS (SERIES II). Vol. CCCLIX. Pamphlets, sermons, etc.; 17th-19th cent. 1. 'A Letere (?) to Mr Anthony Bacon An apology of the Earle of Essex against those that falseley and tr[ait?]orously saye . . . to be the onely hindrance of the peac..., 17th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn EGMONT PAPERS. Vol. CCXIII (ff. i+141). (1) Tracts, etc.:-(a) 'Theologia Rationalis', by Thomas Sydenham, physician (d. 1689). Other copies are in Sloane MSS. 3828, ff. 162-171b, and Add. MS. 6469, ff. 107b-116b. An incomplete version was printed fro..., 1656-1733 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XX (ff. 295). S-T.includes:f. 1 Thomas Stack, MD, FRS: Letters to T. Birch: 1744.f. 2 Edward Stone, of Chipping Norton: Letter to Lord Macclesfleld: 1763.ff. 3, 4 Charles Stanhope, brother of William, 1st Earl of Harrington: Letters to T. ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1710Paper, in folio, ff. 359, XVII Century; bound with Nos.1691 & 1731 A.1. Notae quaedam Historicae pro annis 1176, 1189, 1181. f. 1.2. 'Threneticon Trojae', versibus elegiacis. f. 2.Incip. 'Pergama flere volo, fato Danais data Solo capta dol... British Library
referencedIn LETTER-BOOK of John Wallis, D.D., Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford, decipherer of political correspondence to the government, etc., containing originals and copies of ciphered letters, with decipherings and keys, and including covering and o..., 1651-1701 British Library
referencedIn Vol. III, ff. 257, XVIII cent.includes:ff.1-3 Royal Society: Dedication to George II by T. Birch of his History of: 1757.ff. 4 -7, 13 -14 William Murdin, Vicar of Shalford: Preface to his 'Collection of State Papers. . . ': 1759.f. 9 John Loc..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Poems by Brian Fairfax, with collections by the same chiefly relating to his own family. Autograph. Included are:-1. Stanzas entitled "The Vocal Oak: upon cutting down the woods at Nun Appleton, 1679;" followed by an "Epitaph on Thomas, Lord Fairfax... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS, principally addressed to Lawrence Hyde (afterwards Earl of Rochester), and to his brother, Henry Hyde, second Earl of Clarendon, during the mission of the former to Nimeguen and the Hague, with others of earlier and later date, 1631..., 1631-1695 British Library
referencedIn Vol. I, ff. 191Robert Nelson, FRS; religious writer: Biographical collections rel. to: 1679-20th cent.Nonjurors: Papers rel. to R. Nelson: 1679-20th cent.includes:ff. 1, 3, 14, 15, 76 John Mapletoft, DD, MD: Letters to R. Nelson: 1679-1694.f. 5 W... British Library
referencedIn Theodore Diodati, junior, MD, of London: Medical prescriptions,: 1670-1680.: Lat.John Downes, MD, Physician to St. Bartholomew's and Christ's Hospitals: Miscellaneous collections chiefly medical: 17th cent.Medicine: Indexes to a work on the practice ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1326Paper, in 4to, ff. 152, XVII century.Correspondence and papers of Dr Henry Power, chiefly upon chemical subjects; viz:-1. A letter from him to Mr John Milner concerning the antiquity of astronomy. Dat. 1. Jan 1655/56. ff. 2-8.2. Two letter... British Library
referencedIn Vol. V. (ff. 157). 1691-1702. 1. E-E-to Rev.-Banks, of Hull. . . . "Certainely we live among a strange sort of people, for I am told to-day that the Clergy were going to petition the Queen to depose Archbishop Tillottson because he was not a Chris... British Library
referencedIn Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Original correspondence, chronologically arranged: 17th-18th centt.includes:f. 1 William Gould, MD: Letters to Sir H. Sloane: 1680/1-1703.ff. 2, 10, 17, 19, 26, 28, 62, 63, 123, 141, 155, 166, 158, 160, 161, 165, 171, 173,... British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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Place Name Admin Code Country
Cartagena, S. America
Theobalds, Cheshunt
Essendon, Hertfordshire
Ireland, Europe
Nun Appleton, Yorkshire
Mons, Belgium
Totnes, Devon
Flaunden, Hertfordshire
Cockermouth, Cumberland
Limerick Castle, Limerick
Brockett Hall, Hertfordshire
Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire
Maidstone, Kent
Algiers, Africa
Birks, Berwick-upon-Tweed
Tralee Castle, Kerry
London, England
Paris, France
Italy, Europe
Stockport, Cheshire
Whitchaven, Cumberland
Askeaton Castle, Limerick
Eastwick, Hertfordshire
Canada, North America
Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Calstock, Cornwall
Darien, Panama
Leicester, Leicestershire
Italy, Europe
Elstree, Hertfordshire
Ireland, Europe
Paris, France
St Albans, Hertfordshire
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Ilminister, Somerset
Ixning, Suffolk
Canterbury, Province of, Kent
Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Chivesfield, Hertfordshire
Caddington, counties Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire
Yorkshire, England
Ireland, Europe
Barking, Essex
Digswell, Hertfordshire
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Gilston, Hertfordshire
Dunkirk, France
Ponsbourne, Hertfordshire
Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Archiestoun Castle, Tipperary
Canterbury, Province of, Kent
Isle of Man, England
Northall, Middlesex
Ireland, Europe
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Dunfermline, Fifeshire
London, England
Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
Kilfinny Castle, Limerick
Troy, Asia Minor
Netherlands, Europe
Netherlands, Europe
Londonderry, Ireland
Stepney, Middlesex
Coleshill, Hertfordshire
Mallow Castle, Cork
Ireland, Europe
Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex
Eton, Buckinghamshire
York, Yorkshire
Caldecott, Hertfordshire
Flamstead, Hertfordshire
Rathbarry Castle, Cork
Ferrybridge, West Riding of Yorkshire
Tiverton, Devon
Clare Castle, Clare
Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire
Market Street, Hertfordshire
Armley, West Riding of Yorkshire
Loghort al. Loegar Castle, Cork
Sittingbourne, Kent
Edinburgh, Scotland
Wapping, Middlesex
Codicote, Hertfordshire
Fenchurch St, London, Fenchurch St
Leeds, Yorkshire
Rye, Sussex
Bishop's Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Jamaica, Central America
Faversham, Kent
Wales, United Kingdom
Yeovil, Somerset
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Much Hadham, Hertfordshire
Ashridge Hall, Hertfordshire
Castle Matrix, Limerick
Hampton Court, Middlesex
Penrith, Cumberland
Venice, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Dublin, Ireland
York, Yorkshire
Rothamstead, Hertfordshire


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Active 1870

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