Call, John, Sir, 1732-1801

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Military engineer, Member of Parliament; became blind 1798.

From the description of Autograph note in the third person : to Sir Peter Burrell, 1794 Feb. 13. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270134511

1751 assistant to engineer-general of the East India Company; 1751-1757 sub-engineer at Fort St David, then assistant engineer to the Madras presidency; 1757-1770 chief engineer to the Madras presidency and captain of the engineers corps; 1765 colonel, member of the council at Fort St George; 1771-1772 high sheriff of Cornwall; 1784-1801 Member of Parliament for Callington; 1785 founded the banking firm of Pybus's, Call, Grant & Co; 1791 baronetcy; 1794-1800 treasurer for the board of agriculture

Epithet: politician and military engineer

Title: 1st Baronet

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000755.0x000216

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correspondedWith Glasse, George Henry, 1761-1809 person
associatedWith Gwydir, Peter Burrell, Baron, 1754-1820, person
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Calcutta, India
Chingleput, Madras
Jakarta, Indonesia
Bombay, India
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Midnapore, Bengal
Mysore State, India
Devonshire, England
Burdwan, Bengal
Saint Helena, Africa
Madras, India
Liskeard, Cornwall
Madras, India
Arcot State, India
India, Asia
Chandernagore, Bengal
Afghanistan, Asia
Satara, Bombay
Travancore State, India
India, Asia
Tanjore, Madras
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Huntingdonshire, England
Patna, India
Dacca, India
Surat, Bombay
Madras, India
Bengal, India
Aleppo, Syria
Oudh, India
Bombay, India
Murshidabad, Bengal
India, Asia
Isle of Man, England
Manila, Philippines
Derbyshire, England
Dover, Kent
Vellore, Madras
Cheshire, England
Bihar, India
India, Asia
Srirangam, Madras
Wexford, county of, Ireland
Fort St David, India
Kent, England
Switzerland, Europe
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Carnatic Region, India
Madura, Madras
Bhotan, India
Jidda, Saudi Arabia
Tanjore, Madras
Cossimbazar, Bengal
Malabar Coast, Madras
Dinajpur, Bengal
Jamaica, Central America
Anjengo, Travancore, Madras
Delhi, India
Ludlow, Shropshire
Masulipatam, Madras
Plassey, India
Deccan, India
Bengal, India
Scotland, United Kingdom
London, England
Basra, Iraq
Hyderabad State, India
Lancashire, England
Pondicherry, India
Chinsura, Bengal
Hyderabad State, India
Calcutta, India
Liverpool, Lancashire
Madras, India
Bengal, India
Anjouan Island, Comoro Islands, Indian Ocean
Arcot State, India
Jumna River, India
Manchester, Lancashire
China, Asia
Trichinopoly, Madras
Pondicherry, India
Madagascar, Africa
Patna, India
Bihar, India
Masulipatam, Madras
Tanjore, Madras
Carnatic, India
Hooghly Town, Bengal


Birth 1732

Death 1801-03-01




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