Fortescue, John, Sir, Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Epithet: of Add MS 36901

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Epithet: Chancellor of the Exchequer

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000295.0x0001af

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn A VOLUME of the Collections made by Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and Master of the Rolls, temp. James I containing the following Papers and Letters, most of which are originals, relative to Scottish Admiralty Causes, Londo... British Library
referencedIn Vol. ii. (ff. 449). 1599-1604.includes:ff. 1, 8, 15, 22, 26, 59, 65, 93, 135, 141, 144, 170, 174, 191, 197, 220, 222, 265, 275, 281, 283, 292, 352, 374, 376, 394, 404-406, 417 Sir Edmond i. Moundeford, of Feltwell, county Norfolk: Letters to Sir B...., 1599-1604 British Library
referencedIn PAPERS relative to the administration of the Tower of London and its Liberty, 1599-1715, viz.: (1) "The Demaundes of Sir John Peyton, knight, Lieutenant of the Tower," a list of prisoners with their expenses from Midsummer to Michaelmas, 1599. Signed..., 16th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANE0US official papers and letters, many of them being demands or orders for payment for public services, as carrying council letters, victualling ships for Ireland, etc.; 1446, 1561-1718. Among them are:-1. Acquittance from Henry Redford, Kn..., 1446-1718 British Library
referencedIn "A BOOKE of Warrantes to the great Guarderobe, Tempore Regine Elizabeth, towchyng her Maiesties Roobes and Appareill": a register of warrants addressed to John Fortescue, Master of the Great Wardrobe for payments for materials and workmanship, as wel..., 1568-1589 British Library
referencedIn 'THE REVENGE, a Ballad of the Fleet': a setting of the poem of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, for chorus and orchestra, in full score, by Charles Villiers Stanford (op. 24). Autograph. Published 1886. Lord Tennyson's signature is on f. 2. The composer's inst..., 1886 British Library
referencedIn ASTON PAPERS. Vol. I. Miscellaneous correspondence relating chiefly to the various estates of the Knollys and Aston families in cos. Warwick, Berks, Notts, etc.; 1554-1807. The names of the writers are given in the Index. Paper; ff. 197. Folio.includ..., 1554-1807 British Library
referencedIn LETTER-BOOK Of Sir Henry Unton as Ambassador to France, comprising copies of his instructions and his correspondence with Queen Elizabeth, Burghley, Essex, Hatton, Sir Robert Cecil, the Lords of the Council, etc., together with copies of the various ..., 1591-1598 British Library
referencedIn Owners of Manuscripts: Sommers (John), Lord Chancellor.includes:ff. 1-46 b James I of England: Narrative of the divorce between Lord Essex and his wife in 1613, written by Archbishop Abbot.: 17th cent.: Copy.ff. 1-47 Lady Frances Howard, daughter... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS historical letters, etc.; 1375-1810. In two series, English or relating to England and (artt. 87-106) foreign. 1. Andrea Contarini, Doge of Venice, to Edward III. of England, desiring a safe conduct for merchant-ships about to be sent t... British Library
creatorOf Vol. II (ff. 204). H -O.includes:f. 1 Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax: Treasury warrant authorised by: 1698: Signed. f. 2 Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letter to A. Panizzi: 1857. f. 3 Henry Hallam, historian: Letter to A. Panizzi: circ... British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. II. (ff. 371). 26 Oct. 1597-10 Mar. 1604 [5]. Edmondes came to London at the end of 1596, and his first letter after his return to Paris is dated 28 Oct. 1597. With the exception of one or two short visits to England, he stayed ... British Library
creatorOf PAPERS RELATING TO DIPLOMATIC AND ECCLESIASTICAL AFFAIRS; 1554-1600. Latin, English, French and Spanish. Partly copies. 1. ff. 2-100b. Correspondence and papers relating to the peace conference at Boulogne; 1600. Partly Latin, French and Spanish. Mos..., 1554-1601 British Library
creatorOf A. Privy Council letter to Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey as Collector for the County of Norfolk, deferring until 20 or 31 October next outstanding payments due from the loan levied by Elizabeth I on the previous 22 Feb.; Greenwich, 16 Aug. 1597. Scrib... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of State papers, letters, and miscellaneous documents, many of which relate to the Civil War and the affairs of the Commonwealth; 1564-1760. The letters at the end relate to literature and kindred subjects, and several of them are addresse... British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS of miscellaneous tracts and papers rel. to trade, currency and political questions, tempp. Hen. VIII, Eliz. I and Jas. I. The great majority of the documents, especially in the earlier part of the volume, concern matters under considerati..., 1603-1625 British Library
creatorOf LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1597-1894, n.d. Presented anonymously, with Add. Ch. 75457, 75731 and 75732, through J. L. Douthwaite, Esq., and the Friends of the National Libraries. Paper; ff. 100. Folio. 1597-1894. Included are:– 1. ff. 1-1b. Order by William..., 1597-1899 British Library
referencedIn Vol. i. (ff. 511). 1509-1598.William Neash, of Lopham, county Norfolk: Letter to B. Gawdy: 1580.includes:f. 1 George Munford, Vicar of East Winch, county Norfolk: Account of the correspondence of the families of Gawdy and Le Neve: 1857.f. 5 Sir P..., 1509-1598 British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1 b, 20 b, 21 b Thomas Sackville, 1st Baron Buckhurst; 1st Earl of Dorset: Orders and warrants rel. to the Customs: 1602, 1604, 1605/6.ff. 1 b-31 London; COMPANIES, LIVERY. CUSTOM OFFICE: Papers rel. to the Customs of the port of Lon... British Library
referencedIn STREATFEILD COLLECTIONS. Vol. XLV1I. Original documents, most of which relate to the affairs of, or are written by residents in, the county of Kent; 1493-1810. Amongst them are the following :-1. Acquittance by William Warham [Archbishop of Canterbu..., 1493-1810 British Library
referencedIn WARRANT from Queen Elizabeth to John Fortescue, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for payments to be made to Walter Fyshe, tailor, John Bate, "Verthingalemaker," Adam Blande, skinner, Alice Mountague, silkwoman, Henry Herne, hosier, and others, with full..., 1567 British Library
referencedIn 1. PAPERS relating to alleged injury to the town of Scarborough from the market of Seamer [co. York], consisting Chiefly of petitions from Righton on the Wold, Tweng, etc., to Sir Henry Gates, with copies of letters, etc.; 1584-1600, ff. 1-14. Includ..., 1584-1711 British Library
referencedIn BILLS for expenses of prisoners in the Gatehouse at Westminster, rendered quarterly to the Privy Council by successive Keepers of the prison, and signed by members of the Council; 29 Sept. 1596-24 June 1606, with gaps. The Keepers for the period are ... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of historical and other letters, Privy Council orders, etc., including correspondence of Sir Humphrey Ferrers, of Tamworth, Knt., with his brother Thomas, Esquire of the Body, etc., to James I., and other members of Sir Humphrey's family; ... British Library
referencedIn WARRANT from Queen Elizabeth to Sir John Fortescue, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for payments to divers of her household 1 Apr. 1601. With signature and seal. British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME of the Collections made by Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and Master of the Rolls, temp. James I containing the following legal,and miscellaneous Papers and Letters; most of which are originals:-Notes by Sir J. Cæsa... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, chiefly of the Nobility, addressed (with few exceptions) to Sir Julius Cæsar, between the years 1579 and 1619. Vol. I.Sir Julius Caesar, judge: Original Letters, chiefly of the Nobility, to: 1579-1619.Sir Henry Brouncker, ..., 1579-1619 British Library
referencedIn LEGAL PAPERS, extracts from public records, copies of wills, etc., relating to Shenley, Snelshall Priory, Whaddon, and neighbouring places in co. Buckingham, arranged alphabetically; 1272-l802. Followed (f. 199) by correspondence of the families of ..., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn HODGKIN PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 192). Military and Naval papers, 1601-1786, including a number of letters and papers of Gen. Monck. Contents:— 1. Statement of a month's pay for Her Majesty's forces in the Low Countries, 13 May -9 June, 1601. With a re..., 1601-1786 British Library
referencedIn HODGKIN PAPERS. Vol. IX (ff. 247). (A) Accompts, receipts, orders for payment, nearly all royal and official, circ. 1430-1772 ; (B) Accompts and correspondence of William Watts, Court-tailor to Charles II, viz. : A. 1. Order, addressed to Thomas Drie..., 16th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn ACCOMPT Of Sir John Fortescue, Master of the Wardrobe, of receipts and payments in connection with the coronation of James I. and Anne his Queen, on 25 July, 1603; declared before the Lord Treasurer and the Chief Baron of the Excheduer on 1 July, 160..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, chiefly of the Nobility, addressed (with few exceptions) to Sir Julius Cæsar, between the years 1579 and 1619. Vol. II.Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon: Letter to Sir J. Caesar: 1611.Sir Julius Caesar, judge: Original Lett..., 1579-1619 British Library
referencedIn POLITICAL TRACTS AND PAPERS relating to domestic and foreign affairs; 1350-1351, 1576-1631. Latin, English, French and Italian. Chiefly copies, with some originals and drafts. 1. ff. 2-19. 'A discourse of the highe Court of Parliament, and of the Aut..., 1350-1632 British Library
creatorOf LEXICON TIRONIANUM: a collection of the Latin short-hand symbols originated by M. Tullius Tiro, the freedman of Cicero, and subsequently much increased. The collection is the same as in Add. MS. 21164, beginning with ab and ending with placiola (sic)..., 0700-0940 British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. I. (ff. 305). 18 June, 1592-16 May, 1596. In addition to the letters described below, the volume contains numerous drafts of Edmondes's despatches to Lord Burghley, the first dated 18 June, 1592, and the last 31 Dec. 1595, durin... British Library
referencedIn VARIOUS Exchequer documents chiefly referring to payments of money, between 1556 and 1667, among which occur the signatures of William Paulett, Marquess of Winchester, William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Sir John Fortescue, Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk, ..., 1556-1667 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL warrants, orders, and other official documents relating to the county of Norfolk, chiefly concerning the raising of troops and other military matters; 1581-1663. Signatures occur of the following officers of state, and Sheriffs, Justices, Co..., 1581-1663 British Library
referencedIn BARRINGTON PAPERS. Vol. 1. (ff. 310), circ. 1490-1628. Correspondence chiefly of Sir Thomas Barrington and his son, Sir Francis Barrington, 1st Bart. (1611), M.P. A large number of letters in the latter part of the volume are addressed to Joan (born ..., 1485-1628 British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
Relation Name
Place Name Admin Code Country
Shipton, Buckinghamshire
London, England
Strensham, Worcestershire
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Portugal, Europe
Southampton, Hampshire
Essex, England
Strafforth and Tickhill, Wapentake of, Yorkshire
Boulogne, France
Norfolk, England
Prussia, Germany
Needwood Chase, Staffordshire
Dover, Kent
Dimchurch, Kent
Bruges, Belgium
Thorpmarket, Norfolk
Netherlands, Europe
Spanish Netherlands, Europe
Great Wendon, Essex
Whaddon, Buckinghamshire
Nantes, France
Melton, Suffolk
Ireland, Europe
Drumclog, Lanarkshire
Warwickshire, England
Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Paris, France
Tilbury, Essex
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Tatenhill, Staffordshire
Derbyshire, England
Morlaix, France
Dover, Kent
Tattenhoe, Buckinghamshire
Ireland, Europe
Marseilles, France
Wickham, Lincolnshire
Plymouth, Devon
Ostend, Belgium
Scalby, Yorkshire (?)
Hampton Court, Middlesex
Liege, Belgium
South Molton, Devon
Field Dalling, Norfolk
Mileham, Norfolk
Ireland, Europe
Flushing, the Netherlands
Italy, Europe
Kent, England
Groningen, the Netherlands
Lincolnshire, England
Grandborough, Buckinghamshire
Cornwall, England
Kent, England
Hatfield Forest, Essex
Porto Rico, West Indies
Culloden, Invernesshire
Florence, Italy
London, England
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Coevorden, Drenthe
Ingatestone, Essex
Norfolk, England
Flanders, Belgium
Thaxted, Essex
Lidlington, Bedfordshire
Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire
North Crawley, Buckinghamshire
Essex, England
Richmond, Surrey
Sherringham, Norfolk
East Meon, Hampshire
Dunkirk, France
Suffolk, England
Flintshire, Wales
Netherlands, Europe
Woodstock Park, Oxfordshire
London, England
Jersey, Channel Islands
Tweng, Yorkshire
Staffordshire, England
Croyzon, Brest
South Repps, Norfolk
London, England
Rushton, Northamptonshire
Pettaugh, Suffolk
Netherlands, Europe
Thetford, counties Norfolk and Suffolk
Northumberland, England
Ireland, Europe
Dartmouth, Devon
Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
Isle of Sheppey, Kent
London, England
Geneva, Switzerland
Oudewater, the Netherlands
Yaxley, Huntingdonshire
Woodstock Parks, Oxfordshire
Hamburg, Germany
Ireland, Europe
Flanders, Belgium
Healing, Lincolnshire
Sollers-Hope, Herefordshire
Sherrington, Buckinghamshire
Melfi, Italy
India, Asia
Mendham, Suffolk
Yorkshire, England
Picardy, France
Trent, Italy
Boulogne, France
Taunton, Somerset
River Wandle, Surrey
Ireland, Europe
Yarmouth, Norfolk
Winslow, Buckinghamshire
Switzerland, Europe
Shenley, Buckinghamshire
Scotland, United Kingdom
Grave, Brabant
Brentwood, Essex
Skreen, Meath
Ireland, Europe
Ireland, Europe
Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berkshire
Yorkshire, England
Guernsey, Channel Islands
Dover, Kent
Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Buckinghamshire, England
Righton-on-the-Wold, Yorkshire
United States of America
Hindringham, Norfolk
Bletchley, Buckinghamshire
Deptford, Kent
Isle of Wight, England
Venice, Republic of, Europe
Essex, England
Bois-le-duc al. Hertogenbosch, Brabant
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Warmington, Northamptonshire
Barnstaple, Devon
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Rookwood Park, Essex
Sluys, the Netherlands
Norwich, Norfolk
Bayonne, France
Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire
Tiverton, Devon
Norfolk, England
Hockham, Norfolk
Nieuwpoort, Flanders
Netherlands, Europe
Lopham, Norfolk
Allestree, Derbyshire
Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Netherlands, Europe
Seamer, Yorkshire
London, England
Knowle, Somerset
Exeter, Devon
Acle, Norfolk
Havering atte Bower, Essex
Venice, Italy
Chester, Cheshire
Winchelsea, Sussex
Metfield, Suffolk
Italy, Europe
Canterbury, Kent
Tavistock, Devon
Melton-Mowbray, Leicestershire
Honeybourne, Gloucestershire
Norfolk, England
Woolwich, Kent
Nantwich, Cheshire
Winfarthing Park, Norfolk
Northamptonshire, England
Alençon, France
Cardiff, Glamorganshire
Rowley, Yorkshire
Edington, Berkshire
Harleston, Norfolk
Southwold, Suffolk
Netherlands, Europe
Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire
Colchester, Essex
Theobald's Park, Hertfordshire
Saxlingham, Norfolk
Lubec, Germany
Tutbury, Staffordshire
Totnes, Devon
Chelmsford, Essex
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
Norberne, Norway
Gelderland, the Netherlands
Coddington, Cheshire
County Durham, England
Weymouth, Dorset


Active 1501

Active 1807

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