Walker, James, active 1843-1844, President, Institution of Civil Engineers

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Epithet: President, Institution of Civil Engineers

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000751.0x00002a

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referencedIn Vol. CCCLXV (ff. 371). 17-31 May 1844.Bank of England: Correspondence of Sir R. Peel rel. to the Bank Charter Act: 1844.includes:f. 1 Richard Plantagenet Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, Marquess of Chandos; 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chan... British Library
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Role Title Holding Repository
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Panama, Isthmus of, Central America
Linlithgow, Linlithgow
Ireland, Europe
Athens, Greece
Canterbury, Kent
Dundee, Forfarshire
Glasgow, Scotland
Orkney Islands, Scotland
Haulbowline Island, Cork
New Zealand, Australia
Cork, Ireland
Hereford, Herefordshire
Jamaica, Central America
Nicaragua, Central America
Queenstown formerly Cove, Cork
Ireland, Europe
Cornwall, England
United States of America
Kendal, Westmorland
Bury, Lancashire
Brazil, South America
Tahiti, Pacific Ocean
Central America, America
Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire
China, Asia
Carlisle, Cumberland
Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Dover, Kent
Dundee, Forfarshire
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Galway, Ireland
Berkshire, England
Leith, Edinburgh
Kinross, Perth and Kinross
Tamworth, Staffordshire
Chusan, China
Fife, Scotland
Cork, Ireland
Glasgow, Scotland
Guatemala, Central America
Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire
West Indies, America
Liverpool, Lancashire
Kirkwall, Scotland
Arbroath, Angus
Maynooth, Kildare
Yorkshire, England
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Donegal, county of, Ireland
Tamworth, Staffordshire
London, England
Scotland, United Kingdom
Liverpool, Lancashire
Hill of Knocknarea, Sligo
Kingsbury, Warwickshire
Dover, Kent
Serbia, Europe
India, Asia
Glasgow, Scotland
Malta, Europe
Edinburgh, Scotland
Manchester, Lancashire
Renfrewshire, Scotland


Active 1843

Active 1844

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