Proby, John Joshua, 1st Earl of Carysfort

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Title: 1st Earl of Carysfort

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creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS. Vol. XXXIX. (ff. 212). 1. ff. 1-193v. June 1806-1823, n.d. 2. ff. 194-203v. Letters and papers concerning Lord John Proby; 1818. 3. ff. 204-212v. Correspondence of Grenville with Mrs Helen Morris, as an executor of Lord Carysfort; 18..., 1806-1829 British Library
referencedIn (V. ff. 343). Oct. 1803-Sept. 1806.includes:ff. 1, f. 296 Robert Herbert Butler, 3rd Earl of Lanesborough: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1803-1804. f. 4 Ridge, Hertfordshire: Letters concerning the presentation to: 1799-1803. f. 6 Geoffrey Sne... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLVI (ff. 357). 1801.includes:ff. 1, 151, 238, 277 George Chalmers, Scottish antiquary: Correspondence with the lst Earl of Liverpool: 1786-1807, n.d. ff. 3, 60 Charles Philippe Simon de Montboissier-Beaufort-Canillac, Baron; afterwards Comte, ..., 1801 British Library
referencedIn Vol. V (ff. 276). 20 Feb. 1772-23 Dec. 1799, n.d.includes:f. 1 b Wool: Breviate for a Bill for encouragement of wearing wool: 17th cent.f. 7 Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool: Letter to Col. A. St Leger: 1779.: Extract.ff. 10, 12, 13, 17, ... British Library
referencedIn (IX. ff. 414). 1798-1807.includes:ff. 1, 2, 8, 9, 19, 208, 210 Captain James Gifford, RN: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1788-1801. ff. 4, 13-17, 21, 25 Francis Noble, of Ely: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1797-1798. f. 6 Charles Lindsay, ..., 1798-1807 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCVIII (ff. 237). Circ. 1798-1812.includes:ff. 1, 34, 114, 116 Robert Banks Jenkinson, Baron Hawkesbury; 2nd Earl of Liverpool; Prime Minister: Correspondence with his father the 1st Earl: 1781-1808. ff. 1, 34, 114, 116 Charles Jenkinson, 1st ..., approximately 1798-approximately 1812 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXVI (ff. 178). June-Dec. 1801.includes:f. 1 Newspapers Great Britain and Ireland: 'London Gazette',: 5, 29 June 1801.ff. 2, 46, 53 General Sir Henry Pigot, GCMG: Correspondence with Sir A. Paget: 1800, 1801.f. 31 Baron Charles Jean Marie... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXXI (ff. 268). 23 July, 1787-31 Jan. 1799.includes:ff. 1, 31, 51, 232 Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool: Correspondence with Marquis Cornwallis: 1779-1798.: Copies (except the first). ff. 1, 31, 51, 232 Charles Cornwallis, Viscount Brom... British Library
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referencedIn DRAKE PAPERS. Vol. XII (ff. 212). Letters to Drake, mainly as Envoy to Bavaria, from: (1) Robert Walrond, partly as Chargé d'Affaires at Munich; 1800-1803. ff. 1-8b. (2) Plenipotentiaries to Austria:(a) William Wickham, 1800. ff. 9-114b;(b) Gilbert E..., 1800-1813 British Library
creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS. SERIES III. Vol. V (ff. 117). Political correspondence of Grenville::1. ff. 1-34v. Letters to Grenville from Friedrich von Gentz, German statesman; 1806. Printed in the HMC Report on the Dropmore Papers, vol. IX, pp. 457-479. 2. ff. ..., 1805-1807 British Library
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referencedIn (XIV. ff. 366). May-Nov. 1799.Philip Yorke, 3rd Earl of Hardwicke: Correspondence rel. to the Cambridgeshire Militia: 1790-1834.includes:f. 12 Christopher Pemberton, junior; Clerk of the Peace for county Cambridgeshire: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwi... British Library
creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS. Vol. CCCCIII (ff. 204). 1. ff. 1-111v. Correspondence and papers; 1812-1829, n.d. 2. ff. 112-137v. 'Thoughts on the state of Ireland', probably by Lord Carysfort; [1798-1799?]. 3. ff. 138-204. Miscellaneous Irish customs and excise p..., 1798-1829 British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI (ff. 283). 30 June 1800-22 Nov. 1806.includes:f. 2 Richard Fitch: Letter to W. Frogatt: 1800. f. 3 Barott Hendrik August van Kinckel, Dutch Admiral: Letters to T. Grenville: 1799, 1800.: Fr. ff. 5, 13, 51 Euseby Cleaver, Bishop of Ferns; Arch... British Library
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creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS. Vols. XXXVII-XXXIX. 1st Earl of Carysfort, Elizabeth Lady Carysfort, Grenville's sister, and their son Lord John Proby; 1788-1829, n.d. See also Add. 59257. Three volumes., 1788-1829 British Library
referencedIn (VI. ff. 357). Oct. 1806-Aug. 1807.includes:ff. 3, 30 Sir Charles William Flint, Deputy Keeper of the Privy Seal, Ireland: Correspondence with the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1805-1816. f. 4 Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 1st Earl of Minto: Letter to the... British Library
referencedIn HAPDWICKE PAPERS. Vol. CCCCLXXXV. "A Collection of letters and other papers of State relating to the public transactions in the reign of Queen Elizabeth," written in shorthand, according to the system of George Ridpath, 1687, apparently from the orig..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn WINDHAM PAPERS. Vol. LXVIII. (ff. 282). Correspondence of W. Windham relating to the University of Oxford; 26 Aug. 1800-2 Dec. 1809. The letters relate chiefly to his proposed candidature for the representation of the University in Parliament in 1805... British Library
referencedIn LIVERPOOL PAPERS. Vol. CCCVII (ff. 109). Official Correspondence of the 1st Earl, supplementary to 38197-38236; 1762-1804.includes:f. 1 Admiral Charles Middleton, Baronet 1781 1st Baron Barham 1805: Letters to the 1st Earl of Liverpool: 1762-1789. f..., 1762-1804 British Library
referencedIn (V. ff. 326). 21 Dec. 1801-31 Jan. 1802.includes:f. 1 Thomas Pelham, Baron Pelham; 2nd Earl of Chichester: Correspondence with the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1801-1808. ff. 3, 30, 109, 132, 213, 217 Reverend Thomas Brooke Clarke, of Greenwich: Letters to t... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. V. (IV. ff. 433). 3 Apr. 1797-31 May 1798.includes:f. 3 George Purvis: Letter to Capt. Berry: 1797. ff. 5, 20, 24, 26, 107 Isaac Coffin, Commissioner of the Navy: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1797-1805. ff. 7, 12, 34, 141, 232, 239 William IV of En... British Library
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Active 1829

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