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Historica Critica is a group of active and retired University of Michigan faculty and alumni who believe that the history of the university should be more fully studied, recorded, and celebrated. Toward these ends, Historica Critica has compiled video- and audiotapes of interviews with significant figures of the university faculty, administration, and alumni. The ultimate goal of Historica Critica is to bring about a comprehensive and scholarly history of the university through the use of these tapes.

Members of Historica Critica who have worked on the interview project include: Claude Eggertsen, School of Education; Allen Britton, School of Music Dean; Robert Iglehart, School of Art; Ralph Loomis, English Humanities; Allan Jones, Prakken Publications; Warner Rice, English; Arnold Kuethe, Aerospace Engineering; Arthur Gallagher, former editor of the Ann Arbor News.

Historica Critica has its own criteria for judging whether a member of the university community merits inclusion in its field of significant figures. These criteria, while undefined, seem to cast a net which primarily includes high-level university administrators, Regents, and emeritus faculty. Presidents Fleming and Hatcher; Vice-Presidents Smith, Niehuss, and Pierpont; Regents Roach and Power; and Emeritus faculty Ackley, William Bishop, Britton, Dow, Kuethe, Maurer, Rucknagel, Sears, and Wegman are among those interviewed. Men prominent on the local Ann Arbor scene are also included: Arthur Gallagher, editor of the Ann Arbor News; George Sallade, Ann Arbor Democrat; and Albert Wheeler, former mayor of Ann Arbor.

From the guide to the Historica Critica sound recordings and videotapes, 1984-1992, (Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan)

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creatorOf Historica Critica sound recordings and videotapes, 1984-1992 Bentley Historical Library
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associatedWith Ackley, Gardner. person
associatedWith Bishop, Ronald. person
associatedWith Bishop, William W. (William Warner), 1906- person
associatedWith Britton, Allen Perdue. person
associatedWith Dow, William G. (William Gould), 1895- person
associatedWith Eggertsen, Claude A. (Claude Andrew), 1909- person
associatedWith Fleming, R. W. (Robben Wright), 1916- person
associatedWith Gallagher, Arthur, 1911- person
associatedWith Halstead, Claribel Baird, 1904- person
associatedWith Hatcher, Harlan Henthorne, 1898- person
associatedWith Iglehart, Robert Leslie, 1912- person
associatedWith Kaplan, Wilfred, 1915- person
associatedWith Kuethe, Arnold M. (Arnold Martin), 1905- person
associatedWith Lehmann, Charles Frederick, 1922- person
associatedWith Lesch, James. person
associatedWith Marshall, Norma E. person
associatedWith Maurer, Wesley Henry, 1897- person
associatedWith Niehuss, Marvin Lemmon, 1903-2003 person
associatedWith Ocker, Phyllis. person
associatedWith Pierpont, Wilbur K., 1914- person
associatedWith Power, Eugene B., 1905- person
associatedWith Roach, Thomas A., 1929- person
associatedWith Rucknagel, Donald L. person
associatedWith Sallade, George Wahr, 1922- person
associatedWith Sawyer, Charles Henry, 1906- person
associatedWith Sears, John. person
associatedWith Smith, Allan Frederick, 1911- person
associatedWith Storey, Alfred W. person
associatedWith Super, R. H. (Robert Henry), 1914-1996 person
associatedWith University of Michigan corporateBody
associatedWith Wegman, Myron E., 1908- person
associatedWith Wheeler, Albert Harold, 1915-1994 person
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