Alabama. Lieutenant Governor (1868- ).

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1901 Alabama Constitution, Art. IV, Sec. 112-118; Art. VII, Sec. 173; amendment 282.

1975 Alabama Code, Sec. 17-2-1 to 17-2-2; 36-3-1.

Alabama Government Manual, 1982.

Alabama Official and Statistical Register, 1979.

1868 Alabama Constitution, Art. V, Sec. 1.

The Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate and succeeds to the governorship under certain conditions. The Lieutenant Governor is selected by popular election. To qualify for the office, one must be at least thirty years of age, a citizen of the U.S. for at least ten years, and a resident-citizen of Ala. for at least seven years immediately preceding his election. The Lieutenant Governor serves a four-year term of office and is eligible for one successive term, but may be removed by impeachment. Compensation for the office is fixed by law, and is paid only for the period that the Legislature is in session.

The Lieutenant Governor is the ex-officio President of the Senate. He/she performs the duties of the Governor in the event of the Governor's death, impeachment, disability, or absence from the State for more than twenty days. (Alabama Government Manual, 1982)

Committees on which the Lieutenant Governor holds ex-officio membership include the Legislative Council, the Alabama Historical Commission, the Alabama Corrections Institutions Finance Authority, and the Alabama Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation, to which the Lieutenant Governor appoints four members. The Lieutenant Governor serves as ex-officio Chairman of the Legislative Committee on Examiners of Public Accounts and the Alabama Film Commission, and as Vice-President of the Coosa Valley Development Authority. (Alabama Government Manual, 1982)

The Ala. Constitution of 1868 authorized the establishment of an office of Lieutenant Governor. This officer, as was initially established, was authorized to, in case of the death, impeachment, resignation, removal, or other disability of the Governor, assume the duties, powers, and functions of the Governor's office. Furthermore, he was authorized to assume the presidency of the Senate. Correspondingly, a clear line of succession was drawn (to fill the said office) in case of unforeseen circumstances which may have created a need for such action. (1868 Ala. Constitution, Art. V, Sec. 15-17)

Despite the aforementioned constitutional authorizations and allocations, the office of Lieutenant Governor was omitted from the Ala. Constitution of 1875. (Alabama Government Manual, 1982)

The Constitution of 1901 set forth that the Lieutenant Governor must be at least thirty years of age when elected, and shall have been a citizen of the U.S. for ten years and a resident citizen of the State of Ala. for at least seven years preceding his/her election, thus establishing the aforementioned qualifications necessary for the possession of the office. Furthermore, other such duties/functions currently administered by the said officer were authorized and allocated by the Ala. Constitution of 1901. Despite subsequent amendments and legislative actions, the previously authorized duties/functions of the Lieutenant Governor have remained virtually constant with only their "letter of law" being literally affected; however, as was the case with the office of Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, as a result of a constitutional amendment repealing all previous laws regarding the officeholders' "self-succession", was legally authorized to succeed himself/herself once, but once only. (1901 Alabama Constitution, Art. IV, Sec. 112-118; Art. VII, Sec. 173; Amendment 282)

As of 1982, the office of the Lieutenant Governor, whose compensation is included in an annual appropriation by the Legislature, has no constitutionally nor legislatively authorized divisions. (Alabama Government Manual, 1982)

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