Baring, Evelyn

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Title: 1st Earl of Cromer

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000297.0x000188

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creatorOf Evelyn Baring papers., 1883 British Library
referencedIn D'ABERNON PAPERS. Vol. XIII (ff. 244). Correspondence with:-(1) Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer; 1883-1892. Included is a letter from his lst wife, Ethel, 1889 (f. 28). ff. 1-48. (2) Samuel Evans, Director of the Imperial Turkish Tobacco Monopoly;..., 1883-1903 British Library
creatorOf GORDON PAPERS (MOFFITT COLLECTION). Vol. IX (ff. 182). 1. ff. 1-83b. Intelligence reports from Col. Cameron of the War Office relating to the defence of Khartoum; 1884-1885. 2. ff. 84-124b. Letters from, and relating to, Capsune, the former Sudanese ..., 1880-1886 British Library
creatorOf FRANK POWER PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 202). 1. ff. 1-98v. Correspondence of Frank Power with members of his immediate family; [1877?]-1884. 2. ff. 99-127. Business and official correspondence and diary notes of Frank Power in the Sudan; 1883, 1884. Partly ..., 1876-1885 British Library
referencedIn Vol. III, A-M. 1790-1931.includes:f. 1 Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, Viscount Allenby: Letter to Sir P. C. Mitchell: 1930.f. 2 Henry Edward Armstrong, FRS; chemist: Letter to A. W. Rowe: 1905.ff. 2-165 passim Arthur Walton Rowe, MRCS: Letters to..., 1790-1931 British Library
creatorOf GORDON PAPERS (BELL COLLECTION). Vol. XXIII (ff. 71). Papers of Sir Henry, relating to his biography of Gen. Gordon published in 1886; bef. 1886. Includes (ff. 7-55b) an extract, partly by Sir Henry himself, from the diary of Col. J. D. H. Stewart, w... British Library
referencedIn Houghton Library printed book provenance file, A-D Houghton Library
referencedIn Papers of Sir James Fergusson as Governor of Bombay 1880-85, 1880-1885 British Library
creatorOf GORDON PAPERS (MOFFITT COLLECTION). Vol. XIII (ff. 138). Papers relating to the Sudan; 1874-1884, n.d. 1. ff. 1-113. Miscellaneous papers; 1874-1884. Included are letters from the Khedive Ismail and his successor, Tewfik, and several Egyptian ministe..., 1874-1884 British Library
creatorOf Vol. III (ff. 159). 1873-1884.includes:f. 1 Nubar, Pasha; Armenian Christian statesman in Egyptian service: Telegram to Sir H. G. Elliot: 1873: Fr: Copy.f. 1 Sir Henry George Elliot, GCB; diplomatist: Letter to Col. C. G. Gordon: 1873: Copy.ff. 1..., 1873-1884 British Library
creatorOf PAGET PAPERS (3RD SERIES). Vol. III (ff. 199). Family and general correspondence. 1. ff. 1-95b. Miscellaneous family letters to Cecilia, Lady Alfred Paget; 1845-1914. 2. ff. 96-199b. General letters to Lord and Lady Alfred Paget; 1853-1908.includes:f..., 1845-1914 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIV (ff. 278). 1906-June 1907.includes:ff. 1, 8, 80 Gavin Campbell, 1st Marquess of Breadalbane; 7th Earl of Breadalbane: Letters to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman: 1894-1907.f. 2 Alexander William Charles Oliphant Murray, Baron Murray of Eliba... British Library
referencedIn Papers of Sir Richard Temple, Indian Civil Service 1847-77; Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal 1874-77; Governor of Bombay 1877-80, 1849-1902 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIX (ff. 263). 1882-June 1884.includes:ff. 1, 2, 69, 110 Reginald Baliol Brett, 2nd Viscount Esher: Correspondence with Sir C. Dilke: 1879-1907.: imperf.ff. 3, 12, 22, 60 Sir Charles Rivers Wilson, KCMG; Comptroller of the National Debt O... British Library
referencedIn Grant Duff, Mountstuart Elphinstone, Sir, 1829-1906. Grant Duff Collection, 1852-1916 British Library
referencedIn This is a composite volume including:####Correspondence (1839-79) of Edward Backhouse Eastwick (1814-83), Bombay Army 1836-42, Professor of Hindustani, Haileybury 1845-58 on 1st Afghan War and relations with neighbouring states. Was J731####Copy of a... British Library
creatorOf GORDON PAPERS (BELL COLLECTION). Vol. XIII (ff. 221). 1864, 1880-1884. Includes one letter (f. 165) from Augusta Gordon to Sir Henry's wife, Rose.Sir Henry William Gordon, KCB; brother of Major -General C G Gordon: Correspondence with T. H. Sanderson..., 1864-1884 British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI (ff. 288). 1886-1908.includes:f. 1 Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, GCB; Prime Minister: Letter to Sir W. Harcourt: 1886. f. 3 Joseph Chamberlain, PC; MP: Letter to J. A. Spender: 1886. ff. 4, 26, 90, 104, 107, 108, 121 John Morley, Viscount M..., 1886-1908 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XV (ff. 209). 21 Aug. 1886-1887.includes:ff. 1, 72 Rev. Francis Ed[ward?] Belcombe, of Edinburgh: Letter to Lady Cross: 1886. f. 2 Margaret Arnold Fearon, daughter of Professor Bonamy Price: Letter to Lady Cross: 1866. f. 4 Harvey Goodwin, Bisho... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLVIII (ff.319). 1909.includes:f. 1 Sir Henry Austin Lee, KCMG: Correspondence with Sir C. Dilke: 1880-1910.: typewritten copies.f. 3 George Ranken Askwith, Baron Askwith 1919: Correspondence with Sir C. Dilke: 1908-1910.f. 7 Pierre Bracqu..., 1909 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXVIII (ff. 289). 1904-1908.includes:ff. 1, 41-44v. Edmund Boulnois, MP: Letters to Lord Cecil from Edmund Boulnois: 1904, 1906.ff. 2, 10, 13, 16 Lord George Francis Hamilton, PC; MP: Letters to Lord Cecil from Lord George Francis Hamilton..., 1904-1908 British Library
creatorOf GESSI PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 187). 1. ff. 1-55. Letters from General Gordon to Gessi; 5 July 1878-8 March 1881. English and French. 2. ff. 56-71. Letters and papers, including instructions and intelligence reports, chiefly concerning Gessi's expedition ..., 1874-1931 British Library
creatorOf SUPPLEMENTARY GLADSTONE PAPERS. Vol. IX (ff. 198). Cabinet minutes, with associated correspondence and papers, relating to Egypt, the evacuation of the Sudan and events after the fall of Khartoum; 1884-1885.Egypt: Sudan: Correspondence and papers of ..., 1884-1885 British Library
referencedIn RIPON PAPERS. Vols.VI-CIX. Correspondence with Major Sir Evelyn Baring, G.C.B.,1st Baron (1892), Viscount (1899) and Earl (1901) of Cromer; 1880-1906. Four volumes. Folio and quarto., 1880-1906 British Library
referencedIn E. OFFICIAL PAPERS. DILKE PAPERS. Vol. L (ff. 213). Parliamentary and other official papers of Sir C. Dilke, including memoranda prepared for the use of the Cabinet; 1873-1910. Printed, with MS. notes.includes:ff. 1-4b, 179-186b Elections Parliamen..., 1873-1910 British Library
referencedIn Vol. VII (ff. 302). 1909-1919.includes:ff. 1, 38, 52 John Campbell Gordon, 7th Earl of Aberdeen; 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair; formerly Hamilton-Gordon: Letters to J. A. Spender: 1909, 1910. f. 3 Ernest Bruce Iwan-Müller, journalist: Letter t..., 1909-1919 British Library
creatorOf Vol. xxv. (ff. 252). [1899?]-1922, n.d.includes:f. 1 Guenther Gottlieb Carl Eugen von Jagow, German Foreign Minister: Letter to H. W. Steed of Guenther Gottlieb Carl Eugen von Jagow: 1899?: Fr. and Germ. f. 3 Professor Friedrich Paulsen, German philo..., 1899-1922 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXXXII (ff. 271). 16 Nov.-Dec. 1880.includes:f. 1 George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1861-1882.f. 3 James Russell Lowell, American author and diplomatist: Letters to W. E. Gladsto... British Library
creatorOf GORDON PAPERS (MOFFITT COLLECTION). Vol. XI (ff. 203). 1. ff. 1-78b. Addresses of condolence on the death of General Gordon to Augusta Gordon; 1885, 1888. Includes one address (f. 44b) to Sir Henry William Gordon. 2. ff. 79-149b. Copies of some of Ge..., 1875-1888 British Library
referencedIn Vol. IV (ff. 59). Letters addressed to Dr Garnett and Miss Neale, and a few other papers, relating to De Flagello Myrteo; 1905-1909. The writers are mostly men of letters, to whom presentation copies of the book had been sent; their names are given i..., 1905-1909 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXXXI (ff. 326). 24 Aug.-15 Nov. 1880.includes:f. 1 Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1854-1890.ff. 3, 20 George Henry Charles Byng, 3rd Earl of Strafford: Letters to W. E. Gladston... British Library
referencedIn CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN PAPERS. Vol. XVI (ff. 294). Correspondence of Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman with:-1. Sir Ughtred [James] Kay-Shuttleworth, 2nd Bart., 1st Baron Shuttleworth 1902, M.P., Secretary to the Admiralty (1892-1895), Chairman of the Royal Com..., 1882-1907 British Library
creatorOf SUPPLEMENTARY GLADSTONE PAPERS. Vol. VIII (ff. 181). Corres-pondence relating to Maj.-Gen. Charles George Gordon's mission to the Sudan; 1884-1888. Included is correspondence of Sir Henry William Gordon, brother of General Gordon, concerning Gordon's..., 1884-1888 British Library
creatorOf STRACHEY PAPERS (20TH CENTURY SERIES). Vol. X (ff. 171). 1. f. 1. G. E. Crawford; 1921. 2. f. 2. Col. Hon. Sir George Arthur Charles Crichton, G.C.V.O.; 1921. 3. ff. 3-9. Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer; 1911. 4. f. 10. Wilbur Lucius Cross, of the ..., 1901-1943 British Library
creatorOf MACMILLAN ARCHIVE. Vol. CDLXI. Correspondence with: 1. Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer; 1903-1916. 2. Sir James Rennell Rodd, afterw. 1st Baron Rennell; 1905-1925.James Rennell Rodd, 1st Baron Rennell: Correspondence with Macmillan and Co.: 1905-19..., 1903-1925 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIII (ff. 283). 1905.includes:ff. 1, 2, 23, 31, 35, 70 Vaughan Nash, CB; Secretary to Sir H Campbell-Bannerman: Correspondence with Sir H. Campbell -Bannerman: 1901-1905.f. 4 Arthur Divett Hayter, Baron Haversham: Letters to Sir H. Campbe..., 1905 British Library
creatorOf FINDLAY CORRESPONDENCE. Vol. I (ff. 194). Letters from Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer, including a last letter from his wife, Katherine; 1903-1917. Several of the letters contain as enclosures, letters to Cromer from Sir Eldon Gorst, Sir Reginald ..., 1903-1917 British Library
referencedIn CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN PAPERS. Vol. XIII (ff. 362). Correspondence of Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman with:-1. Sir Edward Grey, 3rd Bart. [K.G. 1912; Viscount Grey of Fallodon 1916], Foreign Secretary (1905-1916); 1899-1908. f. 1. 2. R[ichard] B[urdon] Haldan..., 1889-1908 British Library
referencedIn GLADSTONE PAPERS. Vol. DCXCI (ff. 201). Memoranda relating to naval expenditure, retirement from political life, the House of Lords, the Treaty of Berlin, etc., 1894-1897. Included are :-1. Accounts of his conversations with Queen Victoria and a mem..., 1894-1897 British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS: correspondence and papers, partly relating to William Eden, 1st Baron Auckland, and his family; 1717-1902. Some French. Purchased from John Wilson, Esq., 10 Feb. 1968. Paper; ff. 148. British Library arrangement. Contents: 1. ff..., 1717-1902 British Library
referencedIn CAMPBELL-BANNEPMAN PAPERS. Vol. XXI (ff. 260). Correspondence of Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman with:-1. William Robertson, of Dunfermline [knt. 1910; Lord Lieutenant of Fifeshire 1917]; 1895, 1898-1908. In this case the letters are, with few exceptions ..., 1884-1908 British Library
creatorOf CECIL OF CHELWOOD PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 274). 1. ff. 1-49. Correspondence with Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer; 1908, 1909. 2. ff. 50-108. Correspondence with Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long; 1908-1918. 3. ff. 109-158v. Letters from George Frede..., 1906-1945 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXV (ff. 311). July 1907-April 1908.includes:ff. 1, 3 (typewritten, signed), 200 John William Wilson, MP: Letters to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman: 1907-1908.ff. 5, 7 Thomas Arnold Herbert, MP; KC 1913: Letter, etc., to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerma... British Library
creatorOf SUPPLEMENTARY GLADSTONE PAPERS. Vol. VII (ff. 165). Corres-pondence relating to Egypt; 1882-1883. Some French.Egypt: Correspondence and papers of W. E. Gladstone rel. to: 1882-1883.includes:f. 3 England; Parliament: Speech by Lord Salisbury: 1882: ..., 1882-1883 British Library
creatorOf IDDESLEIGH PAPERS. Vol. XXI (ff. 141). Correspondence of Lord Northcote, 1869-1909, and of his wife, 1887-1921. Viz.: 1. ff. 1-11b. Letters of Queen Victoria to Lord and Lady Northcote; 1899, 1900. 2. ff. 12-14b. Letter of Edward VII to Lord Northcot..., 1869-1921 British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1566-1961, n.d. Paper and vellum; ff. 200. British Library arrangement. A. Letter from Thomas James Wise, in the hand of his wife Louise Wise, to William O. Raymond Esq., of Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Quebec, ..., 1566-1961 British Library
referencedIn 'EGYPT' BY SIR EVELYN BARING, G.C.M.G., 1st Earl of Cromer 1901, Agent and Consul-General in Egypt 1883-1907, originally dedicated (see 44903, f.5,44907, f.5) to his first wife, Ethel Stanley; 1895-1915. Typewritten, with numerous autograph additions..., 1895-1915 British Library
creatorOf CHARNWOOD AUTOGRAPHS. Vol. I. English historical autographs, etc., circa 16th-20th cent. Included are Henry VII, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, William III, Anne, and George II; Sir Philip Sidney, Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, Thomas, 3rd Bar..., approximately 16th century-20th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIV, 1899-1915.includes:f. 1 John William Mackail, of the Privy Council Office: Letters to Mary Gladstone: 1899, 1925.f. 2 George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll: Letter to Mary Gladstone: 1899.ff. 4, 6, 10 Charlotte Mary Yonge, nov..., 1899-1915 British Library
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