Parry, John

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Epithet: composer and harpist, d1782

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000976.0x000233

Epithet: Bishop of Ossory

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Epithet: musician composer and dramatist, d1851

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Epithet: Captain; RM

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Epithet: Secretary of the Royal Soc. of Musicians

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Role Title Holding Repository
creatorOf MUSIC PUBLISHING: album of receipts, agreements and letters of musicians, chiefly relating to the firms John and Thomas Preston (John Preston & Son), and Coventry and Hollier; 1773-1863. Mostly receipts for copyright in musical compositions. The sign..., 1773-1863 British Library
referencedIn 1. INSTRUMENTAL PARTS to "Two Words." f. 1. 2. First violin part of " Keolanthe." f. 127. 3. Instrumental parts of the incidental music to the " Merry Wives of Windsor," composed by Charles Edward Horn, in conjunction with Jonathan Blewitt, Thomas Si..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Harvard University Archives Photograph Collection: Portraits, ca. 1852-ca. 2004 Harvard University Archives.
creatorOf SONGS, TRADITIONAL AIRS, ETC., mostly by 18th and early 19th cent. English and French composers, including Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, Thomas Augustine Arne and Ignaz Joseph Pleyel, copied by Eliza Lane; signed and dated '30th Janry 1819' (f. 1). Preced... British Library
referencedIn ESSEX PAPERS. Vol. XIII. (ff. 374). 1 May-13 Sept. 1677, 2 May -9 Sept. 1679. 1. Letter from Henry Savile, on behalf of the Duchess of Cleveland; Whitehall, 8 May, 1677. f. 45. 2. Proposals of James, Duke of Ormonde, on becoming Lord-Lieutenant of Ir... British Library
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referencedIn MUSICAL autograph album of Eliza Wesley, containing short pieces, inscriptions and signatures of numerous composers, musicians, singers and others, English and foreign, written between 1836 and 1895. At the beginning are a few miscellaneous autograph..., 1836-1895 British Library
referencedIn John Edward Gray papers, 1783-1884, 1783-1884 American Philosophical Society
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, chiefly of British actors, dramatists, authors, musicians, etc., addressed mainly to Morris Barnett, actor and dramatist (b. 1800, d. 1856), and to Wellington Guernsey, song-writer and composer (b. 1817, d. 1885); 182..., 19th century British Library
creatorOf DOVASTON MUSIC MANUSCRIPTS (SERIES II). Vol. II. Collection of harpsichord pieces, together with a few songs, mostly from published sources; late 18th cent. The contents include works by J. Garth, M. Coyle, V. Nicolai, G. F. Handel, J. Hook, W. Felto... British Library
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referencedIn COLLECTIONS by Eliza Wesley relating to English and foreign composers, musicians, singers and others, consisting of engraved portraits, photographs, newspaper-cuttings, and other printed matter, with a few original letters, etc. The names are all giv..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Edison Sheet Music Collection, 1830-1958, (bulk 1890-1940) Library of Congress. Music Division
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creatorOf MS Mus. 1592. Letters of composers: A collection of letters of British composers, performers, promoters and publishers; 1825-1929; n.d. All names are in the index to this catalogue. Includes letters relating to Sacred Harmonic Society performances, f..., 1825-1929 British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXXVI (ff. 1007). Jan.-March 1837, except art. 25 (March 1836). (1) 'The Duchess de la Vallière', by Lord Lytton. Printed (1836). ff. 1-104 b. (2) 'The Wager or how to furnish a House without Money', by J. Parry. ff. 1... British Library
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