Long, Walter Hume, active 1891-1896, MP

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Title: 1st Viscount Long

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Epithet: MP

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Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
creatorOf ARNOLD-FORSTER PAPERS. Vol. XXXVII ('Vol. XII') (ff. 417). (1) Recruiting. ff. 8-115;-(2) Numbers. ff. 116-140b;-(3) Reserve. ff. 141-149;-(4) Indian drafts, etc. ff. 150-376;-(5) Scheme for seven and five years' enlistments. Supplements 50309. f... British Library
creatorOf Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st Baron, 1834-1913. Avebury Papers. A. General Correspondence, 1855-1911. Vol. XVI (ff. 140). July-Dec. 1889. British Library
creatorOf Vol. IX (ff. 199). 1911-1921.includes:f. 1 Algernon Seymour, 15th Duke of Somerset: Letter to Lord Halsbury: 1911.f. 3 Newton Wallop, Viscount Lymington; 6th Earl of Portsmouth: Letter to Lord Halsbury: 1911.f. 5 Sholto Douglas Campbell, 2nd Ba..., 1911-1921 British Library
creatorOf Vol. III (ff. 180). 1918-1925.includes:ff. 1, 7, 26-29b, 41 Sir Horace Curzon Plunkett, KCVO: Letters, etc., to Abp J. H. Bernard: 1916-1918: Partly signed, partly printed.f. 3 Thomas Sterling Berry, Bishop of Killaloe: Letter to Abp J. H. Bernar..., 1918-1925 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XVII (ff. 256). 1892-1896.includes:f. 1 Sir Walter Barttelot Barttelot, 1st Baronet: Letters to Lord Cross: 1883-1892. f. 2 Sir Robert Burnett David Morier, GCB; diplomatist: Letter to Lord Cross: 1892. f. 3 Field-Marshal Sir Frederick Sleigh ..., 1892-1896 British Library
creatorOf Vol. VI. 1887-1904, n.d.includes:ff. 1, 124 Oswald Walters Brierly, Knight 1885; marine painter: Letters to M. Guest from Oswald Walters Brierly: 1884-bef. 1895.f. 2 Montagu Lind: Letter to Sir O. W. Brierly from Montagu Lind: 1887.ff. 3, 36 La..., 1887-1904 British Library
creatorOf CROSS PAPERS. Vol. XXVI (ff. 205). Letters of condolence on the death of his wife; 1907.includes:f. 1 Louisa Agar, of Horsell, Woking: Letter to Lord Cross: 1907. f. 3 Annie D'Almaine: Letter to Lord Cross: 1907. f. 4 George Cubitt, 1st Baron Ashcomb..., 1907 British Library
creatorOf CHARNWOOD AUTOGRAPHS. Vol. I. English historical autographs, etc., circa 16th-20th cent. Included are Henry VII, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, William III, Anne, and George II; Sir Philip Sidney, Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, Thomas, 3rd Bar..., approximately 16th century-20th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCVIII (ff. 224). Aug. 1915-Apr. 1916.Albert I of Belgium: Papers rel. to the War Refugees Committee: 1914-1919.includes:f. 1 Sir Harry Fagg Batterbee, GCMG: Correspondence with Lord Gladstone: 1915.f. 2 William Wilson Hoy, General Manager, ... British Library
creatorOf CECIL OF CHELWOOD PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 274). 1. ff. 1-49. Correspondence with Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer; 1908, 1909. 2. ff. 50-108. Correspondence with Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long; 1908-1918. 3. ff. 109-158v. Letters from George Frede..., 1906-1945 British Library
creatorOf Vol. VIII (ff. 154). 1900-1910.includes:f. 1 George Henry Cadogan, 5th Earl Cadogan: Letter to Lord Halsbury: 1900.f. 3 Matthew White Ridley, 1st Viscount Ridley: Letter to Lord Halsbury: 1900.f. 5 Reverend Edward Mewburn Walker, Provost of Que..., 1900-1910 British Library
creatorOf AUTOGRAPH LETTERS AND VERSE; circa 1809-1929, n.d. Presented, with Add. Ch. 75730, by T. S. Blakeney, Esq., through the Friends of the National Libraries. Paper; ff. 150. Folio. 1809-1929. 1. ff. 1-24. Letters of ecclesiastics to Edward White Benson,..., 1804-1929 British Library
creatorOf Vol. LXXVII ('Vol. 17') (ff. 182). Oct. 1905.includes:ff. 3, 73, 96, 113-128, 153 Sir Francis Knollys, 1st Viscount Knollys: Correspondence on behalf of Edward VII, with H. O. Arnold-Forster: 1904-1905: Copies.ff. 3, 73, 96, 113-153 Edward VII of... British Library
creatorOf PERSONAL DOCUMENTS of Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long; 1876-1919. Purchased, with Add. MSS. 62403-624443, at Sotheby's, 28 July 1981, lot 141. British Library
creatorOf IDDESLEIGH PAPERS. Vol. XXI (ff. 141). Correspondence of Lord Northcote, 1869-1909, and of his wife, 1887-1921. Viz.: 1. ff. 1-11b. Letters of Queen Victoria to Lord and Lady Northcote; 1899, 1900. 2. ff. 12-14b. Letter of Edward VII to Lord Northcot..., 1869-1921 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXII (ff. 362). Feb. 1902-1904.includes:f. 1 b 'Geologist, An Amused.': Letter, so signed, to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman: 1902.f. 3 Hon Anna Maria Heywood Barlow, wife of J E Barlow, 1st Baronet 1907: Letter to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman: 190... British Library
creatorOf BALFOUR PAPERS. Vols. XCIV, XCV. Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long; 1895-1922., 1895-1922 British Library
creatorOf Vol. II (ff. 202). 1912-1917.includes:f. 1 Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Letter to Abp. J. H. Bernard: 1912: Signed.f. 3 Walter Hume Long, 1st Viscount Long: Letter to Abp J. H. Bernard: 1912: Signed.ff. 4-9 ..., 1912-1917 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCIX (ff. 266). May 1916-Dec. 1917.Albert I of Belgium: Papers rel. to the War Refugees Committee: 1914-1919.includes:ff. 1, 4 Sir Thomas Henry Elliott, 1st Baronet 1917; KCB: 1917. Letters to Lord Gladstone: 1916.f. 6 Gilbert Heathcote-Drum... British Library
creatorOf Correspondence and papers of Walter Hume Long (1854-1924), 1st Viscount Long (1921), statesman, mostly relating to his political career but including some earlier material on family history; 1775-1924, n.d. Partly typewritten and printed. Purchased, ..., 1775-1924 British Library
creatorOf JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XL (ff. 242). Correspondence of Jellicoe, principally with the Admiralty, relating to the publication of the 'Record' and the 'Narrative', and to other controversies over the battle; 1920-1927. Mostly typewritten. Includes (ff. ..., 1920-1927 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XLVIII (ff. 244). 1917.includes:f. 1 Admiral Sir William Lowther Grant, KCB: Letters, etc., to Lord Jellicoe: 1916, 1917.ff. 3-8, 14, 24, 30-31b, 131 Admiral Mark Edward Frederic Kerr: Letters to Lord Jellicoe: 1916, 1917.ff. 9, 16 Admiral..., 1917 British Library
creatorOf Vol. LXVIII ('Vol. 8') (ff. 147). Dec. 1904.includes:ff. 14, 142 Sir Francis Knollys, 1st Viscount Knollys: Correspondence on behalf of Edward VII, with H. O. Arnold-Forster: 1904-1905: Copies.ff. 14, 142 Edward VII of England: Correspondence, pa... British Library
referencedIn Papers of Field-Marshal Lord Birdwood, Indian Army; C-in-C, India 1925-30, 1883-1949 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLII (ff. 289). 1891-1896.includes:f. 1 Major-General William Kidston Elles, KCB 1891: Letters to Sir C. Dilke: 1889, 1891.f. 2 Harry Kynoch Hudson, CBE; Secretary to Sir C W Dilke: Minute by: 1891.f. 2 John Cooksey, proprietor of 'Dean F..., 1891-1896 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXIV (ff. 351). Dec. 1909-Feb. 1910.includes:f. 1 Richard Everard Webster, Viscount Alverstone: Correspondence with Lord Gladstone: 1905-1910.ff. 6, 146 Samuel Thomas Evans, President, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Courts; GCB 1916: Lette... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXV (ff. 311). July 1907-April 1908.includes:ff. 1, 3 (typewritten, signed), 200 John William Wilson, MP: Letters to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerman: 1907-1908.ff. 5, 7 Thomas Arnold Herbert, MP; KC 1913: Letter, etc., to Sir H. Campbell-Bannerma... British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXX (ff. 268). Oct. 1892-Mar. 1894.includes:ff. 1, 101, 106 Lieutenant-General Clements Robert Shaw: Letters, etc., to Lord Gladstone: 1892-1893.ff. 1, 28, 46, 49, 61, 91, 108, 187,191b James Granville Legge, of the Home Office: Corresponden... British Library
creatorOf CROSS PAPERS. Vol. XXV (ff. 263). Letters of condolence on the death of his son, William Henry; 1892-1894.Hon William Henry Cross, MP: Letters of condolence, etc., on his death: 1892-1894: Partly printed.includes:ff. 2, 82 Richard Everard Webster, ..., 1892-1894 British Library
creatorOf JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. LVII (ff. 260). 1. ff. 1-32. Admiralty memoranda on the 'Naval situation in the Far East' and 'Imperial Naval Defence'; 1919. Typewritten. 2. ff. 33-260. Correspondence and papers of Jellicoe relating to his Empire Naval Mission..., 1918-1920 British Library
creatorOf ARNOLD-FORSTER PAPERS. Vol. XLVI ('Vol. XXI') (ff. 344). (1) Cavalry. ff. 8-137;-(2) Guards. ff. 138-177;-(3) Artillery. ff. 178-280;-(4) Engineers. ff. 281-309;-(5) Royal Garrison Regiment. ff. 310-337;-(6) Scottish corps. ff. 338-344. 12 Apr. ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II (ff. i+91). 13 Jan.-27 Dec. 1903.Privy Council, The: Journal of Sir A. W. FitzRoy, chiefly as Clerk of the Council: 1898-1923.Sir Almeric William Fitzroy, KCB; Clerk of the Privy Council: Journal and correspondence: 1898-1928.Diaries and Memo... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XLIX (ff. 307). 1918-1936.includes:f. 1 Admiral George Holmes Barrett: Letter to Lord Jellicoe: 1918.f. 3 Admiral Sir Eric John Arthur Fullerton, KCB: Letter to Lord Jellicoe: 1918.f. 5 Vice-Admiral Vincent Barkly Molteno: Letter to Lord J..., 1918-1936 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXIII (ff. 292). Aug. 1914-1918.includes:f. 1 Harold Massingham, of Highgate: Letter to J. Burns: 1914.ff. 2, 130, 193 Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan, 3rd Baronet: Correspondence with J. Burns: 1895-1921.ff. 3, 4 (typewritten copy) Fred Mad... British Library
referencedIn KNIGHTLEY MANUSCIPTS. Vol. IV A (ff. 249). Letters and papers, mostly autograph, of peers, statesmen, men of letters, etc., arranged alphabetically; 1690 -1908. Included are three letters, in French, addressed to the Marquise du Châtelet (supplement..., 1690-1908 British Library
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Active 1501

Active 1949


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