MacFarren, George, dramatist and theatrical manager

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Epithet: dramatist and theatrical manager

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referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. XIII (ff. 490). March-May 1826. (1) 'Benyowsky'('Benyowsky or the Exiles of Kamschatka'), by J. Kenney. ff. 3-39 b. (2) 'Oberon or the Charmed Horn', by G. Macfarren. ff. 40-117. (3) 'Past and Present or what a Change!'... British Library
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creatorOf MS Mus. 1592. Letters of composers: A collection of letters of British composers, performers, promoters and publishers; 1825-1929; n.d. All names are in the index to this catalogue. Includes letters relating to Sacred Harmonic Society performances, f..., 1825-1929 British Library
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creatorOf ‘Original letters’: Loewe – Macintyre (ff. 226); 1828-1910, n.d.includes:ff. 1-2 Sophie Johanna Christina Loewe, soprano: Letter from Sophie Johanna Christina Loewe: 1841.ff. 3-4 Sophie Löwe, singer: Letter to the Directors of the Philharmonic So..., 1828-1910 British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXV (ff. 962). Jan.-March 1835. (1) 'A New Farce' ('A New Farce or a Scene of Confusion'), by J. B. Buckstone. ff. 2-32. (2) 'The Bottle of Champagne'. ff. 33-59. (3) 'Une Mère', by J. F. A. Bayard. French. Printed (183... British Library
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