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Arthur Hughes was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1915, and moved with his family to Detroit six months later. He was educated at Detroit's Western and Cass Technical High Schools. In 1933 Hughes took his first job at the Chrysler Dodge Main plant as a materials handler. A year later he was transferred to the paint department of the Dodge Truck plant where he subsequently became a paint repairman. He was active in UAW Local 140 at that plant and served in several elected positions including five terms as local union president. He participated in the 1937 sit down strikes and was instrumental in organizing the "Reuther Caucus" which was successful in electing Walter P. Reuther to the presidency of the UAW in 1946. Following the 1947 convention he was appointed assistant to UAW Region 1 director Mike Lacey and soon assumed the assistant directorship of the UAW Chrysler Department at Reuther's request. Hughes was actively involved in UAW Chrysler negotiations from 1941 until his retirement in 1978. He participated in collective bargaining for all working agreements and benefits packages during those years. He served on study committees which resulted in pension and SUB plans (in 1950 and 1955) and on the boards of administration of those programs. He was also involved in the development and implementation of the leadership education and pre-retirement counseling programs of the UAW Chrysler Department. The Detroit Area Labor Management Committee (1952), the World Auto Council (1964-1978), and the Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield (consumer representative to the Board of Directors since 1970) are some of the organizations Hughes has served. Upon his retirement Hughes began work on an official history of the UAW Chrysler Department. He also has acted as a consultant.
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Birth 1915

Active 1978




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