Malone, Edmund

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Epithet: Lieutenant; RN

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001032.0x000357

Epithet: of Add MS 37854

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Epithet: of Add MS 33542

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Epithet: of Add MS 30262

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Epithet: author and critic

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Epithet: of Add MS 20082

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creatorOf 'Richard the Third', a ‘burlesque operatic edition of Master Shakespeare's celebrated tragedy’ with additional notes by Malone, ‘arranged expressly’ for the Strand Theatre. Licence sent 21 April 1854 for performance at the Strand 17 April 1854. Re... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1566-1961, n.d. Paper and vellum; ff. 200. British Library arrangement. A. Letter from Thomas James Wise, in the hand of his wife Louise Wise, to William O. Raymond Esq., of Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Quebec, ..., 1566-1961 British Library
referencedIn SIXTEEN letters of Thomas Warton, D.D., to Edmond Malone, on literary matters; written chiefly from Trinity College, Oxford, 22 Jan.1781-5 Feb. 1790. Paper; ff. 16. Folio. British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL letters, addressed to Edmond Malone, on the subject of the monument to Dr. Johnson, to be erected in St. Paul's Cathedral, and the inscription written for it by Dr. Parr; 1791-1795. The writers are: 1. [Sir] Jos[eph] Banks [Bart.]; Soho Squa..., 1791-1795 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS autographs, acquired in 1877 and 1878., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn Vol.. VII (ff. 272). 20 Jan. 1807-23 Dec. 1809.includes:ff. 1-268 passim Charles Grey, Viscount Howick; 2nd Earl Grey, Prime Minister: Letters to T. Grenville: 1806-1820. f. 4 William Marsden, Secretary of the Admiralty 1804-1807; orientalist: Letter... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II, ff. 239.James Ingram, DD President of Trinity College, Oxford (1824): Annotations by(?): bef. 1826.includes:ff. 1, 3, 4 George Henry Lee, 4th Earl of Lichfield: Letters to Rev. T. Warton: 1771.f. 2 Jonathan Shipley, Dean of Winchester; B... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII (ff. 305). 3 Jan. 1810-26 July 1819.includes:ff. 1, 10, 75, 132, 218-231b, 235, 272, 285 Henry Richard Vassall Fox, 3rd Baron Holland; formerly Fox: Correspondence with T. Grenville: 1807-1828.f. 8 Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess ... British Library
referencedIn VOL. II.: Charles Macfarlane, f. 1. Edmond Malone, Jan. 23, 1799, f. 3. W. Matthews, Jan. 3, 1800, ff. 5, 6. J. C. Michell, July 3, 1827, f. 8. P. Moore, Apr. 7, 1820, f. 10. Hannah More, Jan. 23, 1798, f. 12. . . . Mortimer, Dec. 7, 1803, f. 14. W. ..., 1785-1828 British Library
referencedIn Donald Hyde and Mary Hyde Eccles Autograph Collection, 1505-1957 (inclusive), 1702-1854 (bulk). Houghton Library
referencedIn WINDHAM PAPERS. Vol. XCIII. (ff. 178). Miscellaneous Papers, viz.:-1. Grant by Charles II. to Colonel Francis Wyndham [cr. Bart. 1673] and Thomas Wyndham [his son] of the forfeited life-interest of Nicholas Love, the regicide, in the manor of Crownd..., 1660-1810 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL, LETTERS Of musicians, arranged as in the preceding volume ; 16th-19th centt. The names of writers are given in the Index. Among them are:-Dr. Thomas Augustus Arne. Sir Henry Rowley Bishop. Dr. William Boyce. Orlando Gibbons. Henry Lawes. Ma..., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn GOLDSMITH-PERCY PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 155). Collections and correspondence of Thomas Percy, relating (except art. i) to his Life of Goldsmith, viz.:-(1) Letter from Dr Samuel Johnson to the Rev. William Jessop, of Lismore, co. Waterford; 28 June 1766..., 1766-1810 British Library
creatorOf 'Macbeth travestie’, burlesque in two acts by — Malone. Licence sent 16 April 1853 for performance at the Strand 18 April 1853. Signature on title page. Songs included in MS. Stage directions and revisions in pencil. LCO Day Book Add. 53703 fla... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS English autograph letters:-A. Benjamin Charles Incledon to George Robbins; Ipswich, 15 Feb. 1816, f. 1. B. 1. Joseph Salvador to Charles Macklin; London, 6 Feb. 1761, f. 3. 2. Edmond Malone to his father; Avignon, 3 Dec. 1766, f. 5. 3...., 1699-1841 British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI. (ff. 711), 1795-1798.Panopticon: Correspondence and papers relating to Jeremy Bentham's panopticon: 1789-1812.includes:f. 3 John Lloyd: Letter to S. Bentham: 1795. f. 6 François d' Ivernois, French Economist and Writer: Letters to Jeremy Be..., 1795-1798 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL correspondence of the Right Hon. Henry Flood, member of the Irish parliament, chiefly on political subjects; 1765-1788. The writers are [James Caulfeild, Earl of ] Charlemont; [1765]-19 Dec. 1788, ff. 8, 10-25, 30-35, 48, 51-58, 69, 76, 80, ..., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn WINDHAM PAPERS. Vol. XIII. (ff. 189). Correspondence of W. Windham with the following:-1. Francis Maseres, chiefly on mathematical subjects; 20 June 1791-8 July 1805. ff. 1-34. 2. Thomas Mudge, jun., Count Brühl, Sir Joseph Banks, Sir George Shuckb..., 1791-1812 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. 1748-1815.John Douglas, DD; Bishop of Salisbury: Letters to, from distinguished Statesmen and authors: 1748-1813.includes:f. 1 James Bruce, African traveller: Letters to Dr. Douglas: 1788, 1790.ff. 3, 7, 9, 19-23, 26, 62, 82-87 William ..., 1748-1815 British Library
referencedIn ACCOUNT by Sir Joshua Reynolds of a tour in Holland and Belgium in 1781, with remarks on pictures, a character of Rubens, etc. Partly autograph, partly a copy with corrections by himself. Later corrections and notes have been added by Edmond Malone, ... British Library
referencedIn NOTES by Edmund Malone on passages in Shakspeare's plays, following the edition of Johnson and Steevens, London, 10 vols., 1773. Autograph. The substance of some of the notes, which are marked with an asterisk, is embodied in Malone's edition of 1790..., 1773 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS of sovereigns and noblemen, actors, artists, and authors; arranged in each class, according to the nationalities of the writers, under the beads of England, Flanders, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and th..., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. IX. (ff. 484). Lef-Mann.includes:f. 1 Co. Nicholas Lefebrue, RN: Biographical notes: 1845.f.3 Comm. John Le Feuvre, RN: Biographical notes,: 1844.f. 5 Rear-Admiral George Le Geyt, CB: Biographical notes: 1844.f. 11 Comm.Thomas Philip Le ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II, ff. 306, H-O.includes:ff. 1, 5 Sir Francis Seymour Haden, etcher and surgeon: Letters to C. W. and C. D. Sherbom: 1880, 1902. f. 7 Louis Haghe, lithographer and painter: Letter to W. Jerdan: 1848. f.8 Louis Haghe, lithographer and painter:... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS autoGraph letters, 1584-1836; viz.1. Martinus Crusius to Polycarp Leyser; Tübingen, 29 31ar. 1584. Lat. f. 1. 2. [Frangois de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon, Archbishop of Cambray]; 20 Jan. 1714. Fr. With engraved portrait. f. 2. 3. Giamb..., 1584-1836 British Library
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