Mann, Gother Frederick, active 1793-1828, General; Inspector-General of Fortifications

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Epithet: General; Inspector-General of Fortifications

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referencedIn Vol. II. (ff. i. + 186). 26 Jan. 1815-[circ. 25] Apr. 1816. The writers are:-1. Col. Sir Neil Campbell, commissioner with Napoleon in Elba; Florence, 26 Jan. 1815. f. 3. 2. Sir H. Lowe to (a) Sir 11. Buiibury; Brussels, etc., 30 Jan.-10 June, 1815.... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XII (ff. 308). Oct. 1823-June, 1824.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of W. Huskisson: 1820-1830.includes:ff. 1-174 passim Liverpool, Lancashire: Correspondence conc. remittance of Customs revenue from: 1823. ff. 1-174 passim Rev... British Library
referencedIn Vol. III (ff. 348). 18 Jan. 1812-27 Dec. 1828, n.d.includes:ff. 1, 240, 331 General Gother Frederick Mann, Inspector-General of Fortifications: Correspondence with Sir C. W. Pasley: 1811-1822.f. 3 Thomas Graham, Baron Lynedoch: Letters to Sir C. ... British Library
referencedIn Vol.CLXXXIX (ff. 320). 1806-1812.includes:f. 1 Edinburgh; University of Edinburgh: Memorial from the Medical Faculty to the Senatus Academicus: 1806. ff. 9, 11 b William Irving, Inspector-General of Imports and Exports: Returns signed by: 1801-1826..., 1806-1812 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II (ff. 367). 31 Jan. 1807-29 Dec. 1811.includes:ff. 1-352 passim Wilhelmina Malcolm, daughter of George Malcolm of Burnfoot: Correspondence with Sir C. W. Pasley: 1797-1832.ff. 3-241 passim Jean Pasley, afterwards Briggs; daughter of Charle... British Library
referencedIn Vol. LIII (ff. 358). Apr. 1806-Aug. 1808.includes:f. 2 Lieutenant-General Sir James Murray, 7th Baronet of Clermont afterwards Murray-Pulteney: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1804-1808. f. 2 William Pollock, Chief Clerk, Home Office... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I,ff. 255. Letters to Maj.-Gen. Alexander Stewart of the 3rd Foot (the Buffs), Commandant at Ostend during the campaign in Flanders under Frederick Augustus, Duke of York, in the war of the First Coalition against France; 7 Aug. 1793-31 Mar. 17..., 1793-1794 British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII (ff. i+184). 1813.includes:f. 34 Henry Goulburn, PC; MP: Correspondence with Lord Palmerston: 1810-1813.ff. 50, 51 (copies) Lieutenant-General Lewis Mosheim: Return of recruits at the Foreign Depot: 1812.ff. 52, 53 Major R. J. Wingfie..., 1813 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXIII (ff. 353). 23 May-July, 1818.includes:f. 1 John Jones, of Manchester: Letter to the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1818. ff. 3, 5 George Parker, 4th Earl of Macclesfield: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1805-1823. f. 6 Morton Ed... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CLXXXII (ff. 267). 1824-1828.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:f. 1 Windsor Castle; Berkshire: Suggested improvements at: 1824. f. 1 Charles Long, Baron Farnborough (1826); Secreta..., 1824-1828 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CX (ff. 373). June, 1824-Feb. 1825.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:f. 2 Reverend Samuel Watson, DD: Memorial to George IV: 1824. f. 4 Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St David's and (18... British Library
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Place Name Admin Code Country
Walmer Castle, Dover
Orford Ness, Suffolk
Old and New Romney, Kent
Kensington Palace, Middlesex
Naples and Sicily, Kingdom of, Italy
Deal, Kent
Ireland, Europe
Ceylon, Asia
Tipperary, county of, Ireland
Fort William, Scotland
Fort Augustus, Invernesshire
River Stour, Kent
Sandwich, Kent
Firth of Forth, Scotland
Dover, Kent
Demerara, British Guiana
Netherlands, Europe
Queensferry, Scotland
Liverpool, Lancashire
Dublin, Ireland
Mexico, Central America
Scotland, United Kingdom
Blenheim Park, Oxfordshire
Tasmania, Australia
Sheerness, Kent
Walmer, Kent
Spanish America, Americas
London, England
Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey
St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
Ireland, Europe
Sheerness, Kent
Heligoland, Germany
Northfleet, Kent
Ostend, Flanders
Sunderland, Durham
United States of America
Essex, England
Ireland, Europe
United States of America
Essex, England
Peregil Island, Morocco
Mexico, Central America


Active 1793

Active 1828

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