Burnet, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury

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Epithet: Bishop of Salisbury

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referencedIn COLLECTION OF AUTOGRAPHS, consisting of notes, superscriptions and subscriptions to letters, signatures, etc., on scraps of paper. Some were the property of James Petiver, apothecary and botanist, in whose correspondence (Sloane MSS. 4062-4067) lette..., 1584-1755 British Library
referencedIn " PRECEDENTS concerning Impeachments in Parliament, compiled by William Petyt, of the Inner Temple, Esq. [afterwards Keeper of the Records], pursuant to an order of the House of Peers made 8 Oct. 1690; to which are added many interesting Papers relat... British Library
referencedIn BIRCH'S TILLOTSON COLLECTIONSCollection of papers, letters, etc., made by Thomas Birch, chiefly in preparation for his 'Life' of John Tillotson (d. 1694), Archbishop of Canterbury; 1680-1761. The 'Life' was prefixed to the 1752 edition of Tillotson's..., 1680-1761 British Library
referencedIn 1. List of miscellaneous letters ascribed to Junius, with notes on what authority, and notes of publications on the authorship of the Junius letters, etc. [by Joseph Parkes, author of the "Life of Sir P. Francis "], f. 1. 2. John Horne Tooke to Sir F..., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn POEMS and other pieces, chiefly satirical. Most are dated, the extreme dates, some but not all of which-seem to be those rather of copying than of composition, being 1687 and Feb. 1711 [17121. There are many references to the Kit-Cat Club and its mem..., 1698-1740 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XVIII (ff. 287). Enclosures: 7/17 Sept. 1686-12 Jan. 1687/8.James Scott, Duke of Monmouth: Letters and papers rel. to his invasion and rebellion, and supporters in the Netherlands, etc.: 1685-1688.: Dutch and Engl.: Partly printed or copies.incl... British Library
referencedIn 1. COMMON-PLACE Book of Thomas Morell, D.D., containing extracts from published works on History and Antiquities; especially foin Polydore Vergil, and Bishop Burnet's History of his own Times, f. 1. 2. "A Chronological Table alphabetically digested b..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXCVI (ff. 181). Sto-V. [1685?]-1718includes:ff. 1b-2 Captain James Stoker, 1st Dragoon Guards: Memorial to Duke of Marlborough: circ. 1708.ff.3-14b Nicholas Stokes, Quartermaster, F Langston's Horse: Memorials, etc., to Duke of Marlborough,..., 1685-1718 British Library
referencedIn LETTERS on general and public business, addresses and petitions, partly to King William III., but principally to William Bentinck, Earl of Portland, from natives of Holland and others, in the years 1688-1696, with some of earlier and later dates, fro..., 1679-1708 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XIX (ff. 290). Enclosures: 26 Jan.-28 Oct. 1688, n.d.Sir Ignatius White, Baronet; Marquis d'Albeville; English diplomatist: Enclosures with the above: 1687-1688.includes:ff. 1-275 b passim Netherlands, United Provinces: Resolutions of the Stat... British Library
referencedIn MEMOIRS of the Lives of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton, by Gilbert Burnet [afterwards Bishop of Salisbury]. A transcript, with autograph corrections and additions. Imperfect; ends in p. 318 of the edition of 1677. The preface is different. Pape..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Argyll, Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl, 1629-1685. Letters to the Duke of Lauderdale. March 1671 - Sept. 1673. British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. 372). 25 May\4June ,1690 -29 May\8June, 1691. The principal writers are: -Charles Berkeley, Viscount Dursley, Ambassador to the Netherlands; -William Duncombe, Ambassador to Sweden;-Hon. John Johnston, Ambassador to Prussia;-Robert Mo..., 1690-1691 British Library
referencedIn Ireland: Letters and papers of Dr. E. Borlase, relating chiefly to the Rebellion of 1641.: 1608-1682.Edmund Borlase, MD, of Chester: Letters and papers, chiefly rel. to the Rebellion in Ireland: in 1641, late 17th cent.includes:f. 1 London PARISHES... British Library
referencedIn Vol. V., 1677-1695:-1. Sir T. Higgons to Secretary Henry Coventry, on his negotiations; Venice, 15, 22 Jan., 19 Febr., 5, 12 March, 167,; 9 April, 1677. Hologr. ff. 1, 3, 22, 24, 26, 28. 2. Proceedings in the House of Lords on the re-assembling of P..., 1677-1695 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXXIII (ff. 190). (1) Letters from the Duchess to Sir David Hamilton, M.D., physician to Queen Anne, relating to her vindication, and intended to be read to the Queen, including (f. 91) a single note from Hamilton, and (ff. 39-49b) extracts fr..., 1710-1711 British Library
referencedIn Vol. i. 1671-1693.James Cressett, diplomatist: Letters to J. Ellis: 1693-1704.Israel Feilding, Commissary-General in Ireland, Commissioner for Victualling the Navy: Letters to J. Ellis: 1688-1707.includes:f. 1 Francis Hill: Letter to Sir J. Williamso..., 1671-1693 British Library
creatorOf CHARNWOOD AUTOGRAPHS. Vol. I. English historical autographs, etc., circa 16th-20th cent. Included are Henry VII, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, William III, Anne, and George II; Sir Philip Sidney, Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, Thomas, 3rd Bar..., approximately 16th century-20th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXCIX (ff. 201). (1) For admission to Chelsea Hospital, with related papers; 1703-1714, n.d. Partly signed. ff. 1-54b. (2) From soldiers' widows and estranged wives, with related papers; 1702-1712, n.d. Partly French and Dutch. ff. 55-201.Anne..., 1702-1714 British Library
referencedIn Richard Symonds (1617-1660), royalist and antiquary: Commonplace-book, circa 1637-1677, with later additions partly by Sir Richard Gipps (d. 1708), circa 1685-1715. Mainly autograph. Partly Latin, Greek and Italian, and engraved. Several distinct sta..., 1632-1715 British Library
referencedIn Malet family. State papers, historical documents, and official and private letters, formerly belonging to the family of Malet, Baronets, of Wilbury, co. Wilts. Vol. IV, July 1660-1676. British Library
referencedIn BIRCH'S BURNET COLLECTIONSCollections by Thomas Birch on the life and works of Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, supplemental to the article in Bayle's A General Dictionary; 1702-circ. 1735. The contents are as follows:-(1) Notes on Bishop Burnet..., 1702-approximately 1735 British Library
referencedIn HODGKIN PAPERS. Vol. X (ff. 256). Documents illustrative of social history, etc.; 1573-1843. 1. Deposition, signed by Rycherd Page, Heughe He[y]ward, Davy Myller, and (by a mark) John Blonte, of St. Clement's parish [St. Clement Danes, London], respe..., 1573-1843 British Library
referencedIn HARDWICKE PAPERS. Vol. DCCCCXXII. Miscellaneous letters and papers, chiefly literary; 1707-1794. Included are:-1. Alexander Pope to [the Rev. Ralph] Bridges, in answer to criticisms on his Homer; 5 April, [1708]. Copy. Printed in Elwin's Works of Po..., 1707-1794 British Library
referencedIn PIERRE BAYLE LETTERSCollection of original letters (with some copies) chiefly of Pierre Bayle, author of La Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, to various French, Dutch and Swiss literary persons, among them being Pierre Des Maizeaux, Abbé Claude Ni..., 1670-approximately 1739 British Library
referencedIn Copies of Moreau's newsletters and despatches to the King [of Poland, John III Sobieski], with enclosures (resolutions of the States-general, diplomatic correspondence, etc.) and a few other papers; 2 Dec. 1687-30 July, 1688.includes:ff. 5 b-102 b pa... British Library
referencedIn Vol. DCXLIV (ff. 266). 1840-1841.Trade and Plantations; Board of Commissioners for: Papers of W. E. Gladstone as Vice-President and President: 1841-1845.includes:ff. 1-13 Eton College; Berkshire: Newcastle Scholarship papers set by W. E. Gladstone..., 1840-1841 British Library
referencedIn PROCEEDINGS of General Assemblies and Synods of the Church of Scotland, 1560-1643 ; extracted from the printed works of Calderwood, Spotiswood, and Burnet. With a table of contents. Paper; ff. 124. xviiith cent. Folio.Kingdom of Scotland: Proceedings... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANE0US antiquarian notes, made chiefly in or about the year 1742, including:-1. Alphabet of Dorsetshire and other arms. f. 2. 2. Pedigrees of Floyer, co. Devon; Wadham, co. Somerset; Borkeley, co. Worcester. ff. 7, 8, 11. 3. Quarterings of Wa... British Library
creatorOf BLAKENEY COLLECTION. Vol. LI. Miscellaneous documents and fragments; circa 15th cent.-1941, n.d. Partly copies and printed. Partly Latin and French. Vellum and paper; ff. 119. Largest size 340 x 213mm. 1. ff. 1-11. Fragments of medieval manuscripts, ..., 1400-1941 British Library
referencedIn Copies of Moreau's newsletters and despatches to the King [of Poland, John III Sobieski], with enclosures (resolutions of the States-general, diplomatic correspondence, etc.) and a few other papers; 28 May, 1686-25 Nov. 1687.Newsletters From Holland:... British Library
referencedIn Vol. V. (ff. 111). Miscellaneous, but chiefly prominent historical figures. In narrative form, in Birch's autograph.includes:f. 1 Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham d 1483: Biographical notice: 18th cent.f. 5 Henry VII of England: Biographica... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLIII (ff. 95). Miscellaneous note-books, 18th-19th centt., containing abstracts of works by Francis Bacon, Bishop Gilbert Burnet, Dr John Campbell, etc. On one of the items (f. 86) is the owner's name, E[dward] W[illiam] W[ynne] Pendarves, M.P...., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn CAST of the seal of Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury. Presented by Mr. R. Ready.Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury: Cast of seal. British Library
referencedIn Vol. II, ff. 441, July, 1681-1691.Sir Leoline Jenkins, Secretary of State: Correspondence with Col. H. Sydney: 1680, 1681.Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland: Correspondence with Col. H. Sydney: 1674, 1679 -1681, 1689.Colonel Henry Sydney, Viscou... British Library
referencedIn LETTERS from Thomas Burnet, son and biographer of Bishop Gilbert Burnet, to George Duckett, of Hartham, co. Wilts, M.P., on political and literary, as well as private, matters; 8 Apr. 1712-25 Jan. 1722 (N. s.) Most of them are written from London, an... British Library
referencedIn 1. "LA Chanson de L'Abbé Malotru." A portion of a French satirical poem on the Abbé Michel de St. Martin, under the name of Malotru, addressed to the inhabitants of Caen; with a caricature of the Abbé, and a sonnet, stated in a letter on the back, si..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn BARRINGTON PAPERS. Vol. VIII. (ff. 240). Political and other papers; 1580-1820. Included are:-1. "Sute" of the churchwardens and overseers of Maldon, co. Essex, to Sir John Popham, on a question of rating with opinion; [circ. 1580]. 2. Commission fr..., 1580-1820 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERs addressed to Sir James Turner, during the years 1672-1682, by the following persons: William Douglas, Duke of Hamilton; his wife, Anne, Duchess of Hamilton; their son, James, Earl of Arran ; Gilbert Burnett, Professor of Divinity at ..., 1672-1682 British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS of warrants and other papers relating to the constitution and government, as well as to the contents, of the Paper Office. With a table of contents (ff. 1, 2) in the hand of Rev. Philip Morant. Included are:-1. List of Keepers of the Pap... British Library
referencedIn VOL,. II. Sir John Holland, Sir James Harington, and others of the Commissioners to receive the King from the Scotch, 1646, f. 1; Sir Thomas Fairfax, 1646, f. 2; [John Maitland, 2nd Earl of] Lauderdale, [Archibald Campbell, Marquess of] Argyll, and o..., 17th century-18th century British Library
creatorOf GILBERT BURNET, BISHOP OF SALISBURY: 'The History of my own Life and of the most Remarkable Things that I have known and Observed in the World'; 1683-circa 1695The first volume is prefaced by Burnet's account of his own early life (ff. 1-17), and tak..., 1683-approximately 1695 British Library
referencedIn BLENHEIM PAPERS. Vol. DXLVIII (ff. 166). Correspondence and papers relating to Huguenots; 1703-1720: — (1) Letters and proposals for a project against Plaisance, from Michel de Monsegur, Huguenot of Bayonne; [1706?]-1709. French. ff. 1-35b. (2) Lette..., 1703-1721 British Library
creatorOf GILBERT BURNET, BISHOP OF SALISBURY: 'The History of my own Life and of the most Remarkable Things that I have known and Observed in the World'; 1683-circa 1695The second volume continues to the death of Mary II in December 1694.Paper; ff. 162. Origi..., 1683-approximately 1695 British Library
referencedIn MIDDLETON PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 322). Papers rel. to preparations of William, Prince of Orange, in Holland, for the invasion of England, letters from the Channel ports detailing the movements of his fleet, letters from Lords Lieutenants, customs' and..., 1688 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1710Paper, in folio, ff. 359, XVII Century; bound with Nos.1691 & 1731 A.1. Notae quaedam Historicae pro annis 1176, 1189, 1181. f. 1.2. 'Threneticon Trojae', versibus elegiacis. f. 2.Incip. 'Pergama flere volo, fato Danais data Solo capta dol... British Library
referencedIn Major Richard Salwey, Prisoner in the Tower: Allowance of materials to, for petitioning Charles II.: 1661.Philip V of Spain: Account of Spanish ships taken and burnt in Rodondello Harbour by the English and Dutch,: 1702.includes:f. 1 Elizabeth I of E... British Library
referencedIn Vol. DCXLIX (ff. 294). 1844.Trade and Plantations; Board of Commissioners for: Papers of W. E. Gladstone as Vice-President and President: 1841-1845.includes:ff. 1, 260 British America, and United States: Memoranda on commercial relations with: 1844..., 1844 British Library
referencedIn STREATFEILD COLLECTIONS. Vol. XLV1I. Original documents, most of which relate to the affairs of, or are written by residents in, the county of Kent; 1493-1810. Amongst them are the following :-1. Acquittance by William Warham [Archbishop of Canterbu..., 1493-1810 British Library
referencedIn William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton: Memoirs of, by Bishop Burnet: 1677.James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton: Memoirs of, by Bishop Burnet: 1677.Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury: Memoirs of the Dukes of Hamilton: 1677.: Partly autogr. British Library
referencedIn Vol. DCCVIII (ff. 306). [19th century]includes:ff. 1-9 Art. Artists: Memoranda on Schools of Painting: n.d.ff. 10-16, 292-306 passim Homer: Memoranda rel. to, by W. E. Gladstone: 1840-1891.ff. 17-24 John Milton: Memorandum by W. E. Gladstone re..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn LETTERS and papers, public and private, collected by John Smyth, of Nibley, and his family, chiefly relating to co. Gloucester; 1632-xviiith cent. The latter portion (ff. 121-304) consists of correspondence of [James Butler, lst] Duke of Ormonde, pri..., 1632-18th century British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of transcripts of political tracts and poems, satires, lampoons, epigrams, ballads, etc., illustrating the history of the reigns of Charles II.-Anne, and more particularly the period of the Revolution, with a few pieces dating earlier in t... British Library
referencedIn Vol. IV (ff. 312). T-W. Together with miscellaneous notes among which are: (a) extracts relating to Cambridge men, from Thomas Baker's collections in Harley MSS.7031-7037. ff. 178-201;-(b)'Alphabetical list of Lives' by Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Ox... British Library
referencedIn THORESBY PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 309). Letters, etc., of Archbishops and Bishops arranged in alphabetical order of see; circ. 1551-1721. Latin and English. At the beginning are lists made by R. Thoresby of his collections of original letters and the sour..., approximately 1551-1721 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXIV (ff. 67). Misc.includes:ff. 3, 39 Bocca, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Turin: Letters to the Royal Society: 1754.: Fr.f. 5 Count Francesco Algarotti,; Italian scholar: Letters to T. Birch: 1756, 1759.: Ital.f. 7 Sir Th... British Library
referencedIn ORIGlNAL correspondence of John Colbatch, D.D., Chaplain to the British Factory at Lisbon, Rector of Orwell, and Professor of Moral Theology at Cambridge; 1695-1740. The writers are: P[aul] Methuen [afterwards K.B., British Envoy at Lisbon]; 13 Sept...., 1695-1740 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2183Paper, in Quarto, ff. 151. XVII Century: formerly belonging to Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury.'De l'education d'un Prince depuis sa naissance jusqu'a lâge de sept ans. Avec quelques avis pour le temps qu'il doit passer des mains des f... British Library
referencedIn Vol. DVII (ff. 239). 1705-May 1708.includes:f. i John Gellibrand, Clerk of the Cheque to Messengers of the Chamber: Letter to: 1705.f. 1 Sir Charles Cox, MP: Letter to J. Gellibrand: 1705.ff. 1-3, 167, 171 John Lade, MP: Depositions, etc., rel... British Library
referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE and papers of Admiral Arthur Herbert, cr. Earl of Torrington, 1689, chiefly relating to the Revolution of 1688, and including letters of William, Prince of Orange, William Bentinck, Gilbert Burnet, etc.; 1680-1690. The contents are:-1..., 1680-1690 British Library
referencedIn ROBERT BOYLE PAPERSLetters and Papers relating to the life and works of the Hon. Robert Boyle (d. 1691) and especially to the edition of his Works of 1744 (see Add. MS. 4228); 1657-1744. (1) 'An Account of Mr Boile's first Physico-Mechanical Experime..., 1657-1744 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CXCVIII (ff. 183). (1) For multiple commissions, chronologically arranged; 1702-1708, n.d. Partly French. ff. 1-111b. (2) For army doctors; 1699-1711, n.d. ff. 112-138b. (3) For army chaplains; 1703-1709, n.d. ff. 139-183b.England Army of. Of..., 1699-1711 British Library
referencedIn Vol. DVIII (ff. 221). June 1708-June 1709.includes:f. 1 Benjamin Bynes, clergyman: Letter to Rev. -Jones: 1708.f. 3 Patrick Scott, prisoner in Newgate: Letters to Lord Sunderland: 1708.: Partly signed.ff. 5-8b Richard Bury, Mayor of Weymouth: ... British Library
referencedIn Collection of letters and papers made by Thomas Birch, chiefly transcripts in his autograph but including a few original letters; 17th-I 8th centt. Included are: (a) copies of the correspondence of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, made from..., 17th century-18th century British Library
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London, England
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Wolveton House, Charminster
Ixning, Suffolk
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Dunblane, Perthshire
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Tralee Castle, Kerry
Bordeaux, France
Netherlands, Europe
Stade, Germany
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Lambourne, Essex
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Danzig, Germany
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Limerick Castle, Limerick
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Venice, Italy
Netherlands, Europe
Dunfermline, Fifeshire
Barking, Essex
Birks, Berwick-upon-Tweed
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Askeaton Castle, Limerick
Mallow Castle, Cork
Armley, West Riding of Yorkshire
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Renfrewshire, Scotland
Isle of Man, England
Ireland, Europe
Portugal, Europe
Rathbarry Castle, Cork
Methven, Perthshire
Gloucester, Gloucesterhire
Shropshire, England
Canterbury, Province of, Kent
Middlesex, England
Dorset, England
Hampton Court, Middlesex
Lanarkshire, Scotland
Tangier, Morocco
Clavering Hundred, Essex
Italy, Europe
Emden, Hanover
Ramillies, Brabant
Canterbury, Kent
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elmden, Essex
Besthorpe, Norfolk
Netherlands, Europe
Flamstead, Hertfordshire
India, Asia
Loghort al. Loegar Castle, Cork
Ireland, Europe
Kent, England
China, Asia
St Malo, Ile et Vilaine
Uley, Gloucestershire
Algiers, Africa
Norway, Europe
Cranbrook, Kent
Devizes, Wiltshire
Plaisance, Gers
Great Totham, Essex
Limerick, Ireland
Canada, North America
Netherlands Southern Provinces, the Netherlands
Exeter, Devon
London, England
Netherlands, Europe
Kelvedon, Essex
Gateshead, Durham
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ireland, Europe
Darien, Panama
Clare Castle, Clare
Devizes, Wiltshire
Spires, Germany
Colchester, Essex
Troy, Asia Minor
Worcestershire, England
Kent, England
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Fontenoy, Belgium
Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire
Uttlesford Hundred, Essex
Germany, Europe
Faversham, Kent
Edinburgh, Scotland
Coggeshall, Essex
Calstock, Cornwall
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Turkey, Asia Minor
Dublin, Ireland
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
East Looe, Cornwall
Ireland, Europe
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Friesland, Province of, the Netherlands
Gloucestershire, England
Netherlands, Europe
Malaga, Spain
Kinsale, Cork
Ireland, Europe
Archiestoun Castle, Tipperary
Venice, Italy
Northall, Middlesex
Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
London, England
Gloucestershire, England
London, England
Wynendael, West Flanders
Monmouthshire, England
London, England
Hampton Court, Middlesex
Dorchester, Dorset
Tangier, Morocco
Castle Matrix, Limerick
India, Asia
Canterbury, Kent
Lille, France
West Indies, America
Tibet, Asia
Netherlands, Europe
Bruges, Belgium
Essex, England
Baddow, Essex
Gravesend, Kent
Herefordshire, England
London, England
United States of America
Harvington, Worcestershire
Florence, Italy
Netherlands, Europe
London, England
London, England
Jamaica, Central America
Netherlands, Europe
York, Yorkshire
Sunbury, Middlesex
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Bristol, Gloucestershire
Flanders, Belgium
Caen, Calvados
Scotland, United Kingdom
Ireland, Europe
Walden, Essex
Gibraltar, Spain
Netherlands, Europe
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Wales, United Kingdom
Deal, Kent
Tunbridge, Kent
Leverington, Cambridgeshire
Genoa, Italy
Marocco, Africa
Netherlands, Europe
Cranley, Surrey
Ireland, Europe
Ayrshire, Scotland
Overijssel, Province of, Holland
Newfoundland, Canada
Ireland, Europe
Isle of Man, England
Jamaica, Central America
Leyden, Holland
Appleby, Westmorland
Lowestoft, Suffolk
Parts of Lindsey, Lincolnshire
Manchester, Lancashire
Algiers, Africa
Redondela, Spain
Netherlands, Europe
Loretto, Italy
Eton, Buckinghamshire
Stockton-on-Tees, Durham


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