Gibson, Edward, 1st Baron Ashbourne

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Title: 1st Baron Ashbourne

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000543.0x0000ca

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Role Title Holding Repository
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. LXXIII (ff. 143). General Irish correspondence and papers; 1867 -Nov. 1885.includes:f. 2 Richard Southwell Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo; Lord Naas: Letters to 4th Lord Carnarvon: 1858-1867.f. 13 Lieutenant-General Henry Hope C... British Library
creatorOf Vol. CI (ff. 177). 1883-1889, n.d.includes:f. 6 Sir George Christopher Trout Bartley, founder of the National Penny Bank: Correspondence with 4th Lord Carnarvon: 1883-1884.f. 10 James Talbot, 1st Baron Talbot de Malahide: Letter to 4th Lord Carna..., 1883-1889 British Library
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. LXXIV (ff. 145). 1. ff. 1-131. General Irish correspondence and papers; Dec. 1885 -1889, n.d. 2. ff. 132-145. Rough indexes to some of the contents of the Irish papers; not all the material listed is necessarily still in the c... British Library
creatorOf Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st Baron, 1834-1913. Avebury Papers. A. General Correspondence, 1855-1911. Vol. VIII (ff. 220). 1878-1882. British Library
referencedIn KNIGHTLEY MANUSCIPTS. Vol. IV A (ff. 249). Letters and papers, mostly autograph, of peers, statesmen, men of letters, etc., arranged alphabetically; 1690 -1908. Included are three letters, in French, addressed to the Marquise du Châtelet (supplement..., 1690-1908 British Library
referencedIn SUPPLEMENTARY AUCKLAND PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 147). General correspondence; 1697-1899.wife of William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, Mary: Letter to Lady Buckinghamshire: bef. 1834.includes:f. 1 Exchequer: Exchequer bill: 1697.: Printed. f. 1 Sir Robe..., 1697-1899 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XII (ff. 202). Apr. 1880-1883.includes:ff. 1-3 Richard Bennett, election agent: Letter, etc., to R. A. Cross: 1880: Mainly printed.ff. 2-3 Elections Parliamentary: Addresses, etc., of the Conservative candidates and election Committee for So... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XIV (ff. 222). Jan.-20 Aug. 1886.includes:f. 1 William Stubbs, Bishop of Chester and (1889) of Oxford: Letters to Lord Cross: 1882-1894.ff. 2-5, 11 Edward Gibson, 1st Baron Ashbourne: Letters to Lord Cross: 1880.f. 6 Henry Austin Bruce, 1s... British Library
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. CCXCVIII (ff. 194). 1. ff. 1-3. Statement by Lord Carnarvon of his private expenses for 1855; n.d. [1856?]. 2. ff. 4-73. Correspondence of Lord Carnarvon with his second wife Elsie (Elizabeth); 1877-1889. 3. ff. 74-92. Legal pa..., 1855-1904 British Library
creatorOf Vol. VII (ff. 156). Galenga -Grenfell.includes:ff. 1-6 Antonio Carlo Napoleone Gallenga, writer: Letters to T. H. S. Escott from Antonio Carlo Napoleone Gallenga: 1882-1885.ff. 7-11 Sir Francis Galton, FRS: Letters to T. H. S. Escott from Sir Fr... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XIII (ff. 209). 1884-1885.includes:f. 1 Charles Newdigate Newdegate, MP: Letter to Sir R. A. Cross: 1884.f. 4 Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln: Letters to Sir R. A. Cross: 1873-1884.ff. 6, 93 Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, Barone..., 1884-1885 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XCIX (ff. 174). 1882-1890.includes:f. 1 Sir Robert George Wyndham Herbert, GCB; Colonial Under-Secretary: Correspondence with 4th Lord Carnarvon: 1849-1890: Partly Lat.ff. 4, 5 Spencer Horatio Walpole, PC; MP: Letters to 4th Lord Carnarvon: ..., 1882-1890 British Library
creatorOf BALFOUR PAPERS. Vol. CXXXIII (ff. 148). 1. ff. 1-80b. Edward Gibson, 1st Baron Ashbourne; 1887-1891. 2. ff. 76-148. Dodgson Hamilton Madden; 1891-1914.includes:ff. 1-80b Edward Gibson, 1st Baron Ashbourne: Letters to A. J. Balfour: 1887-1891.ff. 76..., 1887-1914 British Library
creatorOf CARNARVON PAPERS. Vol. LIV (ff. 263). Correspondence and papers of Lord Carnarvon relating to: 1. ff. 1-67. India; 1878-1887. 2. ff. 68-112. The West Indian sugar industry; 1883-1884. 3. ff. 113-118. Jamaica and Governor Eyre; 1866, 1886. 4. ff. 119-..., 1866-1889 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XV (ff. 209). 21 Aug. 1886-1887.includes:ff. 1, 72 Rev. Francis Ed[ward?] Belcombe, of Edinburgh: Letter to Lady Cross: 1886. f. 2 Margaret Arnold Fearon, daughter of Professor Bonamy Price: Letter to Lady Cross: 1866. f. 4 Harvey Goodwin, Bisho... British Library
creatorOf CHARNWOOD AUTOGRAPHS. Vol. I. English historical autographs, etc., circa 16th-20th cent. Included are Henry VII, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, William III, Anne, and George II; Sir Philip Sidney, Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, Thomas, 3rd Bar..., approximately 16th century-20th century British Library
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Netherlands, Europe
Waterloo, Belgium
Newton, Lancashire
India, Asia
Greenwich, Kent
Newton, Lancashire
Newton, Lancashire


Active 1501

Active 1914

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