Dibdin, Thomas John, actor and dramatist

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Epithet: actor and dramatist

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referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. VOI. XXXVII (ff. 672). March-May 1830 (see also 42883, art. 12). (1) 'The Wigwam or the Men of the Wilderness' altered from 'The Delawares', by T. J. Dibdin. ff. 1-29. (2) 'The Dragon's Gift' altered from 'Chip Chow or the S... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1039. ‘Dolores’ Manuscripts. Vol. vi. A volume of pieces for vocal ensemble and piano by various composers; between circa 1800 and circa 1840. Glees, partsongs and opera excerpts arranged for voices and piano.ff. 72. 295 x 240mm. Half l..., 1795-1845 British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. III (ff. 457). May-July 1824. (1) 'My Own Man', by R. B. Peake. ff. 2-68. (2) 'The Revolt of the Greeks or the Maid of Athens' altered from 'Rosemeli or the Maid of Athens', by C. E. Walker. ff. 69-93 b. (3) Songs for D... British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXXVII (ff. 871). March-April 1837. (1) 'Mabel's Curse', by Anna M. Hall. ff. 2-69. (2) 'The Norwich Festival or the Shuttle, the Loom and the Fleece', by T. J. Dibdin. ff. 70-115. (3) 'Come of Age or the Happy Return'.... British Library
creatorOf MUSIC PUBLISHING: album of receipts, agreements and letters of musicians, chiefly relating to the firms John and Thomas Preston (John Preston & Son), and Coventry and Hollier; 1773-1863. Mostly receipts for copyright in musical compositions. The sign..., 1773-1863 British Library
referencedIn MS Mus. 152. CHARLES DIBDIN AND OTHERS: album of songs and keyboard music; circa 1800. Partly autogr., partly copies, partly printed. ff. 1-11 are in the same hand. The printed items have been trimmed and pasted into the volume, and no publication de..., approximately 1800 British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. L (ff. 731). Jan.-Feb. 1832. (1) 'He's not A-Miss', by C. Dance. ff. 1-53. (2) 'The Court of Queen's Bench', by T. J. Dibdin. ff. 54-100. (3) 'Robert le Diable, the Devil's Son' altered from 'Robert the Devil, the Devil... British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. LXVII (ff. 795). July-Oct. 1835. (1) 'The Covenanters' altered from 'The Trooper or the Lowther Mountains', by T. J. Dibdin. ff. 2-26 b. (2) 'La Lectrice ou une Folie de Jeune Homme', by J. F. A. Bayard. French. Printed... British Library
referencedIn SMART PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. I94). Correspondence, etc., of Sir George Thomas Smart, largely in connection with the Philharmonic Society (including some letters written to Lady Smart after her husband's death); 1790-1867, n.d.includes:ff. 1-3, 35, 47, 8..., 1790-1867 British Library
referencedIn LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S PLAYS. Vol. XVIII (ff. 572). Jan.-Feb. 1827. (1) 'The Lady of the Lake and Knight of Snowdown'. ff. 2-28. (2) 'The Wild Boy of Bohemia or the Force of Nature!', by J. Walker. ff. 29-75 b. (3) 'Strolling Country Actors or the Manage... British Library
referencedIn PLAYS in English, in various hands, viz: — 1. 'Der Freischütz, or the Spectre Huntsman of Bohemia': the libretto of Weber's opera, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh [29 Dec. 1824, see J. C. Dibdin, [italics]Annals of the Edinburgh Stage,[/..., 18th century-19th century British Library
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