Fernelius, Joannes, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France

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Epithet: of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France

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referencedIn Richard Smith, Secondary of the Poultry Compter, London: Wrote MS.Gulielmus Plantius, MD, of Mans: Vita Fernelii: 17th cent.Writers of Manuscripts: Smith (Richard), Secondary of the Compter.Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of Fran... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1664Paper, in 4to, ff. 83, XVII Century; bound with Nos. 616 and 2081.1. Medical receipts, chiefly, according to the MS Catalogue of the Sloane MSS. by Dr. Butler. ff. 4, 6-8, 15-44, 56-83.2. A short list of names of diseases and trees; Latin ... British Library
referencedIn Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France: Pathologiæ ejus synopsis: circ. 1600. British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 2-27 b Leonhard Fuchs: Iustitutiones medicinæ: early 17th cent.: Excerpts.ff. 28-67 b Medicine: Excerpta ex J. Quercetano, Fernelio, Paracelso, etc.: early 17th cent.ff. 68 b-82 b Medicine. Charms and Receipts: Orationes et receptæ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1511Chartaceus, in 12mo, ff. 236, sec. XVII century. 1. Excerpta ex Scholis Medicis Nicolai Abraha Frambesarii. ff. 3-23.2. Excerpta ex Institutionibus Medicis Lazari Riverii. ff. 24-78.3. Notae ex libris quatuor Doctoris Primrose de vulgi in ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1768Paper, in Octavo, ff. 103, XVII Century.1. Exercitatio poetica, auctore Francisco Thorio Bellione Medico: scilicet.a. Imitatio Latina Gallici Epigrammatis incip. 'Las voulez vous qu'une persone.' f. 2.b. Versus ad Galateam. f. 2.c. Generos... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1236Chartaceus, in 4to., ff. 167, Sec. XVI.1. Collectanea de praxi medica [in initium mutil.]. ff. 1-67.2. 'Generalis methodus extrahendi essentias tincturas, Elixiriaque ex animali et vegetabili regno.' ff. 68b-92.3. 'Dictata Collegii ad prax... British Library
referencedIn Owners of Manuscripts: Nowell (John): 1641.includes:ff. 3-52 Fiction: Lettres Portugaises avec les responces; traduites en Francoys: 1674.ff. 55-59 b Epistolography: Forms of letter writing: 15th-17th cent.: Fr., Lat., Germ., Engl., and Polish.ff... British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1-10 b, 26-27 b Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France: De abditis rerum causis, lib. ii.: 17th cent.: Engl. and Lat.f. 17 Claudius Ptolemaeus, astronomer: De horoscopis civitatum: 16th cent.: Extract.f. 17 ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2105 BChartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 113, Sec. XVII.1. Theodori Mayerne loci communes ad medicinam spectantes. ff. 1-39.2. Formulae remediorum plurimae pro variis morbis. ff. 40-109.3. Quaedam de syrupo ex Fernelio aliisque desumpta. ff. 110-113.T... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1638Paper, in 4to., ff. 165, XVII Century.1. 'The golden river of alle Adages, as well greeke as latyne replenished with diverse precious pearles and margaritall sentences selected out of the laste edition of D. Erasm. Roderod. with a shorte c... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1672Paper, in 4to., ff. 73, XVII Century; bound with No.1666.1. The first book of Fernelius's work entitled, 'Therapeutice Universalis, seu Medendi ratio', in English. ff. 1-48.2. The first four chapters of a work by the same author, entitled,... British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1-18 Medicine: Methodus resolvendi casus: 18th cent.ff. 19-22 b Medicine: "Bibliotheca medico familiaris": 18th cent.ff. 19-22b Catalogues of Libraries, etc: Bibliotheca medico-familiaris: 17th cent.ff. 25-82 Joannes Fernelius, o... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2084Chartaceus, in Octavo, ff. 352, Sec. XVII.1. Gualteri Charleton de omnibus morbis et symptomatibus corporis humani tractatus, totam, medicinae partem therapeuticam complectens, cum prooemio. ff. 1-327.Incipit proœmium, 'Constituentur hic t... British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 3 b-94 Joannes Munniks, Professor of Medicine at Utrecht: Dictata practica ad J. Fernelii pathologiam per D. Denoune notata: 1683, 1684.ff. 3 b-94 Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France: J. Munnicks dictata pr... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1633Paper, in 4to., ff. 206, XVII Century.1. The fourth book of the 'methode of Johannes Fernelius wherein he intreateth generally of the faculties and Kindes of medicines', with a table of the chapters prefixed. ff. 2-94. The sixth chapter of... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1659Paper, in 4to, ff. 80, XVII Century; bound with No.413.1. A translation of John Fernelius his book 'De hominis procreatione', being the Seventh book of his Phynologia, according to the edition of the Universa Medicina, Traject 1656; with a... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1670Paper, in 4to., ff. 45, XVII Century; bound with No.1769.The second book of Fernelius his work, 'De abditis rerum causis', translated from the Latin. ff. 1-45.Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France: De abditis rerum... British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1-252 Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France: Prof. Drelincurtii collegium practicum ad ejus Pathologiam: 17th cent.ff. 1-252 Charles Drélincourt, junior, Professor of Medicine at Leyden: Collegium practicum a... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1649Paper, in 4to, ff. 60, XVII Century.1. A few chapters taken out of John Fernelius' medical works, translated into English. ff. 2-21.2. 'A table of simples digested after the order of the principall partes, declaring what simples respecte a... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1667Paper, in 4to, ff. 33, XVII Century.'The vertues or uses of al compound medsins out of Fernelius appropriat to al humors and parts of the body and drawn withal to the general heds'; in the same handwriting as the preceding number. ff. 2-33... British Library
referencedIn Joannes Fernelius, of Amiens; Physician to Henri II. of France: Therapeutice seu methodus medendi: 16th cent. British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1637Paper, in 4to., ff. 81, XVII Century; bound with No.1639.The sixth book of John Fernelius' work intitled, Methodus Medendi, translated into English by Philip Moore, with tables of the chapters and of the simples contained in it. ff. 1-81.P... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1668Paper, in 4to, ff. 68, XVII Century; bound with No.157.1. A Latin and English vocabulary of diseases arising from the following general causes, namely, Blood, Choler, Phlegm, Melancholy Distemper, and Venoms, extracted as it appears from F... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1486Paper, in 12mo., ff. 86, XVII Century; bound with No. 1195.1. A collection of medicinal recipes. ff. 1-35.2. 'Morborum ex Fernelio definitiones et distinctiones.' ff. 36-86.includes:ff. 1-33 Medicine. Charms and Receipts: Orationes et re... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1639Paper, in 4to., ff. 114, XVII Century; bound with No.1637.1. The first book of John Fernelius' work intitled 'Methodus Medendi', translated into English, with a table of the chapters prefixed. ff. 1-42.2. The first book of John Fernelius' ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1444Chartaceus, in 4to., ff. 58, Sec. XVII; unacum codice 1366 compactus.1. Roberti Binckes Analysis, seu totius corporis humani animati descriptio quam brevissima. ff. 2-16.2. Ejusdem libellus de affectibus corporis humani ex operibus Johanni... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1634Paper, in 4to., ff. 170, XVII Century.1. The first seventy counsels of John Fernelius, of Amiens, translated into English by William Chapellus, Doctor of Physic in Paris, with a dedicatory epistle to Dr. Julian Palmarius. ff. 1-158.2. A co... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1635Paper, in 4to., ff. 189, XVII Century; formerly belonging to Philip Moore.1. 'A breefe discourse for judgement in urines taken out of the third booke and eighteen chapter of John Fernelius, intituled, Pathologia, 'translated into English, ... British Library
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