Irvine, Robert, active 1752-1760, Vice-Consul at Ostend

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Epithet: Vice-Consul at Ostend

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001295.0x0002a6

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referencedIn Vol. CCLIV. (ff. 429). General Correspondence 26 May-20 June, 1762.George III of England: Correspondence of the Duke of Newcastle, Sec. of State, etc.: 1760-1768.includes:ff. 1, 3, 59 William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland; son of George II: Correspond... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. CXLVIII (ff. 332). Jan.-June, 1764.includes:f. 1 British America: Abstract of bill for encouraging the trade of: 1763 (?). f. 1 England; Parliament: Abstract of bill for encouraging the trade of the American colonies: 1763. ff. 4-174 b passim... British Library
referencedIn LEEDS PAPERS. Vol. CXLII (ff. 324). Letters to Lord Holdernesse from Michael Hatton, Consul at Ostend, mostly relating to French affairs and enclosing a number of intelligence reports; 1752-1759 (mostly of the years 1755, 1756). Also included are a f..., 1752-1760 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XIV (ff. 350). July-Dec. 1764.includes:f. 1 John Grant, Baron of the Scottish Exchequer: Letter to the Treasury: 1764.: Signed. f. 2 b Robert Ord, Chief Baron of the Scottish Exchequer: Letter to the Treasury: 1764.: Signed. f. 2 b John Maule,... British Library
referencedIn PAPERS and correspondence of General Rainsford relating to the Hanau and Anspach troops; 26 Jan. 1776-3 Mar. 1778. Included are original letters to General Rainsford from Guillaume P[rince] H[éréditaire] D[e] Hesse [Cassel]; Hanau, 17 Mar. 1776-23 A... British Library
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Gloucestershire, England
Scotland, United Kingdom
Herefordshire, England
Hanau, Germany
Massachusetts, North America
Monmouthshire, England
Grenada, the W. Indies
Worcestershire, England
New Forest, Hampshire
Scotland, United Kingdom
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Grenada, the W. Indies
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Nova Scotia, North America
Scotland, United Kingdom
Virginia, U.S.A.
Brussels, Belgium
Whitchaven, Cumberland
San Domingo, the Carribean
Cornwall, England
London, England
Cumberland, England
Cockermouth, Cumberland
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Anspach, Bavaria
British America, America
New York, N. America
Somerset, England
Devonshire, England


Active 1752

Active 1760

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