Owen, Robert, Curate of Abererch

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Epithet: Curate of Abererch

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000566.0x000095

Epithet: socialist and philanthropist

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000386.0x0002ee

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn Vol. CCCIV (ff. 252). Jan.-May 1858.includes:ff. 1, 46, 82, 86, 91, 121 James Wright, of the Oxford University Press: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1857-1858.ff. 3, 4 John Gilbert Talbot, PC; MP: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1853-1892.ff. 6... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCV (ff. 357). 10 Mar.-9 Apr. 1818..includes:ff. 1, 3, 216, 258 Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurst, 4th Baronet; MP for Cork: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1813-1824.f. 5 Sarah Mitchell Hackett, wife of John Hackett: Letters to Sir R. Peel: 1... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCXXXIV (ff. 370). 10-17 Feb. 1835.includes:ff. 1-4 Edward Raleigh Moran, editor of ' The Globe.': Correspondence with T. Venables: 1835.ff. 5, 9 Lord John George de la Poer Beresford, Bishop of Raphoe (1807) and (1819) of Clogher; Archbisho... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXVI (ff. 398). 1-15 June 1844.Bank of England: Correspondence of Sir R. Peel rel. to the Bank Charter Act: 1844.includes:ff. 1, 3 Charles William Bury, 2nd Earl of Charleville: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1824-1844.ff. 4-29 Robert G... British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXIX (ff. 886). 23 June-July, 1819.includes:f. 1 Lady R. H. Peshall: Letters to the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1819. ff. 3, 114 Edward Smith Lees, Secretary to the Post Office, Dublin: Letters to T.C. Brooks bank: 1819. ff. 7, 150 W-R-Arnold, ... British Library
creatorOf Vol. II (ff. 204). H -O.includes:f. 1 Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax: Treasury warrant authorised by: 1698: Signed. f. 2 Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letter to A. Panizzi: 1857. f. 3 Henry Hallam, historian: Letter to A. Panizzi: circ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCVII (ff. 379). 29 June-9 Aug. 1820.Robert Perceval, Physician-General in Ireland: Certificate by: 1820.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:ff. 1, 49 Mrs Anne Burke: Letters to the 2... British Library
creatorOf CHARNWOOD AUTOGRAPHS. Vol. IV. Artistic, dramatic and scientific autogaphs, etc.; circa 16th-20th cent. Included are Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Godfrey Kneller, William Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Joseph Wright of Derby, William Blake, David Cox, Si..., approximately 16th century-20th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXII (ff. 451). 16 Mar.-22 May, 1818.includes:ff. 2, 3 James Price, Vicar of High Wycombe, Rector of Great Munden 1817: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1818. f. 4 William Le Blanc, attorney, of London: Letters to the 2nd Earl o... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CLXXII (ff. 277). Aug. 1810-18 Nov. 1811.includes:ff. 1, 62, 193, 237-248 Army; England: Returns, etc., of troops for the Peninsular War: 1808-1813. ff. 3-10, 154-191 f.232 Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany; 2nd son of George III: Pap... British Library
creatorOf LETTERS OF EMINENT PERSONS. Vol. I (ff. 140). Sixty-five letters, etc., mostly to members of the related Case and Stansfeld families; 1815-1942. See J. Stansfeld, History of the Family of Stansfeld of Stansfield in the Parish of Halifax, Leeds, 1885...., 1815-1942 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCI (ff. 352). 25 Sept.-13 Nov. 1819.includes:f. 1 William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury: Letter to Lady Liverpool: 1819. ff. 3, 118 Charles Chetwynd Chetwynd Talbot, 2nd Earl Talbot of Hensol; Viceroy of Ireland: Correspondence with the 2n... British Library
referencedIn A. R. WALLACE PAPERS. Vol. XXVI (ff. 437). Correspondence on spritualism and related subjects; 1864 -1913, n.d.includes:f. 1 Sir David Brewster, natural philosopher: Letter to -: 1855.: Copy.ff. 3, 141, 144, 148 (draft), 150, 154 (draft) William..., 1864-1913 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XX (ff. 279). Undated correspondence.includes:f. 1 Sinead Acheson, of London: Letter to G. B. Shaw of Sinead Acheson: n.d.: Imperf. f. 2 Eugen d' Albert, d 1932 German composer and pianist: Letter to G. B. Shaw of Eugen d' Albert: n.d. f. 3 Mary... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CLXX (ff. 255). 17-31 Aug. 1822.includes:ff. 1, 5 James Stephen, MP; Master in Chancery: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1822, 1825.f. 7 James Burnie, Provost of Kirkcudbright: Letter to Sir R. Peel: 1822.f. 9 M-Diedriche Eichbaum: Lette... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CLXXIX (ff. 329). 8 Nov.-Dec. 1823.includes:ff. 1, 20, 22, 96 Sir Henry Bate Dudley, 1st Baronet Prebendary of Ely: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1822-1823. f. 3 Sir Henry Bate Dudley, 1st Baronet Prebendary of Ely: Letters to Sir W. Knighton... British Library
referencedIn BURNS PAPERS. Vol. LXIV (ff. 225). Letters from Robert Owen the philanthropist to Thomas Allsop, the stockbroker, editor of S. T. Coleridge, and his wife; 1832-1858. ff. 1-214b. Followed (ff. 215-225) by:-(1) A letter, signed by Owen, to Joseph Strut..., 1832-1858 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS ecclesiastical papers; 1636-1792. Among them are the following originals: 1. Letters of Richard Fitzherbert, Archdeacon of Dorset, instituting Richard Hooke rector of Durweston; dat. 2 July, 1636; with a seal. Lat. f. l. 2. Propositions..., 1636-1792 British Library
creatorOf LOVETT ALBUMS AND PAPERS. VOL. I. (ff. i+401). Album of letters, mainly to Lovett; 1828-1876, n.d. The pasted-in letters are enclosed in hand-drawn frames containing Lovett’s own identifications of the authors. Missing some of the original number..., 1828-1876 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XCV (ff. 393). Apr.-13 May, 1820.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:f. 1 Joseph Pinsent: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1819-1822. ff. 2, 30 Sir Gilbert Blane, 1st Ba... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. CLXIX (ff. 251). 1-16 Aug. 1822.includes:f. 1 James Brogden, MP: Letters to Sir R. Peel: 1815-1822.f. 3 Henry Wilson: Letter to J. Brogden: 1822.f. 4 F-Burton, of Blackdown: Letter to Sir R. Peel: 1822.ff. 5, 6 Charles Stanhope, 3rd Ear... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. i. + 460). Letters of "men of political and literary reputation, probably selected by Francis Place, junior"; Sept. 1813-21 June 1852.Francis Place: Correspondence: 1813-1852.includes:ff. 1-3 Maps and Plans: Walk from London to Northampt... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCCVIII (ff. 333). 21-31 Mar. 1846.includes:ff. 1, 3 Thomas Campbell Foster, QC 1875: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1846, 1849.f. 5 John Whitehead, of Glasgow: Letter to Sir R. Peel: 1846.f. 9 b Glasgow, St Mungo's Cathedral: Memorial ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCI (ff. 448). 10 Aug.-Sept. 1825.includes:f. 1 Michael William Lusignan, Curate of Rampisham: Letter to Sir R. Peel: 1825. f. 3 James Brownlow William Gascoyne-Cecll, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury: Correspondence with Sir R. Peel: 1824-1845. f. 5 ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXI (ff. 238). 1818-1820.George IV of England: Correspondence and papers of the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1820-1827.includes:ff. 1, 6, 84 Hon Charles William Stewart, afterwards Vane; KB 1813, Baron Stewart 1814, 3rd Marquis of Londonderry 1822: ..., 1818-1820 British Library
referencedIn Vol IX. (ff. 642), 181-1823.includes:ff. 1, 3, 5, 40, 50, 68, 72, 74, 78, 102, 106, 110, 114,137, 253, 360, 523, 529, 533, 545, 553, 558 Charles Abbot, 1st Baron Colchester: Letters to his step-brother, Samuel Bentham: 1770-1828. ff. 7, 37, 150 Henr..., 1810-1823 British Library
referencedIn Smithsonian Institution. Office of the Secretary. Correspondence, 1863-1879 Smithsonian Institution Archives
Role Title Holding Repository
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correspondedWith Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 person
Place Name Admin Code Country
Scotland, United Kingdom
Germany, Europe
Bolton, Lancashire
Texas, U.S.A.
Down, county of, Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Barnstaple, Devon
Spain, Europe
West Indies, America
Oudewater, the Netherlands
Preston, Lancashire
Barrosa, Spain
Hubberston, Pembrokeshire
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Westbury, Shropshire
Poland, Kingdom of, Europe
Musselburgh, Edinburgh
Scotland, United Kingdom
Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Glasgow, Scotland
Jamaica, Central America
Mexico, Central America
Warrington, Lancashire
London, England
Deal, Kent
Scilly Islands, England
United States of America
Norway, Europe
Manchester, Lancashire
United States of America
Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire
Ceylon, Asia
India, Asia
Cracow, Poland
Ireland, Europe
Greece, Europe
Brazil, South America
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Eddystone Lighthouse, Devon
Milford, Pembrokeshire
Dublin, Ireland
Pill, Pembrokeshire
Scotland, United Kingdom
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