Herbert, Henry, 2nd Earl of Pembroke

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Epithet: Master of the Revels

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000498.0x0001e1

Title: 2nd Earl of Pembroke

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001027.0x00008b

Title: 9th Earl of Pembroke

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000447.0x0000b4

Title: 1st Earl of Carnarvon

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000411.0x000165

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn VOL. IV. 1. [John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol] to Mrs. Howard; n.d., and Ickworth, 10 Nov. 1719, ff. 3, 5. 2. E[lizabeth, Countess of] B[ristol, wife of the preceding], to the same; Ickworth, 19 Aug. [1727], f. 6. 3. [Carr, Lord] Hervey [eldest son o..., 1718-1761 British Library
referencedIn Vol. V (ff. 276). 20 Feb. 1772-23 Dec. 1799, n.d.includes:f. 1 b Wool: Breviate for a Bill for encouragement of wearing wool: 17th cent.f. 7 Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool: Letter to Col. A. St Leger: 1779.: Extract.ff. 10, 12, 13, 17, ... British Library
referencedIn NOTES and extracts relating to the fine arts, by G. Vertue; 1738-1741. Mostly autograph. Included are 1. Extracts from the records at the Tower relative to painting in England; 12-52 Hen. III. [1227-1268]. Lat. f. 6. 2. Catalogue of statues, busts, e..., 1738-1741 British Library
creatorOf CONVEYANCE by Sir Henry Herbert, gentleman of the privy chamber, Dame Susan Herbert his wife, Edward Herbert of the Inner Temple, George Herbert of Chelsea and Thomas Lawley of Sponhill, co. Salop, to William Burgess of Windsor and William James of W... British Library
referencedIn Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Medical cases: 17th-18th centt.includes:ff. 1-6 John Hough, Bishop of Worcester: Letters to Sir H. SIoane: 1712-1726, and n.d.ff. 7-15 b William Lilly, Apothecary, of Audley End: Letter to Sir H. Sloane: 1715.ff. 16, 17 ... British Library
creatorOf LEASE by Sir Henry Herbert to John Hayes of Wolverhampton of the timber in the manor of Ribbesford at an annual rent of £130 for eleven years from the day before the sealing of the lease; 26 March 1672.Signed by Hayes.Sir Henry Herbert, Master of the... British Library
referencedIn (VI. ff. 341). 1732-1733.Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford; Prime Minister: Warrants signed by, as Chancellor of the Exchequer: 1721-1733.George II of England: Warrants to Lord Hardwicke signed by: 1727-1760.William Clayton, 1st Baron Sundon; Co..., 1732-1733 British Library
referencedIn Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Original correspondence, chronologically arranged: 17th-18th centt.includes:ff. 1,5,85 Pierre Chirac, Physician to the Duc d'Orléans: Letters to, from Sir H. Sloane: 1684, 1686, 1714 and n.d.: Lat. and Fr.f. 3 Beaumount:... British Library
referencedIn (V. ff. 191). 19 Nov. 1739-24 Oct. 1740.includes:f. 2 Joseph Ireland: Suit v. Rittle: 1739. f. 3 Richard Lestock: Suit v. Windmills: 1739. f. 4 b Cecilia Garrard, wife of Sir Nicholas Garrard, 3rd Baronet of Langford: Suit v. Bickley: 1739-1741. f... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS historical papers; 1633-1740. 1. Warrant from [Richard Weston, Earl of] Portland [Lord Treasurer] to Sir Robert Py, Knt., Auditor of the Exchequer, and others, to levy a tally for £107 17s. 6d., paid in by John [Digby,] Earl of Bristol,..., 17th century-18th century British Library
creatorOf NAVAL AND MILITARY PAPERS AND STATISTICS, etc.; 1565-1621. Copies, 17th cent. Mostly printed in APC or SPD. The contents (table, f. 2), which are mostly in chronological order, include: 1. f. 2b. Tables of precedence of the nobility and officers of s..., 1565-1670 British Library
creatorOf JUDGEMENT by Job (later Sir Job) Charleton, Edward Pitt and Thomas Powys, largely in favour of the defendants, in the suit for arrears of tithes brought against Sir Henry Herbert, Master of the Revels, and several of his tenants at Ribbesford by John... British Library
creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS. Vol. CXXXVIII (ff. 170). 1. ff. 1-51. 5th Earl of Carlisle; 1794-1820, n.d. 2. ff. 52-106. 2nd Duke of Northumberland; 1806-1813. 3. ff. 107-170v. 1st Earl of Carnarvon, his wife Elizabeth, and Henry, 2nd Earl; 1794-1831.includes:ff...., 1794-1831 British Library
referencedIn Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Original correspondence, chronologically arranged: 17th-18th centt.includes:f. 1 Jaques Levi, of Venice: Letters to Sir H. Sloane: 1722-1744.: Fr. and Engl.ff. 1, 198, 337, 353 Abbé Jean Paul Bignon, Librarian to Louis X... British Library
referencedIn Copies of letters to Sir Edward Stradling, Knt., of St. Donat's, Glamorganshire, from various correspondents; 1572-1594. Among the writers are Lord Charles Howard, afterwards Earl of Nottingham, Sir Francis Walsingham, Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke... British Library
referencedIn Vol. DLXVII (ff. 255). (1) Correspondence of the Duke with his wife, continuing Add. MS. 61666 above; 1758, n.d. See B. C. Erskine, Lady Diana Beauclerk, Her Life and Work, 1903, pp. 32-41. ff. 1-71b. (2) General correspondence of the Duke; 1729-[175..., 1729-1759 British Library
referencedIn Vol. iv. (ff. 538). Home Correspondence Nov. 1733-Dec. 1734.George II of England: Correspondence of the Duke of Newcastle, Sec. of State, etc.: 1727 -1760.: Diplomatic.includes:f. 1 Captain Robert Carpenter: Letter to the Duke of Newcastle: 1733. f... British Library
referencedIn Elizabeth I of England: Royal letters, commissions, warrants, etc.: 1595-1598.: Copies.includes:ff. G-S b Roger North, 2nd Baron North: Commission of lieutenancy to, for co. Cambridge: 1596.: Copy.f. 1 b Channel Islands: Minute for levying men fr... British Library
referencedIn (III. ff. 421.) 1737-1741.includes:f. 1 N-Vallet de la Touche, Secrétaire du Roi (Louis X V): Letter to the 1st Lord Hardwicke, with draft of answer: 1737.: Fr. f. 4 Sir William Wyndham, 3rd Baronet; Chancellor of Exchequer: Letter to the 1st Lord ..., 1737-1741 British Library
referencedIn Vol. vi. (ff. 545). Home Correspondence 1738.George II of England: Correspondence of the Duke of Newcastle, Sec. of State, etc.: 1727 -1760.: Diplomatic.includes:ff. 1, 46 Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle: Letters to the Duke of Newcastle: 1732-..., 1738 British Library
creatorOf INDENTURE between Sir Henry Mildmay and Sir Henry Herbert for the payment on 31 Oct. following ‘at or in the nowe dwellinge house of Thomas Lawley of London Esquire scituate and beinge in or neeere Broadstreete’ of one thousand pounds, remaining as s... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXXVII (ff. 162). 1728-1738.James Stephens, DMed., Secretary to Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough: Letters to: [1726?]-1759.includes:ff. 1, 87-90b William Pulteney, Earl of Bath 1742: Letters to Duchess of Marlborough: 1728-1741.ff. 4, 50 Edw..., 1728-1738 British Library
referencedIn Vol. xiii. (ff. 490). Home Correspondence Sept.-Dec. 1741.George II of England: Correspondence of the Duke of Newcastle, Sec. of State, etc.: 1727 -1760.: Diplomatic.includes:f. I Captain Charles Bodens, JP: Letters to the Duke of Newcastle: 1740-17... British Library
creatorOf Sir Henry Herbert, Master of the Revels: Legal papers relating to alleged arrears of tythes in his manor of Ribbesford, etc.; 1639-before 1682. Partly Latin. Copies and drafts, partly imperfect. Acquired with Add. Chs. 77026-77037. The papers rel... British Library
referencedIn Vol. ix. (ff. 590). Home Correspondence 14 July-5 Sept. 1740.George II of England: Correspondence of the Duke of Newcastle, Sec. of State, etc.: 1727 -1760.: Diplomatic.includes:ff. 1-71 Charles Cathcart, 8th Baron Cathcart; Commander of the Force s... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, with a few letters, relating to the following members of the Herbert family, viz. (1) Edward, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury (d. 1648);-(2) Sir Henry Herbert, Knt., his brother (d. 1673);-(3) Henry, son of the latter, 1st Baron H..., 1630-1670 British Library
referencedIn Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Original correspondence, chronologically arranged: 17th-18th centt.includes:ff. 1, 19, 116, 195, 217, 252, 262, 267, 273, 330, 353 Sir Thomas Dereham, 4th Baronet: Letters to Sir H. Sloane: 1728-1738.f. 3 John Hazler, Cl... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of papers, partly original and partly copies, relating to the office of Master of the Revels. The following are the most important, viz.: Certified copies of royal appointments of Masters of the Revels, of Clerk Comptrollers, and others co..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII. 1794-1810, and undated.William Windham, Secretary of State, etc: Correspondence with Sir J. C. Hippisley: 1781-1810.includes:f. 3 Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville: Correspondence with J. C. Hippisley: 1793, 1794.: Copies.ff. 4, 21, 4..., 1794-1810 British Library
referencedIn Vol. xv. (ff. 347). Home Correspondence Jan.-July, 1743.George II of England: Correspondence of the Duke of Newcastle, Sec. of State, etc.: 1727 -1760.: Diplomatic.includes:ff. 1, 100 John Potter, Archbishop of Canterbury: Correspondence with the Du... British Library
creatorOf LICENCE by Sir Henry Herbert as Master of the Revels to ‘Sisley Peadle, Thomas Peadle her sonne Elias Grundling and three more in theire Company to use and exercise Daunceing on the Roapes, Tumbling, Vaulting and other such like ffeates … wth such mu... British Library
referencedIn Estates of H. Herbert, Earl of Pembroke; 1584.Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke: Court-roll of his estates at Berwick St. John's: 1584. British Library
creatorOf Vol. V (ff. 220). 1764-1794.includes:f. 1 George Barclay, of Belfast: Letter to J. Adair: 1764.f. 2 Mrs Katherine Hamilton, sister of J Ryder: Receipt to J. Adair: 1764.f. 3 William Halliday, of Liverpool: Letter to J. Adair: 1768.f. 4 Charle..., 1764-1794 British Library
referencedIn (I. ff. 318). 1738-1743.includes:ff. 1-27, 48 Philip V of Spain: Papers rel. to negotiations with Gt. Britain: 1738-1750. ff. 5, 48 Sir Benjamin Keene, KB; diplomatist: Full powers to, as Envoy to Madrid and Lisbon: 1738-1751. f. 28 Walter Titley, ..., 1738-1743 British Library
referencedIn ENGLISH plays, in different hands, viz.:-1. The Elder Brother, a comedy [by John Fletcher]. Printed in 1637. The epilogue is here followed by three epigrams. f. 2. 2. "The play of Dicke of Devonshire; a Tragi-Comedy." The scene is laid at Cadiz, cir... British Library
referencedIn Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet: Original correspondence, chronologically arranged: 17th-18th centt.includes:f. 1 John Freind, MD, Physician to the Duke of Ormonde in Flanders: Letters to Sir H. Sloane: [1713], 1723.f. 2 Robert Freind, DD, Head Master o... British Library
referencedIn " BELIEVE as you list": a tragedy by Philip Massinger. The autographs MS. as submitted to Sir Henry Herbert, Master of the Revels, and having the latter's signed license at the end, dated 6 May, 1631. With marginal stage directions (in which Will. Pa... British Library
creatorOf EDWARD HERBERT OF CHERBURY TREATISETreatise on the Christian religion, in dialogue form, by Edward Herbert, 1st Lord Herbert of Cherbury, d. 1648 (see preface to printed edition). Imperfect copy, wanting one or two leaves at the beginning; 18th cent...., 18th century British Library
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Hertfordshire, England
Guernsey, Channel Islands
Ribbesford, Worcestershire
Brighton, Sussex
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Ribbesford, Worcestershire
Spanish America, Americas
Georgia, U.S.A.
Savernake Forest, Wiltshire
Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire


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