Carnac, James Rivett, Sir, 1784-1846, 1st Baronet, Indian administrator

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1802-? aide-de-camp to the governor of Bombay; 1802- first assistant to the resident at the court of the Maharaja Gaikwar of Baroda; 1802-1819 political offices in India, including resident at Baroda; 1827 director of the East India Company; 1835-1836 deputy chairman of the East India Company; 1836-1838 chairman of the East India Company; 1836 baronetcy; 1837-1838 MP for Sandwich; 1838-1841 governor of Bombay

Epithet: Indian administrator

Title: 1st Baronet

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001394.0x00038d

Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn Sir Evan Nepean papers., 1817-1818 British Library
referencedIn Vol. IV. (ff. 447). 1831-April 1837.includes:ff. 1, 32, 284 William Conyngham Plunket, 1st Baron Plunket; Lord Chancellor of Ireland: Correspondence with Lord Wellesley: 1822-1840. ff. 4-100 passim, 141, 145, 182, 183, 194, 247 Charles Grey, 2nd Ear... British Library
referencedIn Papers of John Cam Hobhouse, Baron Broughton, as President of the Board of Control 1835-41 and 1846-52, 1827-1852 British Library
referencedIn "PRIVATE LETTERS," sc. letters of a confidential nature written by Lord Auckland (with a few from his; secretaries) to the following, among others, viz. Col. Sir. Henry Pottinger, Resident in Sindh, Sir Robert Grant, Governor of Bombay, John, Lord El..., 1836-1842 British Library
referencedIn WELLESLEY PAPERS. Vol. V. 1. Correspondence of Lord Mornington [cr. Marquis Wellesley 1799] with the East India Company, containing original official and private letters from successive Chairmen or Deputy Chairmen, among them being Sir Hugh Inglis, B..., 1797-1841 British Library
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referencedIn John Adam papers., 1813-1817 British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
Place Name Admin Code Country
Herat, Afghanistan
Morvi State, India
Bengal, India
Deccan, India
Afghanistan, Asia
Egypt, Africa
Russia, Europe, Asia
Gujarat, India
Persian Gulf, Asia
India, Asia
Iran, Asia
Satara, Bombay
Hyderabad State, India
Bombay, India
Bombay, India
Palanpur State, India
India, Asia
Sirohi State, Rajputana
Rajpipla State, India
Sind, India
Madras, India
Penang, Malaysia
Mandi State, India
Multan, Punjab
Euphrates River, Asia
Jagannatha Temple, India
Baroda State, India
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Goa, India
Burma, Asia
Singapore, Asia
River Nile, Egypt
Cochin State, India
Punjab, India
Indus River, India
Khairpur State, India
Macao, China
Idar State, India
Malacca, Malaysia
India, Asia
Gwalior State, India
Akalkot State, India
Ahmadnagar, Bombay
Kathiawar, Western India
Iraq, Asia
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Syria, Asia
Baria State, India
Travancore State, India
Central Asia, Asia
Satara, Bombay
Oudh, India
Kolhapur State, India
Bahawalpur State, India
Baghdad, Mesopotamia
Cutch State, India
Aden, Yemen
Middle East, Asia
Aleppo, Syria
North-Western Provinces, India
Gwalior State, India
Mahi Kantha, Bombay
Sind, India
Colaba, Bombay
Bombay, India
Baroda State, India
Surat, Bombay
China, Asia
Oudh, India
India, Asia
Hyderabad, Sind
Rochester, Kent
Tigris River, Asia
Turkey, Asia minor
India, Asia
Iran, Asia
Oude, Province of, India


Birth 1784

Death 1846

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SNAC ID: 14750211