Elphinstone, George Keith, Admiral Viscount Keith

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Epithet: Admiral Viscount Keith

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000295.0x00021b

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referencedIn Vol. XXII (ff. 289). 24 Jan. [1813]-11 June 1830.includes:ff. 1, 11, 15, 17, 23, 84 Alexander Gibsone, British Consul at Danzig: Letters to Sir T. B. Martin: 1812-1814.ff. 7, 19, 33, 82 Patrick Cumming: Letters to Sir T. B. Martin: 1812-1814.f. 1... British Library
referencedIn Keith Papers86493-86546. Correspondence and papers of George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith (b.1746, d.1823); 1681 -mid-20th cent. Partly copies; mostly MS, partly typewritten and printed. Mostly English, partly Dutch, French and Spanish.Keith e... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XIX (ff. 228). 28 Jan. 1752-7 Dec. 1799.includes:ff. 1, 3 Colonel Samuel Martin, of Antigua; son of Samuel Martin (d. 1701) and father of Samuel Martin (b. 1714): Letters to his son, Sir H. Martin: 1752.ff. 5-16 Henry Martin, 1st Baronet 179... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XV. (XIV. ff. 353). 1 Jan.-20 Mar. 1800.includes:ff. 1, 8, 10, 18, 31-35, 50, 52, 64-68, 77, 79, 84, 101, 103, 112, 116, 196, 204, 210, 241, 267, 269, 285, 293-300, 304-308, 317, 334, 343 Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge: Correspondence with Lord ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXVI. (ff. 325). Mar. 1797-June 1798.Sir Herbert Croft, 5th Baronet: Letter to W.Osgoode: 1797.William Windham, Secretary of State, etc: General political correspondence: 1782-1810.includes:ff. 1, 7, 133, 161 Richard Wilson, MP for Barnstaple... British Library
referencedIn (X. ff 432). 1808-1810.includes:ff. 1, 423 Thomas Waddington, Rector of Wimpole: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwicke 1789-1814. ff. 3,410 William Dunn Gardner: Letters to the 3rd Lord Hardwicke: 1808-1811. ff. 5, 28, 42, 53, 112 Reverend George Leona..., 1808-1810 British Library
referencedIn THE SINCLAIR. COLLECTION. Correspondence between Admiral Viscount Nelson and Edward James Foote, Captain of H.M.S. " Sea Horse" and senior officer in the Bay of Naples [afterwards Admiral, K.C.B.]; 19 May-8 July, 1799. Nelson's eight letters are, wit... British Library
referencedIn Vol. V. (IV. ff. 433). 3 Apr. 1797-31 May 1798.includes:f. 3 George Purvis: Letter to Capt. Berry: 1797. ff. 5, 20, 24, 26, 107 Isaac Coffin, Commissioner of the Navy: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1797-1805. ff. 7, 12, 34, 141, 232, 239 William IV of En... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I (ff. 227).includes:f. 3 Canon Edwin Brook-Jackson, Rector of Streatham: Introduction by: 1919.: Printed. Signed. f. 3 Christian Alexandra Brook-Jackson, wife of Canon Edwin Brook-Jackson: Introduction by: 1919.: Printed. Signed. f. 5 William F... British Library
creatorOf WARREN DAWSON PAPERS. Vol. XXIX. Collection of autograph letters and miscellaneous documents; 1612-1899. Some French and Latin. W.D.27. Dawson records the provenance of some of the items. Paper and vellum; ff. 98.includes:f. 2 Richard Graves: Sir Hen..., 1612-1899 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CLXIX (ff. 280). 1804-June, 1805.includes:ff. 1-4, 106, 197-202, 230, 270, 278 Army; England: Distribution of forces, etc.: 1804-1812. ff. 5-28 Accompts: Receipts for official salaries, etc.: 1801-1804. f. 6 John Maddison: Receipts to the 2nd... British Library
referencedIn KNIGHTLEY MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III (ff. 223). Royal letters and papers, etc.; 1718 -1904, n.d. Viz.:-(1) Further papers of William IV (supplementary to Add. MS. 46356), chiefly comprising family correspondence, but including letters addressed to him w..., 1718-1904 British Library
referencedIn G. F. YOUNG PAPERS. Vol. III ( ff. ii + 43 ). Note-book containing copies of material relating to Vice-Admiral Young, 1801-1847, written by Mrs. E. Thomas; circ. 1894. The contents are:-(1) Fragment of his autobiography, originally dictated in 1846...., approximately 1894 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXI (ff. 433). 23 Oct.-Dec. 1814.includes:f. 1 Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Baron Skelmersdale 1828; formerly Wilbraham-Bootle: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1802-1825. f. 3 Lady Caroline Wood, wife of Colonel Thomas Wood, of... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VII. (V. ff. 238). Jan. 1796-June, 1797.Sir Evan Nepean, 1st Baronet: Correspondence with Lord Bridport: 1795-1801.Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: Letterbook for County Volunters: 1803-1805.George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer: Correspondence with L... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI (ff. 208).includes:f. 6 Lieutenant-General Sir Hudson Lowe, GCMG; Governor of St Helena: Portraits: 1853, n.d.: Engr.f. 9 Island of Saint Helena: Descriptions of: 1815, n.d.: Printed and engr.f. 12 Comte Maximilien Lamarque,; French gen... British Library
referencedIn VOL. VIII. 1. Copy of correspondence of the same as Quartermaster-General to the British army in the Low Countries, and in separate command at Genoa and Marseilles, with General Müffling Earl Bathurst, Secretary for War, Sir Henry Bunbury, Under-Sec..., 1815 British Library
referencedIn MELVILLE PAPERS (2nd ser.). Vol. VI (ff. 84). Miscellaneous correspondence, as follows:-1. Protest by Napoleon against the violation of his rights "a Bord du Bellerophon, 4 août 1815." French. Written in the hand of Gen. Bertrand and signed "Napoleo..., 1786-1838 British Library
referencedIn PAGET PAPERS. Vol. XVII (ff. 155). (1) Correspondence with Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, 1st Baron Keith, Viscount Keith 1814, as Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean, and with his secretary, Nicholas Brown; 1800-1802. ff. 1-133b. (2) Letters ..., 1800-1802 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXII. 1781-1799.includes:f. 1 Bamber Gascoigne: Despatch, as Lord of the Admiralty, to Lord Nelson: 1781. f. 1 John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich: Despatch, as First Lord of the Admiralty, to Lord Nelson: 1781. f. 1 Hon Charles Francis Grevil..., 1781-1799 British Library
referencedIn Vol. III, ff. 151.Navy; England: Correspondence of Adm. Lord Keith with the 1st and 2nd Lords Melville: 1797-1821.Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Correspondence with the 1st and 2nd Lords Melville: 1797-1821.includes:f. 13 Sir Hen... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XIV. (XIII. ff. 346). 16 Nov.-31 Dec. 1799.includes:ff. 1-7, 21, 23, 34, 68, 90, 112, 124, 135, 140, 171 General Sir John Francis Edward Acton, 6th Baronet Neapolitan Prime Minister: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1793-1805. ff. 9, 262, 264, 306 Hon H... British Library
referencedIn Vol. x. (IT. 476). Jan.-Sept.1802.includes:ff. 1, 5 H-Moylan, Titular Bishop of Cork: Letters to the 2nd Earl of Chichester: 1799-1802. f. 3 W-Hunter: Letter to the 2nd Earl of Chichester: 1802. f. 7 Colonel William Fullarton: Letters to the 2nd ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XLIII (ff. 397). Apr.-Dec. 1798.Thomas Lack, Secretary to the Committee of the Privy Council for Trade: Letters to the 1st Earl of Liverpool: circ. 1793-1806.includes:ff. 1, 2, 8,53,150, 170, 199, 203, 210, 263, 304 b, 368 John de Blaquière, Li... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VII. (VI. ff. 440). 17 Oct.-31 Dec.1798.includes:f. 1 Simon Lucas, Consul at Tripoli: Certificate: 1798. ff. 2, 45, 107, 114, 118, 120, 129, 135, 217 -223, 238, 240, 244, 250, 252, 258, 267, 272, 325, 343, 359-363, 383 Admiral Sir Thomas Troub... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XVI. (XV. ff. 392). 21 Mar.-31 Dec. 1800.includes:ff. 1, 3, 40, 42, 59, 69, 77, 81, 83, 110, 112, 116, 128, 131, 139, 149-153, 214, 328-332, 340, 343, 359, 368, 383-388 Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge: Correspondence with Lord Nelson: 1797 -1800.... British Library
referencedIn Hester Maria Elphinstone, née Thrale; wife of Admiral G K Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Marriage settlement: 1808.Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Marriage settlement: 1808. British Library
referencedIn Vol. X. (IX. ff. 420). 1 May-15 June, 1799.includes:ff. 1, 11, 13, 6-69, 85, 91 , 107-113, 131, 133, 141, 146-149, 63, 165, 168, 170, 220, 295, 297 Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge: Correspondence with Lord Nelson: 1797 -1800. ff. 5, 54-58, 87, 93, 13... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XXX (ff. 247). 1797-1806.Francis Dighton, of Commander-in-Chief's Office, Horse-Guards: Memoranda to,: 1804-1809.includes:ff. 1-2b Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon: Letters to Sir J. W. Gordon: 1797. f. 3 Navigation: Compass variations on boa..., 1797-1806 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXX (ff. 388). Nov. 1817-14 Jan. 1818.includes:ff. 1, 24, 271 Lieutenant-General Sir Benjamin D'Urban, GCB; Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1817, 1818. f. 5 Marshall William Carr Beresford,... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIII. 1800-1801.Sir Evan Nepean, 1st Baronet: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1797-1804.includes:f. 1 Robert Blair, Commissioner of Sick and Wounded Seamen: Letter to Lord Keith: 1800. f. 1 James Johnston: Letter to Lord Keith: 1800. ff. 2, 19 Georg..., 1800-1801 British Library
referencedIn Hester Maria Elphinstone, née Thrale; wife of Admiral G K Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Marriage settlement: 1808.Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Marriage settlement: 1808. British Library
referencedIn Vol. LXXXIV (ff. 355). Aug.-19 Oct. 1818.includes:ff. 1, 12, 73, 110 Hon George Murray, Lieutenant -Colonel, 2nd Life Guards: Correspondence with the 2nd Earl of Liverpool: 1817, 1818. ff. 4, 11, 92, 276, 306 Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Baron Skel... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXI. (XXX. ff. 273). Undated and miscellaneous.In the last volume are included:-1. Line of battle of the combined English and Dutch fleet under Vice-Adm. Sir George Rooke in 1692. f. 77. 2. List of the Russian squadron at Constantinople under ..., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn MELVILLE PAPERS (2nd ser.). Vol. V (ff. 220). Miscellaneous correspondence, as follows:-1. Letters to Lord Melville from Rear-Adm. Sir A[lexander Forrester Inglis] Cochrane, commanding the blockading fleet off Ferrol, 28 Mar. 1804-21 Feb. 1805, foll..., 1804-1829 British Library
creatorOf PAGET PAPERS (FOURTH SERIES). VOL. II (ff. 121). Correspondence; 1794-1956.1. ff. 1-88v. General correspondence of Sir Arthur whilst at Palermo; 1800-1801. Partly draft and copy. Partly French and Italian.2. ff. 89-121. Typewritten copies of S..., 1794-1956 British Library
referencedIn COPIES of Letters from Lord Wellesley to various persons, viz. David Scott; Major Rennell ; Jacob Bosanquet ; Hugh Inglis ; Lt. Genl. Stuart; Lord Teignmouth; Marquess Cornwallis; and Lord Keith, 27 Jan. 1800-21 Dec. 1802 ; with enclosures. Folio. [1... British Library
referencedIn LETTERS and warrants relating to the Navy; 1649-1812. 1. Col. Edward Popham and Col. Robert Blake to the Navy Commissioners, recommending for pay John Greene, late of the Increase frigate taken by the enemy; Plymouth Sound, 15 May, 1649. f. 1. 2. War... British Library
referencedIn VOL. IV. Abbé Antoine Buonavita, Dr. François Antommarchi, Abbé Ange Paul Vignali, Jacques Coursot, and Jacques Chandellier; declaration signed by them, f. 197. J. Power, f. 262. Louis Jean Chandellier and Claude Perrusset; declarations signed by the..., 1717-1822 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LIX (ff. 318). 1819-1820.includes:ff. 1, 11, 48, 64, 88, 124 Frances Parker, 2nd wife of John, 1st Earl of Morley: Correspondence with Prince Lieven: 1819-circ. 1825.: Engl. and Fr. f. 3 Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Letters..., 1819-1820 British Library
referencedIn PAPERS of the Loch family of Drylaw near Edinburgh (cf. G. Loch, The Family of Loch, 1934), 1578-1788, including:-1. Order by James VI for the issue of a letter under the Privy Seal appointing Archibald Leiche to be King's Furrier for life at a fee ..., 1578-1788 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXVIII (ff. 222). Aug. 1803-1804.includes:f. 1 Louis XVIII of France: Letter, as Comte de Provence, to Sir A. Paget: 1803.: Fr.f. 3 Pedro Prichard, of Cadiz: Letter to Sir A. Paget: 1803.: Span.f. 4 Jószef Vitéz, Hungarian inventor: Lette... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XI. (X. ff. 476). 16 June-31 July, 1799.includes:f. 1 Captain John Stiles: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1799, 1800. ff. 3, 16, 19, 36, 38 Sir William Hamilton, KB; Envoy at Naples: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1793-1800. ff. 6, 46, 88-92, 101-105, 108, ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. IV, ff. 135.Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith: Correspondence with the 1st and 2nd Lords Melville: 1797-1821.Navy; England: Correspondence of Adm. Lord Keith with the 1st and 2nd Lords Melville: 1797-1821.includes:f. 5 Henry Dun... British Library
creatorOf PAGET PAPERS (2ND SERIES). Vol. XXXI (ff. 274). Typewritten copies of the correspondence of Sir Arthur Paget (1771-1840), Sir Augustus Berkeley Paget's father, mostly marked by Sir Augustus to be omitted from his edition of his father's papers, The P... British Library
referencedIn DRAFTS OF LETTERS from Lord Wellesley to various persons, viz. Rajah Ambajee Row ; the Secret Committee of the Court of Directors ; Lord H. W. Stuart; Sir W. Sidney Smith; Col. Palmer; Major Genl. Baird ; Lt. Col. Beresford; Harford Jones, Resident a... British Library
referencedIn Vol. LVII (ff. 251). 1816-1817. British Library
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St. John's, Newfoundland
Pett, Sussex
Norwich, Norfolk
Auerstädt, Saxony
Nieuwe Diep, Holland
Leeward Islands, the Carribean
Funchal, Madeira
Thetford, counties Norfolk and Suffolk
Berlin, Germany
Sicily, Italy
Walmer, Kent
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Smyrna, Turkey
Southampton, Hampshire
Lagos, Portugal
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Egypt, Africa
River Forth, Scotland
Norwich, Norfolk
Brest, France
Majorca, Spain
Corfu, the Ionian Islands
Thornbury, Gloucestershire
Jamaica, Central America
Louisiana, U.S.A.
King's Lynn, Norfolk
Portugal, Europe
Antigua, the Carribean
West Indies, America
St. Elmo, Naples
Port Mahon, Minorca
India, Asia
Leipzig, Saxony
Gibraltar, Spain
Naples and Sicily, Kingdom of, Italy
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Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Penden Cantle, Cornwall
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El-Arish, Egypt
Brixham, Devon
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Maida, Calabria
Morea, Greece
Cadiz, Spain
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Northumberland, England
Corfu, the Ionian Islands
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Naples and Sicily, Kingdom of, Italy
Barcelona, Catalonia
St. Elmo, Naples
Mediterranean Sea, Europe
Gozo, Malta
Capua, Italy
Sweden, Europe
Tripoli, Lybia
Portoferraio, Elba
Deal, Kent
Tripoli, Lybia
India, Asia
Fort Augustus, Invernesshire
Ajaccio, Corsica
St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
Boulogne, France
Tunis, Tunisia
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
India, Asia
Gaeta, Italy
Jena, Saxony
Alfaques, Spain
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Belfast, Antrim
Canary Islands, Spain
Gibraltar, Spain
Azores, North Atlantic Ocean
Zafarin Islands, Morocco
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Amiens, France
Malta, Europe
Barfleur, France
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Naples, Bay of, Italy
Gibraltar, Spain
India, Asia
Fort William, Scotland
Genoa, Italy
St. Domingo, West Indies
Walmer Castle, Dover
Blackheath, Kent
Genoa, Italy
Ionian Islands, Greece
Alexandria, Egypt
Egypt, Africa
Wimpole, Cambridgeshire
Paris, France
Cadiz, Spain
Bocas Islands, Trinidad
London, England
Valetta, Malta
Minorca, Spain
Santa Cruz, Teneriffe
Boulogne, France
London, England
Malta, Europe
Hounslow Heath, Middlesex
Edinburgh, Scotland
Acre, Palestine
Saint Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
Dettingen, Germany
Antigua, the Carribean
India, Asia
London, England
Lewisham, Kent
Genoa, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Southampton, Hampshire
Egypt, Africa
Alexandria, Egypt
Martinique, the W. Indies


Active 1578

Active 1956

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