Chambers, Robert, Sir, 1737-1803

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1754 admitted to the Middle Temple; 1761 called to the bar; 1762 Vinerian fellow; 1766 Vinerian professor, principal of New Inn Hall; 1768 member of the Literary Club; 1774-1783 judge in Bengal; 1777 knighthood; 1783-1791 acting chief justice of Bengal; 1791-1799 chief justice of Bengal; 1797 president of the Asiatic Society of Bengal

Epithet: judge

Title: Knight

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001196.0x00030d

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referencedIn Johnsoniana, 1712-1916 (inclusive), 1773-1836 (bulk). Houghton Library
creatorOf Business letters from Sir Robert Chambers (1737-1803), Judge of Supreme Court, Calcutta 1774, Chief Justice 1791-99, and from Frances Lady Chambers (1737-1803), to Messrs Raikes and Company., 1789-1802 British Library
referencedIn East India Company. India and East India Company Papers, 1691-1830 Duke University Libraries, Duke University Library; Perkins Library
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referencedIn Correspondence of the Fowke, Benn, Walsh and Maskelyne families, 1751-1819 British Library
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Bhotan, India
Pondicherry, India
Meerut, United Provinces
Quatre Bras, Belgium
Bengal, Asia
Shahpur (1854-1858), Punjab
Dera Ghazi Khan, new city, Punjab
Wadgaon, India
Australia, Australia
Sri Lanka, Asia
Government House, Calcutta
Tanjore, India
Oman, Asia
Arcot State, India
Bengal, India
Plassey, India
Singapore, Asia
Bhutan, Asia
Mexico, North America
Patna, India
India, Asia
Mysore State, India
India, Asia
Assaye, India
New Zealand, Australia
India, Asia
Japan, Asia
Malabar, India
Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab
Persian Gulf, Asia
Scotland, Europe
Ceylon, Asia
Cheshire, England
Indonesia, Asia
Bengal, India
Lancashire, England
Levant, Asia Minor
India, Asia
Afghanistan, Asia
Ganjam, Madras
Bahrain, Persian Gulf
Liverpool, Lancashire
China, Asia
Persia, Asia Minor
Carnatic, India
Punjab, India
China, Asia
Berar, India
Manchester, Lancashire
Nepal, Asia
Bomorey, Korah
Malta, Europe
Scotland, United Kingdom
Cape Town, South Africa
Peshawar, North-West Frontier Province
Derbyshire, England
United States, North America
North-West Frontier, India
Madras, India
Carnatic, India
Chilianwala, Pakistan (formerly India)
Lahore, India


Birth 1737-01-14

Death 1803-05-09





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