Wesley, Charles, hymnographer

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Epithet: hymnographer

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Epithet: musician, d1834

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referencedIn ANTHEMS, in full score, by Charles Wesley, viz. :-" Lord, thou art become gracious." f. 1 ;-" God is our hope "; Jan. 1789. f. 27;-" O sing unto the Lord"; London, 13 Aug. 1799. f. 58;-"Bring unto the Lord"; 1810. f. 86;-" Thou hast girded me with st..., approximately 1800 British Library
referencedIn SELECTION from the musical remains of Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Mus.Doc. (b. 1810-d. 1876), coisisting mainly of sketches; of his compositions arranged as follows:-(a) Anthems. f. 1;-(b) Chants. f. 37;-(c) Hymns. f. 38;-(d) Masses. f. 44;-(e) Servic..., 18th century-19th century British Library
creatorOf ROYAL MUSIC COLLECTION. Wesley (Charles). To the Honour of Handel; late 18th century. [Autograph?]. Cantata for solo voices and 4-part chorus, with an overture and symphonies and accompaniment for flutes, oboes, bassoons, trumpets, horns, timpani and... British Library
referencedIn ). MISCELLANEOUS original letters and papers, etc., 1645-1910. Paper (except art. A) ff. 202. Folio., 1645-1910 British Library
referencedIn ORGAN CONCERTOS in score, by Charles Wesley. Autograph. At f. 55 b is a sonata by Domenico Scarlatti. Paper; ff. 259. A.D. 1778-1780. Obl. Folio.Charles Wesley, musician; d.1834: Organ concertos: 1778 -1780.includes:f. 55 b Giuseppe Domenico Scarlat..., 1778-1780 British Library
referencedIn REGISTER of juvenile concerts given by the brothers Charles and Samuel Wesley, 1779-1785, including lists of subscribers and, in the case of the last four series of concerts, also lists of those present, programmes, and accounts of expenses. Copied b..., 1894 British Library
creatorOf A COLLECTION of songs with instrumental accompaniments, chiefly from operas, by [George Frederic] Handel, Giovanni Adolfo Hasse, Leonardo Vinci, [Leonardo] Leo, David Perez, [Pietro Domenico] Paradies, and others, to Italian and English words. Paper;..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn 1. AUTOGRAPH COMPOSITIONS, or original sketches of compositions, by Muzio Clementi. The principal ones are two Pianoforte duets, the first of them " published in London in 1784 . . . tulit alter honores." There are also a Sonata for the Pianoforte, a..., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn THREE serenatas, called "cantatas," in score, by Charles Wesley; the words taken from Shenstone and Gay. Autograph. Paper; ff. 47. Circ. 1800. Obl. Folio.Charles Wesley: Serenatas: circ. 1800.: Autogr., approximately 1800 British Library
referencedIn BARRETT COLLECTION. Vol. Xll (ff. 242). Letters from and to:-(1) Charles Burney, Mus. D.; 1783-1808, n.d. ff. 1-40b. (2) Esther Burney; 1798-1832. ff. 41-52b. (3) Susanna Phillips; 1778-1799. ff. 53-79b. (4) Charlotte Ann Broome; 1781-1834. ff. 82-1..., 1778-1834 British Library
creatorOf Vol. X (ff. l+166). Further miscellaneous notes.includes:ff. 37-40v Isaac Ashe, the younger; MD: Seven hymns by Isaac Ashe: bef. 1860.f. 52 Charles Haddon Spurgeon, evangelical preacher: Letter from D. Sedgwick to Charles Haddon Spurgeon: 1862: A... British Library
creatorOf MUSIC PUBLISHING: album of receipts, agreements and letters of musicians, chiefly relating to the firms John and Thomas Preston (John Preston & Son), and Coventry and Hollier; 1773-1863. Mostly receipts for copyright in musical compositions. The sign..., 1773-1863 British Library
creatorOf ROYAL MUSIC COLLECTION. Wesley (Charles). Thanksgiving Anthem, ‘On the late Victory (Benedictus Domine) 1798’; circa 1798. [Autograph?]. The words on a loose sheet inside the flyleaf. For solo voices and 4-part chorus; with figured bass accompaniment..., approximately 1798 British Library
referencedIn SAMUEL WESLEY: ‘Harmony 1800’, vocal and instrumental music mainly by Samuel Wesley; 1800-1807. Autograph of Wesley. Other composers represented are Charles Burney, Henry Purcell, Thomas Ravenscroft and Agostino Steffani. In the list below pieces are..., 1792-1807 British Library
creatorOf ODE for St. Cecilia's Day, in full score, by Henry Purcell, apparently in the hand of [John] Saville, lay-chorister of Lichfield Cathedral. Paper ; ff. iv + 42. Quarto. XVIII-XIX cent. Belonged to T[homas] Jones, C[harles] Wesley (d. 1834), Enoch Haw..., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. I.Charles Wesley, musician; d.1834: Songs, anthems, etc.: 1779-1823.includes:f. 2 Charles Wesley, musician; d.1834: Letters to R. Glenn: circ. 1806, 1828. f. 5 Charles King, composer and organist: Service in F: 1822. f. 9 John Robinson, organi..., 1770-1835 British Library
creatorOf NOVELLO COLLECTION. Vol. LXXIX. Vincent Novello: 'Novello's Madrigalian Studies'; 1843-1844. Arrangements by and in the hand of Vincent Novello. ff. ii+45. 240 x 305mm. Binding numbered 426. 1. ff. 1-19v. Michael East: 'In the merry month of May'; -..., 1843-1844 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II.includes:ff. 1-50 Charles Wesley, musician; d.1834: Anthems: 1783-1828. f. 10 Charles Wesley, musician; d.1834: Sanctus and chant: 1778. ff. 51 b-67, 77 Samuel Wesley, composer and organist: Anthems, glees, songs, etc.: 1773-1860. f. 68 Sa..., 1770-1835 British Library
referencedIn " Six Chorales. Taken from a German Oratorio, called ' The Disciples at Emmaus,' composed by Michael Christian Bach, adapted to the English Version of Psalms by Matthew Cooke," in short score; 1812. Added are some psalm-tunes by the latter composer (..., 1812 British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of letters, receipts, autographs, etc., of musicians, artists, actors, and others, comprising, besides others included in the index, the following:-1. Renunciation by Haydn of rights in the first six "Salomon" overtures, or symphonies; 13..., 18th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn TINDALL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 117). Typewritten copies (a) of the above letters, presenting slight inaccuracies and omissions, and (b) of the following material, viz:-(1) Hymns by Ann Tindall, numbered 39 (with a comment by John We... British Library
referencedIn BARRETT COLLECTION. Vol. XLII (ff. 292). Miscellaneous letters and literary papers of members of the Barrett and Francis families. Viz.:-(1) Letters from, and (ff. 38-59b) to, Marianne Francis, daughter of Charlotte Broome; 1808-1831, n.d. At ff. 35..., 1796-1911 British Library
creatorOf ROYAL MUSIC COLLECTION. Wesley (Charles). Sanctus; after 1803 (the date of composition given). For 8 voices; with oboes, bassoons, strings and a figured bass for organ, in score.Paper. ff. 2.Charles Wesley, musician; d.1834: 'Sanctus': aft 1803: Lat:... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS of Samuel Sebastian Wesley, addressed to his father, mother and other members of his family, John George Emett, organist, Sarah Emett, etc.; 1824-1876. A few miscellaneous papers connected with S. S. Wesley are also included, and at ..., 1824-1876 British Library
creatorOf DOVASTON MUSIC MANUSCRIPTS (SERIES II). Vol. III. Collection of songs, duets, glees, etc., together with a few keyboard pieces, mostly from published sources but including items composed by friends; compiled 1803-1813. The vocal music includes works ..., 1803-1813 British Library
creatorOf FORTY-FOUR sonatas for the clavichord,by Domenico Scarlatti. Paper; ff. 87. Formerly belonged to Dr. Worgan and Charles Wesley. xviiith cent. Oblong Folio.Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti, composer: Secular music: 18th cent., 18th century British Library
referencedIn TINDALL CORRESPONDENCE AND PAPERS. Vol. IV (ff. 190). Contents:-(1) Hymns and other verse, chiefly religious, by or attributed to Ann Tindall; 1774-aft. 1801, n.d. Ann Tindall's hand altered greatly between 1773 and 1776, and, so far as can be seen,... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL, LETTERS Of musicians, arranged as in the preceding volume ; 16th-19th centt. The names of writers are given in the Index. Among them are:-Dr. Thomas Augustus Arne. Sir Henry Rowley Bishop. Dr. William Boyce. Orlando Gibbons. Henry Lawes. Ma..., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS of Eliza Wesley relating to Samuel Wesley her father, consisting of copies of letters, extracts from printed and other sources, etc. Included are the following original letters, etc:-1. Copies of six letters from S. Wesley to Mary Freeman... British Library
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